What you should never do or you will lose it?

What you should never do or you will lose it?

Every time we meet someone or when a relationship is prospering, we pound the Internet with searches about what to do to conquer him, to keep his love, so that he loves you more every day. Here we will give you a clue to just the opposite: What you should NOT do if you want to conquer and keep him and, above all, what you should never do or you will lose him. Each sign is a world because it knows a little more about them to learn more about what makes them fall out of love.


It is pretty easy to know what you should NOT do with Aries in a relationship because he will tell you very clearly from the minute you meet him, and he will remind you at every crucial moment. If it is not clear with words, look at his face when you think something is wrong, and you will quickly know the answer. DO NOT provoke him. Better speak it all if you want to solve a problem because he is a good warrior in the fight and usually wins. In addition, Aries softens with dialogue, with good conversation, because it has a powerful and lucid mind that loves to resolve conflicts through reason. Don’t even think about lying to him, no matter how small and saintly your lie is. The lie angers him, and he does not understand them because he sees them as cowards. And he considers them an injustice for someone like Aries, who always goes head-on. And you never want to tie him up. He will not spoil you with his firm and independent character. It is better that you open the door to freedom, he will respect you more for that, and he will return to you without you asking.


With Taurus, there is something you should never do, well there are several clearer things, but the most important is this: DO NOT make him jealous. It’s not a good idea. As a strategy, when you are getting to know him, it is a bad idea, but if you already have some kind of relationship, it is a disastrous, terrible idea, the worst thing you can do if you do not want to lose him. Taurus is jealous, and when he feels jealous, apart from the fact that they can hurt him, they make him feel insecure, distrustful, and even sad. It is like he realizes how much he has made a mistake choosing someone like you, with what it costs him to choose also (but because he always wants to be right). And everything falls apart. Another important tip is NOT to overwhelm or pressure him in the conquest process while your relationship is taking shape. With Taurus, the rush does not work,


Gemini represents the eternal adolescence of the Zodiac, so always play when you meet someone or when you want to flirt and continue playing when they are already a couple. But playing Gemini does NOT mean that he likes being played with them. On the contrary, with his attacks of insecurity, and the surplus / a that is always suitors, he still takes the door, and you don’t see him anymore. If you play, let him know it because he will approve, but if you are serious, let him know it too. With Geminis, giving information is winning. Other things that you should never do with Geminis if you do not want to lose him are: that he does not get bored, that you live up to his conversation because he is very sharp mentally, and that does not lack freedom, because as he feels it, he will get very very nervous. And neither should you slow him down nor put limits on his displays of affection because Geminis need contact always, daily, in and out of bed, in and out, and at home. And that implies that long-distance relationships or those with little intimacy also make you want to leave.


With Cancer, the first thing you should never do, or you will lose him, is to take his mood swings as a joke, let alone throw them in his face, because Cancer is not to blame for most of the time. Your planet is the Moon, and as it moves, so moves Cancer and its moods. On the contrary, try to understand him talking about it, and if he asks for space, do not take it the wrong way. If he sees that you respect him, you will add points instead of subtracting them. DO NOT ever take advantage of their generosity and empathy. Cancer gives everything from the heart. He listens like nobody else, and he will continue to do so. He cannot change that. But if you abuse that way of being his and he gets fed up, you’re going to lose him. That generosity is a virtue of his but also a weak point, and he will not forgive you if you take advantage of his weak points, that simple. To end, DO NOT make him jealous, neither playing, nor for testing him, nor in his moments of insecurity. And much less because you fool around with other real people. There you will be playing it for real. And you are going to pay dearly.


With Leo, there are many things that you should never do because he does not fool around when something does not satisfy him. You can lose him at the beginning of the relationship in zero commas. In a relationship, constant fights can also make him fall out of love. Leo likes romantic relationships, words of love, and affectionate expressions. If you do not want to talk about feelings, or kisses and hugs (in public or wherever), or the romantic role, Leo may rethink yours and decide why to continue. He likes to live relationships with all their movie details, the kind you see in the cinema, the kind that everyone likes. This is how Leo wants his stories too. Mediocre, bland, and gray relationships you don’t even want to smell. The criticism does not take them well either, and that you do not flatter him, he also takes it fatally. They will constantly flatter you and proclaim to everyone how proud they feel of you because they want the same thing.


If you don’t want to lose Virgo, you have to consider a few things, not many, but all very important because Virgo takes everything very seriously (and that is their Achilles heel). DO NOT make him feel insecure because he will start to turn your relationship around in his head if it is worth it, if you are the person he was waiting for, if you have a future, if you can change your way of being. He doesn’t like it, and you still lose. Also, do not show too much affection, caresses, kisses, and hugs in public. You will see that he becomes tense and in a bad mood. DO NOT continue. Let me show you the way in that sense. Do not pressure or overwhelm him either at the beginning or during your relationship. Do you know why? Because Virgo already presses themselves enough all the time. And it doesn’t need you or anyone else to add fuel to the fire. Don’t expect your Virgo to throw himself around your neck, either. It’s not his style. Take the initiative because Virgo prefers to be conquered than conquered. He will make it very easy for you if he wants, so do not worry.


With Libra, something you should never do or you will lose him is pressuring him to make an important decision about your relationship. Or for him to choose between several alternatives when you have a conflict of interest because he will crash and become very insecure, something he hates. Know that if Libra takes time to decide, it is because he always wants the best, so you can ensure that you will have the best when he finally decides, but for that, you have to give him time. It is also not a good idea to put on a little scene in public, don’t even think about it. He hates conflicts and arguments, and if people are watching, he is already dying inside. They prefer privacy to solve your problems and always seek a friendly dialogue. Yelling or raising your tone in a threatening way is also not a good idea. And don’t gamble on complaining about his intense social life either. Libra is sociable by nature and needs to move and relate; it is better to accompany him instead of brooding jealousy for not knowing where or with whom he is going.


If you are starting to know them, make sure you know where you are because with Scorpio, you will have everything you dreamed of in a relationship, but you can also be left with nothing if you make many mistakes. Scorpio is radical, and what he likes, he says and does not like. He likes to be in control, yes or yes, so don’t want to control him, don’t even think about it. Or, in any case, make sure you do it with such mastery that he likes the idea and that he gladly abandons himself to you (at times, don’t get your hopes up either). Don’t ever make it easy for her either because she loves challenges, endurance, and triumph. If you give them all this, you will have a passionate and intense relationship, that there is nothing they like more. The TOP advice on what you should never do or you will lose him is to make him jealous because when Scorpio pulls out the stinger because he feels threatened, you know what he’s going to do with it: use it. You will see.


With Sagittarius, it is effortless to know what you should never do because it will tell you from the beginning. Everything he does not like, he will also let you know at all times. He likes sincerity and does not like lies. He wants freedom and hates ties. He is not possessive or jealous, so commitments scare him a bit. Something that you should not do is be very dependent. Sagittarius needs to feel that his partner knows how to be alone and does not want her attached to his ass all the time. With all this profile, you can get an idea that his personality is free, very accessible, and everything that goes against that freedom is not suitable for your relationship. Come on, forget about a relationship with Sagittarius if you like to have your partner tied up. And the worst thing is that when you feel grabbed, you tend to run away,


As long as you play with Capricorn, you will not get to enjoy him for a month. And by playing, it is understood that now you are, you disappear, directly you jump, then you shut up. In the language of Capricorn, all this makes you feel insecure, feel like you are wasting time, and feel that perhaps you are an immature person. And let him start to get angry with so much coming and going that he can’t decipher. For you to understand, fooling around for Capricorn means foolishness, and he doesn’t like stupidity. He takes everything very seriously, he knows that he should relax more, but he does that when he feels safe in a relationship. So if you are starting something with them, learn to know him, and you will end up falling in love, but if you screw it up before your time, your story ends there. And if he goes out and tells you what he wants and feels because he likes to cut to the chase, be just as direct—either yes or no.


Never do or you will lose it

In the beginning, with Aquarius, you are careful to go to hell entering him because he likes relationships that flow, not forced ones. Don’t mention the word COUPLE a lot, either. Aquarius likes to think in terms like you have a good friendship, in which there is good conversation, wanting to experiment with plans together, things like that. And from there, he relaxes. If you skip those steps, you may not want to continue. Aquarius needs to see you as a partner in their life. This is how he likes to imagine his relationships, and when he sees himself in the typical couple, like so many others, he starts to get a rash, and he rebels or leaves. Do not let him get bored with the plans you make together, nor that they are repeated plans, or those that everyone does, or go places where everyone goes.


With Pisces, if you are starting and an impatient person, you will clash a lot with their way of being because they go slowly through life, enjoying and looking at everything. Also, never take anything for granted because Pisces moves with the water flow, and today it is, but it can disappear quickly. And because? Well, because you are someone cold and not very sensitive, for example. Never forget his extreme sensitivity, be very careful not to hurt him and of course, take care that he does not feel that you are playing, that you are not severe. But there are more things you should never do, or you will lose them. When he is already in love with you or beginning to be so, do not insist on him coming down from his clouds continuously. Pisces may have idealized you a bit. They usually do, but don’t blame them every day for how wrong they were. It’s hard enough to be so romantic and realize it. Love him being like that and let him see that he was not bad with you.