Which zodiac sign do you adore and which one makes you sick?

Which zodiac sign do you adore and which one makes you sick?

We all have sympathy for some people and yet some distance from others. Indeed, if you asked them their zodiac sign, you would realize that many of them coincide or that, in reality, you usually surround yourself almost always with the same people. There are some specific signs with which, in the end, you end up getting along better than with others. This or it is a coincidence. Their energies make us fit in more or less with them. Here we will show you which sign you adore and which one makes you sick.


There is a sign that you especially adore, and it is Leo. You love it. After all, he knows how to follow the role because he is ambitious like you and very passionate. Leo doesn’t ask you to calm down. What’s more, Leo turns you on and motivates you to do more. He is independent, adventurous, and fiery. Well, almost like you!

That other one who makes you sick a million times is Scorpio. Of course, you share intensity and passion with him, but he argues too much, you always have to do what he says, and no reply is worth it. He is very mysterious and knows how to leave you touched with some of those harmful words that he releases from his mouth.


The sign that you love is Virgo. He knows what he wants, he’s a perfectionist, and somehow helps you do things much better than you do. In addition, we must add that it is organized and does not reach your life to disarm it completely. You feel total admiration for how he consistently achieves everything he sets out to do. Virgo helps you improve, and you help him relax from time to time.

Suppose there is a sign that you cannot bear too much, Sagittarius. Always with so many changes and a desire to try new things without ever focusing on any, challenging yourself to change, to get out of that area where you feel comfortable. People who tell you to get out of your comfort zone make you sick when they are in the shit. What do they turn on? What do you get out of a place where you are good to try to see if another is better for you? Well no.


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If there is a sign that you adore, it is Aquarius. It has that point of mystery that you love, but it is friendly, outgoing, and does not put limits on you. Somehow, you gravitate towards him almost without realizing it so. It is not uncommon for you to surround yourself with many Aquarians in your life and all areas. You create more expansion in the world of Aquarius, and Aquarius, in turn, helps you focus a little more on your things.

The sign that makes you sick is Capricorn because you feel limited with it. Capricorn restricts himself too much, and the worst thing is that he determines you somehow. From your perspective, they go on insurance for life and always believe that they are right when deep down, you feel like they are a little bitter.


There is a sign that causes you a particular preference, although deep down, you know that it can be pretty toxic at times. Yes, this sign is Scorpio. Like it or not, you get closer, and you can be great friends or maybe have a relationship that may not always end well. Either way, you feel admiration for this sign. How he does things, behaves, and reacts to life. And it is because of that admiration that you idolize him.

However, you have a tough time understanding Aquarius. What’s more, sometimes it can seem a bit pedantic. He constantly changes his mind, and although he has a special sensitivity, he appears and disappears from the lives of others, often with frightening ease. In addition, he always needs long periods of solitude when you need a little more contact, even if it is by phone.


Leo, What is the sign you love, and which one are you sick of? If you adore any sign, it is undoubtedly Libra. There is a magical connection between you, and it does not matter what situation you are in because you will always find a way to get along. You don’t care that Libra isn’t always the one who takes the initiative because you love doing it yourself. And also, Libra loves the way you do everything, even that little theater that sometimes you ride in your head and with the intensity with which you do everything. Libra follows the role, and there is nothing you like more than that.

You have a hard time getting along with Virgo. That seriousness, little improvisation, and way of leading life kill you with boredom. Literal. You love happiness, attracting attention, being yourself without caring what they think of you. You are free, and you want the person next to you to feel the same way. Virgo has his feet on the ground and looks at everything in detail. It is even possible that he will be ashamed for some moments by your side. And you, you are not going to stop doing it. You have it clear.


With Taurus, you have a special connection. Somehow you idolize him and adore him a little. It always makes you see things from a much calmer and more leisurely point of view. In addition, they know how to behave, and they like to be very professional in their business, something that also unites you. It will also help you feel a little kinder and not criticize yourself for your mistakes. And you, you will help him not settle for what he has and exploit his abilities a little more than it has them.

No matter how many people you have close to Leo, it is difficult for you to get along with them. They do not know how to keep your rhythm, and you do not understand theirs well either. They drive you a little crazy. It all has to be said. You appreciate many of their qualities, such as the loyalty and confidence they give you—nevertheless, that arrogance or desire to attract attention and believe more than anyone can make you explode.


You may be attracted to Gemini. You have many things to talk about, and in the end, it is with whom you feel very comfortable to discuss everything in depth. Also, with Gemini, you never have things left in the pipeline. You let go of everything because it always gives you the confidence to do so. It helps you worry a little less about what others might think of you, and you help them get along a little better with those who might make assumptions about them.

If within the 12 signs you had to choose the one that makes you sick the most, it would undoubtedly be Aries because even if it has good intentions, it overwhelms you with so much energy. He is very spontaneous and does not fear anything but his temper is uncontrollable and that more sensitive spirit of yours has a hard time dealing with the openness, sometimes cruel, of Aries. They are arguably a bit harsh for your taste.


If there is one sign you are devoted to (despite the ups and downs), it is undoubtedly Cancer. He is loving. He listens to you and somehow makes you feel special. You also notice that devotion to you, and the truth is that you love it. That someone recognizing you that way makes you feel excellent. Also, Cancer always makes you feel like you are at home. It is difficult for someone to be more intense than you, but the Crab is quite close.

However, with Gemini, you have that kind of love-hate connection. He attracts you, but somehow you see him as unreliable, as too changeable and interested. You want Geminis only to notice you, but the problem is that Geminis see possibilities and possible everywhere. Even as friends, you will have a hard time trusting fully.


If there is a sign that you adore, it is undoubtedly Aries. You love it, always so optimistic, always so passionate, so honest about everything ... Be that as it may, you get along well with them because you know that they are very, very similar to you deep down. Aries knows what he wants, and you are passionate about that. He will not be held back by anything or anyone and encourages you in some way to get what you want in life.

However, at the other extreme, you cannot bear that sign is undoubtedly Taurus. Okay, of course, you have Taurus friends, but somehow something sometimes puts you back. Taurus create their world, and it seems they have no intention of leaving it behind for anything better. And that unnerves you because you feel that they settle for little, that they have no ambition whatsoever, and that the material and the tangible is the only thing that is worth and not the dreams and desires. You don’t understand its stiffness.


Even if you seem like polar opposites, you have a special weakness for Pisces. They are empathetic, intuitive and they love it. They do it by giving their whole heart. Pisces brings out that side of you that you want to discover, the most romantic side of you, the one that you cover and hide. They understand you almost without trying, and they admire you without having to hide it. In the end, Pisces appreciates your work, your worth, and your gift to do things well. He appreciates everything about you, which fulfills you the most in life.

The sign that makes you sick is Gemini. Okay, you can have many friends of this sign, but you see something strange in them, like an internal falsehood that not everyone sees and that you are capable of appreciating in some way. Geminis see the world in a very different way from yours and you. No matter how hard you try, it is very difficult to see it that way. Have that vision. In addition, you see potential in them, and you feel that they do not know how to take advantage of it due to a lack of discipline. They see you as someone stagnant and closed-minded. If they only knew.


Although you often see them as crazy goats, you love Gemini. You feel a strong attraction for this sign. Very strong. Geminis love to know about what you know and are always interested in everything you like or everything that motivates you in some way in life. And you love that—someone who cares the most for you, someone who values what you do. And you, you love that he is constantly doing things, researching, learning, and expanding his mind.

You cannot fully bear Cancer and that intensity that surrounds it all the time. It’s too emotional and makes you sick that I do everything from the heart without ever thinking about the consequences of anything. You are independent, and Cancer always needs more from you, more time, more attention, more affection. Aquarius costs you. You do not have the same interests.


Capricorn is a sign that you worship. Although he has a bad temper, and sometimes you see him as someone with a particular inclination to escapism (and to lies even if he denies it), you want to discover everything he has inside. Because you know that it has it, you know that there is something there and that it will take out next to you. Also, Capri appreciates the empathy and patience you have with him. You know how to get the best out of each other.

Suppose there is a sign that does not suit you too much, Virgo. It may be that you work a little better with some earth signs, but with Virgo, it must be recognized that it costs you a little more. You are very spiritual. You move by emotions and sensations. Virgo always arrives with that practicality and that tangible energy in which everything has to be structured and concrete. In addition, his way of criticizing everything is very harsh and hurts you.