What is the reason for your low self esteem according to your zodiac sign?

What is the reason for your low self esteem according to your zodiac sign?

Caring for self-esteem is an important exercise that we should all do daily. But it is true that sometimes, the energies surrounding us are not the most conducive to doing so. Indeed, they are negative energies that drown us more in our lows and our lack of self-love. What is the reason for your low self-esteem, according to your sign?


Your lack of self-esteem is given by you, Aries, by your insecurities and your fears. It’s like you don’t feel good about yourself at all like there’s always something better than what you think you can’t achieve. Often, these fears come because of the comparisons you make with others. If you do well in something, stay there, enjoy your achievement, your success, and do not look so much at others. Your path is what you do, not that of others.


Changes scare you a little but do not change city or country if necessary. If not, change your essence or the one you think has been your essence all this time. You are often bored by what you see in the mirror. You do not feel complete with yourself. You do not feel comfortable. And it is that in many moments, you may lack a little action. Do something in your hair, something crazy, or dare to wear what you want regardless of what the rest think, listen to your heart, and go for it.


If you have a little low self-esteem, you never know if you are taking the right Gemini path. You do not know if you have chosen the right career if you have the ideal partner working where you want. Many constant doubts come to mind, and they will only disappear when you feel 100% safe with everything you have. If you doubt, it is for something Gemini. When you start thinking about your choices, it might be wrong.


Your self-esteem goes down when, for love, you sink Crab. The truth is that it sucks, and you know it, and you are the first one who curses being like that because you hate that a third person can screw up your life. But that’s the way it is, at least in the beginning. When you fall in love, you give absolutely everything. And if they betray you, mistreat you, or leave you for no reason, you have a really bad time. You forget that there is much more life after love, but you see everything in black in those moments.


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Even if you are not the most perfectionist sign on the planet, you like things to be done well, Leo. You strive to give others the best, even when it costs you a lot (even your self-esteem sometimes), but when you want, it is until the end. The best thing is that heartbreak and all that hurts you in the end, but you have a lot of self-love to get out of everything—even the most painful. So, even if they fail you and your self-esteem is seriously damaged, you will mentalize yourself and “force” yourself to get up as Leo is. You put a lot of pressure on yourself, yes, but to resurrect when you’ve been hurt.


It is difficult for others to know when you are down, Virgo because the truth is that you do not like to give that pleasure to anyone. Your self-esteem suffers when you overanalyze complex situations. Rather, when you overanalyze EVERYTHING. You try to read too much between the lines, and often, believe it or not, you see hidden messages where there are none, and you create the odd imaginary enemy. Ditch the Virgo people. Focus on yourself and yours. In what is important. Trust me, not EVERYTHING is important.


When your self-esteem is on the ground, it is because you worry too much about problems. And that leads you to ask yourself a lot of questions like: “Am I doing it right?” And that leads you to doubt because you are unsure what to answer. And those doubts lead you to have insecurities, and it is enough for someone to make an inappropriate or inappropriate comment at that moment to break you in two. Solution: the problems are and will always be Libra, and we only have one possible option, to move on. You have to leave behind the things that are behind Libra. And among them, the problems that have no solution.


The only thing that lowers your self-esteem is your own Scorpio thoughts. Sometimes thoughts appear in your complex head that makes you doubt everything you have, everything you have done in life. Despite being a strong person, the rest do not know that every two by three, you are rethinking everything and wondering if it is worth it.

Your mind is complicated, you don’t even understand it many times, and you walk on a path full of roses, but with thorns. Success is a word associated with your sign and anxiety, depression, and loneliness.


When you love someone and that someone fails you, you sink Sagi. And we are not talking about all the people you love, which can be a lot, but that special person you love. When someone you have given everything fails you, you fall apart. And you don’t remember the other Sagi. You don’t remember anyone because the world is on you. You have to stop assessing the opinion of that person a little, it is good that it is there, but it is not everything. For your sake, for the sake of your self-esteem.


If your self-esteem is low, it is often because of your Capri intelligence. You have a very special way of feeling things, of seeing the world, and unfortunately, the world is cruel and harsh many times. But you will have to remind yourself that the planet can be a wonderful place too. And instead of holding on to the pain, you can hold on to love, to the good vibes of the rest, to the comforting sensations, to the humor. It is clear that sometimes everything is shit and that your standards are very high but give yourself a break. Do not see everything so black, or at least give it a try.


Although on the outside, it seems that nothing affects you (as always), you also have your moments when your low self-esteem can (almost) sink you. Yes, you think too much Aquarius, but worst of all is not that, but you do not externalize it. And that’s when you put together a good one. You accumulate all the time, and you start to ask yourself a lot of things that, spoken, would have been solved in a while. The worst thing is that you often screw it up for not doing it like that, for not talking about it before, for not making it clear. Love yourself, Aquarius, even when you’re wrong, please.


You need your people close to Pisces all the time. And the truth is that you feel super bad when they leave you for reasons you do not understand. You feed on love, closeness. Even if you are a dry or distant Pisces (one of the least), you need to often surround yourself with your loved ones. And when there are fights or arguments, your self-esteem is super diminished. Also, the bad vibe around makes you feel awful. Apart from getting very bad milk, they bring you down a lot. Why are there people like that? Why do some touch you so closely?