Which are the simplest zodiac signs?

Which are the simplest zodiac signs?

There are zodiac signs that are simpler than others. Some need very little to be happy, who are direct, clear, and concise. Others, however, like to give things more spin, be more picturesque when it comes to dressing, do everything their way, etc. This is the ranking of the simplest signs:


It is not that Cancer is a simple person, not at all, but it is satisfied with things that perhaps for others are not enough. Like, for example, starting a family, finding stability with someone, enjoying small details such as walking hand in hand with the most important person in your life, or meeting with the family. Cancer does not care the least bit about being predictable. He still does not understand how others do not know how to take him with how simple it is. You don’t need big things. Cancer isn’t like that. You don’t need expensive items. You don’t need anything impossible. You don’t mind being basic if you really have what you need, affection, love, and the people you care about close by.


Taurus is materialistic and very practical, and within the ranking of the simplest signs, it occupies position number 2. He likes to look good, he keeps up with the latest trends, and it is easy to make him happy if you know how to do it. You can indeed get very stressed and think more than necessary, but deep down, this happens because others make life difficult for you. With Taurus, everything is black or white, there are no half measures, and the reality governs it. What you get is what you see. Although you may be attracted to expensive things, deep down, what you like to do most is enjoy the little pleasures in life like eating or sleeping, or snuggling next to the person you love and watching a movie on the couch. Simple things.

  1. LIBRA

Libra is ranked number 3 in the ranking of the simplest signs. He is a nice person, who always tries to see the positive side of everything, tries not to get into trouble even if it is others who are looking for him and, although he does not seem like it, he has infinite patience with people. He does not mind going where the majority is going if it is fair. He does not want to fight or be that person who is always complaining about everything or criticizing what a majority has said. He will fight for what he knows is important but not for nonsense. If someone wants to do something, they will not hinder and accompany you. Why go around with stupid things? Libra is good vibes personified.


Capricorn is very traditional, and traditions are often simple. He likes to be at home, surround himself with his family and, although from time to time he feels the urgent need to go out, and know, and discover everything, if he is very comfortable with what he has, he does not directly consider it. Capricorn is happy if the person next to him is happy, he is happy if he makes a good plan with his friends, he is comfortable being alone and creating his projects and goals. It adapts to anything, although many believe the opposite. Capricorn does not need anything material to be well. His life is simple, although his thoughts are often the reason to complicate it.

  1. VIRGO

In the ranking of the simplest signs, Virgo is ranked number 5. As a good earth sign, Virgo is practical, and despite being the most variable of the three, continues to seek simplicity as a way of life. Virgo is happy with their routines, independence, and style to carry everything. Sometimes they call it a very basic sign, but if you are happy with what you have, why do you look for more? Many people think that having a life that includes everything makes them more comfortable, yet they search and search because they do not find the way and what they want. Virgo may have done fewer things, or has not traveled as much, or does not know as much the world as others, but what he has, perhaps something simple for many, is what makes him happy.

  1. LEO

Leo is ranked number 6 in the ranking of the simplest signs. Indeed, the Lioness or the Lion are always surrounded by the drama on all sides. They certainly eat their heads a lot, and sometimes they overthink and can be bitter a whole day for some intense disappointment. But deep down, Leo He is a super easy person to get along with without knowing how to hit the key. Leo likes things done in a big way, a good dinner, a full-train trip, or anything that can make his loved ones happy. Because the background of everything is to enjoy and give or surprise those who care. Leo is simple but always wants to treat others like kings or queens. He does not mind eating rice and chicken every day if he knows that he will be able to spend all the money in the best restaurant in town when he is with you. Leo is special, and whoever is by his side may feel lucky. Much.

  1. GEMINIsimplest zodiac signs

Geminis love to know, inquire, constantly experiment, and hates plans that don’t excite him at all. You are likely to want to accept what the majority want to do, but you are also expected to be protesting all the way. The Gemini mind does not settle for anything, but it is true that, later, when he is really into any activity, he ends up having a great time. He will go from one place to another, searching for his truth, seeking to understand why he is the way he is, why he seeks one thing or another, and why he cannot stay where he is. It is simple for many things, but it is also difficult for others. He gets too bored with everything and is always looking for new things to entertain himself with. Please don’t give him a routine life because he will hate it and fly away as fast as he can.

  1. ARIES

Aries does not like to follow the rhythm of anyone. In the ranking of the simplest signs, it occupies position number 8 because this simple sign the truth is that it has little. Sometimes many tell you that you have too many birds in your head, but Aries does not care. Yes, he has them, and he has them because he is not satisfied with anything. He likes to do new things and hates monotony and routine. He can indeed be familiar and be happy with the small details that life offers him, but he will always look for a way to make those moments something new and different. Aries has a thousand things in his head, and he will not settle for the usual. He will look for the necessary paths to get out of what imprisons him. They are not followers. They are trendsetters.


Aquarius cannot do simple or basic things. Well, it indeed can, but it falls short. They want depth in their lives, they enjoy interesting and transcendent conversations, and as a general rule, they do not tend to follow those people en masse who surround themselves with basic things. He loves to enjoy every moment he lives but always looks into a thousand other issues. It is someone who is allergic to simplicity, in any sense, they will mark their style by dressing, they will go to the strangest restaurants to try that kind of food that comes from far away, or they will get hooked to see B movies cataloged by many of “geeks.” Yes, Aquarius is a unique being in all its essence, and the common does not suit him at all. Be prepared for anything if you are next to someone like that. You’ll have fun, that’s for sure.


Scorpio and the simple never went hand in hand. Although, at times, the Scorpion would have loved it. You know that your mind is too complex to adapt to something that does not move you inside. Scorpio is an authentic sign, and he cares little about what the rest of the world does. You are attracted to people of higher intellectual level from whom you can learn something interesting. Scorpio will never do what the rest do, if something becomes fashionable, Scorpio probably no longer wears it, or perhaps it was the precursor of it by wearing it a few months before. When everyone has it, Scorpio rejects it. The basics do not go with them, nor does the common. The Scorpio sometimes wishes to settle for what he already has. That would save him a lot of trouble, but deep down, he is as he is, and he is proud of it.


Sagittarius is not basic or simple. Thousands of thoughts are constantly wandering through their minds. They want to explore the world. They have a great need to know more than they already know to cultivate their mind and spirit. And, of course, not to settle for just what they have. They will sign up for an exciting plan, and why not? It entails some danger, something that makes you get all that adrenaline out of your body. What everyone does bores her, and she always tries to set the trend, but she doesn’t do it so that others will follow her, but because it makes her happy to start something new or to propose that plan that seems so crazy. You will seldom find Sagittarius without doing anything. You will seldom find him at home quiet, relaxed, watching life go by. No. Sagittarius is complex, but it doesn’t drag anyone into its world.


In the ranking of the simplest signs, Pisces occupies position number 12. So, of basic, nothing. The minnow likes all those things that no one has ever heard of. The less common, the better, whether it is music, movies, books, or art. Pisces is the most underground sign that you can throw at your face, and although it is happy with the small details of life, it does not find its fullness because it is very difficult to find its real essence. An essence that sometimes not even they understand. Pisces will get into trouble just for looking for what is different, what makes him tremble inside, what makes him stir. And for that reason, he will be branded as strange and misunderstood. The world is not ready for Pisces, which is too small.