What is the most frustrating trait of each zodiac sign?

What is the most frustrating trait of each zodiac sign?

Although it is difficult to criticize ourselves, we all know whose foot we limp. But it is better to ask. Because there will always be a friend, we can ask about that most negative trait of our character. If he is sincere, he will tell us. What if we ask several friends? Will they coincide, or will each one tell us a different fault of ours? You want to know the most frustrating trait of each zodiac sign. Read on and let us know if you agree or not.


With you, Aries, more than one friend and two surely agree that what exasperates them the most about you is your tremendous impulsiveness. That virtue of yours with which you have no competition in the Zodiac, initiative, is turned upside down in its most negative form in impulsiveness that drives anyone crazy, even yourself sometimes. Recognize the problems you have had all those times that you have acted without thinking, doing, or saying something that you have later had to regret (with the issues that you have consequently been able to create for others). In love affairs, you add more than one occasion in which you have jumped into the pool without even looking if there was water. Or the other way around, how many times have you ended a relationship in two seconds by sending your partner to hell? Just that you will think more about what you are going to do,


Taurus, yours, and possessiveness go together in a perfect tandem with which you move through life. Yes, but giving many problems to others and suffering them too. You are possessive with a partner, with your family, and with friends, with your things, with your money, and with your thoughts. But the worst thing is that you also cling to issues from the past that you bring up, again and again, creating tensions that are not good at all. You neither help yourself nor help anyone with those things. With the aggravating factor, in addition to the fact that you don’t give a damn if someone blames you for that possessive desire. You do not see it as serious and, consequently, you do not intend to change. And that’s when you mix possessiveness and stubbornness in another duo that badly influences you. And from all this, jealousy, coldness, bad vibes with those around you, and continuous anger for topics that it would be better to forget. Luckily, you are someone knowledgeable who knows when to give in, and although it is difficult for you, you give in many times, which is something very, very good about you.


Gemini, you, to know what your most frustrating trait is, you just have to look around you and see the number of friends and people around you that you always have. Do you trust all of them? Do you think everyone really loves and appreciates you? Surely more than one approaches you to take advantage of your personality, your social life, or your generosity. And now, the other way around, do you think everyone trusts you? Do you love them all, and do you really care? Certainly not. And that’s where the topic goes. Your feelings are usually superficial, which is why you can give yourself to so many people. If they were deep, you could not cover so much, and you would also suffer a lot because you would be exposed to many people hurting you. And you choose to give yourself all over the top, superficially. Perhaps unintentionally, you tend to selfishness. Maybe you take it well because it is pure survival, and you’re smart enough to always live with your backs well covered. And you are avoiding suffering, which is not little. But also think that sometimes it is better to have fewer friends than real friends.


Cancer, you all heart but very thin skin. You understand a lot about emotions, which makes you one of those empathetic and close people that most people like. Everyone ends up telling you their life, and they look for you because they know that you will give them what they need. But you will charge him, and you are going to do it with the dark side of your emotional side. A hypersensitivity alters you so much that you tend to become easily angry, your nerves to the surface, lose your cool with the rest, and roll them a few numbers in seconds that you leave them with their mouths open. Not just any situation goes through your head, you face everything at the level of feelings, and you break or explode against the one who least expects it. It is good to calm others, listen to them, and help them solve how bad it is to do it with yourself. And the fault is not the moon always, or anyone else, do not make excuses. Moderate that, you know you can, because other things you want, you know how to get them!


Leo, you are the best example for everyone of what it is to love yourself, have self-esteem, not let anyone trample you, grow above difficulties, and resolve instead of regret ... But of course, that same virtue is so exemplary, it can become your most frustrating trait when your self-esteem turns, and it turns you into someone who thinks he is the center of the universe. And that leads you to act selfishly with others, imposing your opinions, plans, way of doing things, choosing expensive places when others do not have your budget, being very generous, and bothering you if they are not later with you. The good thing is that sometimes you are not aware, and you act like that but think that you are doing it for others, favoring them. Look, you can fix it by asking, taking nothing for granted. And everyone is happy.


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Virgo and its neuroses. Haven’t they ever told you? Sure they do, although they have been more specific and have alluded to your need to control everything, to your continuous concern that results in appearing more insecure than you are, to your constant analysis of everything. And you carry a lot of this personality within. But on the outside, you are always seen as gone, little focused on enjoying some moments, thinking more about the after than the present. The truth is that the one who suffers the most with so much head is you. Still, of course, you are not the best company for your friends, nor do you encourage any family reunion (always giving excuses not to be there). For your partners, it is an ordeal that you always have something better to do than relax a little by your side. Life for you is a pure obligation, and since you take everything seriously, when you loosen up a bit, quickly everything falls apart when you see that you have not done this or that. And you get serious again, instead of being more flexible in leisure and responsibilities.


Libra, with you, there is something that others appreciate as much as they hate: you are too complacent. They love that part of you because they know that they can always count on you, that you are the easiest person to go out with, travel, or talk about a thousand topics. In your case, you like to be like that because it always makes you have a thousand friends and a thousand plans, but something inside tells you that it is not so good. Because you can’t help being like that, however, there are times when you wouldn’t go to such a place, or you would be with such a person because you don’t feel like it, you get bored, or you don’t like it. But you are unable to say NO. And it makes you angry to be so weak, or not very brave, indecisive, or influenceable. But you let it go because deep down, you get a lot of what you want by being like that: to others. You don’t like being alone, and you like having many friends. You should find the middle ground in accepting yourself and being brave, and fighting against what you don’t like about yourself—only that.


Scorpio, you are honest, and you also know what it is to know yourself because you are used to living a lot inward. Then, you will recognize how frustrating it is for others that part of your character so volcanic and crushing, that one that shuts up. And that you finish off with your powerful look. So that it is clear what you do or do not want. You turn your charismatic personality, which attracts everyone, into a capricious personality at times, too dominant and very vindictive when others do not dance to your baton. You act as you want and do not take others into account, you impose yourself, and the excuse is: what are you, Scorpio? The good thing about all of this is that while you know your dark side, you are smart enough to know when to stop, slow down, and switch. And you do, and many times, in addition, proof that you also learn how to be flexible when it interests you. And you do it for others more than for yourself. And that’s even better.


Sagittarius, with you, it is difficult to know what that trait of yours is so frustrating for others. You always look so optimistic and full of plans. But you know that as free as you like to go, that prevents you from being part of a group or having couples last. You go hard and on your own, and that’s fine. But you move a lot on impulse and always do what you want, with the aggravation that it is not something you do innocently, but you are fully aware of everything you do. You do it because you want to, don’t care about the rules, and pass what others think. And that is your cross that makes the difference between you and others so much that it is difficult for you to have true friends around. You do not let them consider themselves at your level, nor do you believe that you are at anyone’s level. At the bottom of everything lies a tremendous personality, charismatic and attractive,


Capricorn, your most frustrating trait for others is seeing how you do your thing without any pangs of conscience. Perhaps you have a little more sensitivity for your family and friends, but at the work level, for example, you are relentless. Your excuse, very laudable, by the way, is that you want to have what you deserve, you are responsible and punctual with your obligations, and you always comply. And you don’t want anyone to ruin all your eagerness. As simple as that. The truth is that you are right to take your life so seriously in general. What fails you is empathy, sensitivity, doing everything so coldly, giving yourself the same to others. And not only what they think, but often what they feel. In front of you, you have what interests you, and there you go, and whatever is on the side, you don’t even look at it. And you don’t see why you have to change. There is little more to talk about.


The most frustrating trait for others about you, Aquarius, is very original, like yourself. Foremost because it surprises, nobody expects it from you, and many do not know how to name it, but they know that there is something in you like no. The issue has to do with how you are always willing to help others, which is not as disinterested as it seems. You, who go through life, not wanting to put a name to anything, wanting everything to flow, for the freedom of each to prevail over any rules. And it turns out that you fall into the hot topic of the world doing something for others and getting angry if they don’t thank you. Deep down, you don’t spend so much time, and you like to be popular and have others happy and looking for you. Truth?


Pisces, you have two extremes between which you move. And with those who either you fall very well or you fall worse. Your dreamy and sensitive side, the one with which you always greet others with a smile, is delicious. But in front of you is your natural part, which perhaps in the face of so much reality is choking you and impregnates you with pessimism. And with that pessimism, you impregnate others. It seems that it is difficult for you to see the good side of life, and what does not make you cry, depresses you, or you think it will go wrong or will lead you to isolate yourself, and on top of that, you will hold everyone else responsible for “everything that is doing.” You throw drama into a life that you don’t see, and you mess with the rest of the world a lot, but then you are very benevolent in criticizing yourself. And you appear with a smile that is not such because you quickly tell your last and black perspective on the world crisis,