What is the type of toxic people that you attract according to your zodiac sign?

What is the type of toxic people that you attract according to your zodiac sign?

As much as we deny it, we have a certain tendency to attract toxic people into our lives. We all carry that cross because it is part of our relationships. The funny thing is when we always attract the same type of negative people, and the funny thing is that our zodiac sign influences that. And this happens to us on a day-to-day basis, but it also happens a lot in our love relationships. Do you want to know the type of toxic person you attract according to your sign? Keep reading, and since information is power, you can still put a line in front of any of them so that it does not cross it.


Aries, you always attract the same type of toxic person: people who want to move forward, thanks to your energy and initiative. People who are hooked on you so that you pull them. As simple as that. Those who know you know that you are the type of person with the most plans and projects in mind globally and the one who has the most initiative and drive to carry them out. Ideas, advice, always bring your car with a group of friends, organize a vacation or help with a move; you are always ready. You are never lazy to think about what to do or how to do it, and of course, not to get going and do most of the work. All in one. Like a magnet, you attract all the indecisive, lazy, and emotional vampires in the world. The ones who stick to you to get the hell out of it. Some might care about you too, but seeing how they suck, the safest thing is that they don’t care about anything, only what they get out of you. Although you surely have them drafts and have your strategy to put them in their place. You’re just waiting for the moment.


Taurus, your sense of responsibility and your capacity for a job well done is a scent that is approached by those types of people who do the right thing at work, who slip away, and who prefer to get close to those who are up to date. Also, recognize that with all your strong character, you are someone very naive, who swallows them doubled. Or maybe you realize that you know who they are, but since you don’t like confrontations, you put up with a lot to get angry, and maybe with these undesirables, it’s not worth it. Beware of them because some can be cunning and manipulative, and approaching you is not something as innocent as you think. Sure, you have them drawn and controlled, but do not skimp on putting more eyes on them. Just in case they catch you one of those lazy days of yours and take over.


Because of your enormous popularity, you already know that there is more than one person in your social circle who comes to you to see what they get. And since you have so much to offer, some will look for plans, others that you invite them to eat, others that you recommend them in your work, and thus they will parade in front of you asking because you are always very generous. Gemini, people with as many friends as you attract a lot to all those who are just the opposite: people with few social gifts, who will want your friends to be their friends and who will stick to your plans because they are more alone than one. Or perhaps those slugs are very friendly people but envious of your way of relating, and they will approach you because if you cannot with your enemy, ally yourself with him. And if a few friends can steal from you, they will. You will know what to do with them if you have them located. Intelligence and character are not lacking to see if you are more interested in having them close and controlled or far away, which they sometimes deserve.


Cancer, when you open your arms, half the world fits inside you. Your ability to love people and love or listen to them is impressive. Yes, you have a big heart, and you know it. And they know that’s the problem. The number of suckers know it and come to you to see what they get. They are usually people with much external presence but a rotten interior, envious, and weak character. And in you, they find support and protection. They grow because they see you strong, and people like you need to appear what they are not. Cancer always attracts insecure people who want to take advantage of you. And they do it falsely. Praising you, telling you that you are the most, that they need you for such a project, or organizing that meeting because you are the perfect host. Everything lies. They want to show off that you do the hard work and that they will put on their pretty face. Send them far away, don’t think twice.


Leo, you are approached by many toxic people, and among them, many poisonous partners. You spend more time with your partner than with friends, even if you have a lot of social life, and in these love, relationships are where you can hit it with cheese. As you are faithful and generous, and for your partner you give everything, you are the perfect target for people who love you out of interest, interest in your money, in your glamorous life, in the romantic and expensive details that you usually have. It complicates when many of these couples seek to suck on you but also make an ex jealous. Because of your charisma and personality, because of your physique that usually has something very striking, you always get everyone’s attention, and you are someone who can be bragged about. Beware of these people who not only do not love you but who want you badly.


Virgo, because of your calm and strong personality, the toxic people you always attract are people with weak characters who want attention and want to be pampered and listened to. And you are perfect for that. Because not only do you not care about pleasing others, but you also like doing it. As you also don’t like being the center of attention, and you always prefer a second plane, those kinds of toxic people you always attract stick to you and then go up, step on your head and ascend. People who use your intelligence to get ideas and projects, which they will later appropriate without even mentioning you. Take care of them because they also know that they are not going to separate them (at least not immediately because you have a lot of leashes to give), because you do not pass anyone if you think they need you. There is an essential caregiver component in you, a facet that many may not recognize. And everything that those people do not get from others, they go to you because they know that you will not fail them.


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Libra, yours is clear. Because of your way of being so welcoming, listening, encouraging, and being there whenever others need you, you are perfect for all the weak of spirit to come to you. You attract all those who need to be validated by others, someone’s approval, someone’s affection. You are incapable of saying no, so crybabies and those who are victims look for you to suck your energy, to listen to them or talk to them and encourage them continuously. Put limits on them, at least, because if they don’t, they will steal time, money, and strength from you. You know that you often prioritize the needs of others over your own (poorly done, but if it is with people who love you and whom you love, something is justified). Bloodsucking people are what they do: profit by stealing from others what they lack. And you are ideal for them. Don’t even discuss it. Say NO one day, another you smile and say NO again, another day you walk away from a little and another day a little more. Until they lose sight of you and you lose sight of them.


Scorpio, your character attracts attention, but many of those who admire you and approach you are narcissistic people. Yes, believe it. You are quite a challenge for people with an oversized ego who know how to try to be your friends or partner. And you, between the challenges and between the fact that you like to bet hard, you enter the game and allow them to get close, sometimes too close. And they end up “stealing” something from you. You despise their power, and you end up losing something with them: they take time away from you, they overwhelm you with their victimhood by telling you their sorrows, and you, who thought to save them with your healing gifts, almost have to run to protect yourself from such little fellows. You forget that they have been living off others for years because a narcissist without an audience is nobody. And the cat eats the mouse, that is you. Luckily you are not one of those who consent to these situations for a long time. You cut quickly, and since you have felt very aggrieved, you make it quite clear to them not to approach again.


Sagittarius, with you, although it seems that you have everything under control, it is not like that. Your strong personality does not prevent envious people who want to benefit from you from entering the life of your generosity, the stimulating life you have, and the many plans you organize or to whom you are invited. The worst thing is that they approach you with the best smile, but behind your back, they criticize you for your strong personality, the free life you lead, the whims you give yourself, or because you have linked up with someone impressive. Pure envy. They believe that with these criticisms, they boycott you, and they do not know that they are doing just the opposite. They make you stronger and more good by allowing them certain things. The funny thing is that those toxic people think that you don’t realize it because of your cheerful and independent nature. But you do know who they are, truth? And if you don’t kick them away, it’s precise because you feel sorry for them. Very sad. They will fall, you think.


Capricorn, with everything you control at work and in life in general, you also are controlling in love relationships where you most have to deal with toxic people looking to take advantage of you. You are a lynx in business but in love a little lamb. Although you go through life with a lot of distrust and setting many limits, you like having your partner and your intimate life. In the end, you succumb to some relationships. With them are included that type of negative people who seek affection, dedication, loyalty, kindness, and attention, and who find it in you because that is how you know how to love. But they will not give you any of that, far from it. Precisely, they abuse how seriously you take relationships to take advantage of your generosity. Because you give it your all when you have a relationship, and they will leave as soon as they have gotten everything they wanted from you. Cut as soon as you realize it, soon because you don’t stay long in the clouds.


Aquarius, do not feel guilty, but with your usual kindness and innocence, how easily you open up to others, and how honest you are, you are an easy target for taking advantage of. And not precisely because they are looking for your money, but your empathy and generosity in time and attention. Frustrated people who take advantage of how accessible you are, and who seek to unload their shit with you, bore you with sorrows, crush you with some comments, and they don’t even give you thanks. Also, when you look for something from them the other way around, I don’t know. They will not even bother to tell you no. They will pass directly. Bad people, you sure know. Set limits on them, but don’t let them make you suspicious and ill-considered. If they get that from you, they will do you irreparable damage. Those people with shitty lives will have their punishment. You don’t even bother. Just keep them away from you.


As everyone knows of your kind character and your sensitivity, the toxic people in your life seek you to be understood, heard, to feel special, and that is why they seek you, because you are unique, giving, and doing. Make others feel better. You are not selfish, Pisces, and that is known to you by what is close to you. You are the perfect victim to be sold a drama, and you leave your skin to help them with whatever it takes. If it’s bread, even you take it out of your mouth to give it to them. The last straw. Because they deceive you, they do not tell you, “I have spent much money on a whim,” no. They inform you, “I’ve lost some money. Let’s see how I pay for my son’s diapers or how I pay the electricity bill. They know that you will suffer for what happened to them, and you are going to end up giving them money. This is an example because they ask for your time, the car, let them live in your house or listen to them for a whole weekend about their problems. Do not leave them, Pisces. Choose the time and the way, but set limits for your good.