Which zodiac signs are not afraid to take the first step?

Which zodiac signs are not afraid to take the first step?

Taking the first step is very difficult. Not only do you have to be brave, but you also have to be sure of what you are going to do. Not everyone is capable of facing this situation and acting courageously. Some signs are afraid of rejection, realizing that that person does not feel the same, but others do not mind jumping in and taking that step. They prefer that before being left with the desire. These are the signs that are not afraid to take the first step. Keep reading because there is one that will surely surprise you:


Aries is not afraid of anything. He is not a person who will waste opportunities because he has not taken risks. When Aries likes a person a lot, he will do his best to let that person know as soon as possible. Aries is so forward-thinking that it will take the first step. And he will do it with a lot of security, without looking like someone desperate for love. He will tell you things as they are. He is not afraid that you will reject him. It will hurt, but you know that you will not get anything if you do not launch. Aries refuses to sit around waiting for you to decide to throw yourself. He’s not that kind of person. Aries prefers to grab the bull by the horns.


Taurus looks pretty reserved, but when he begins to feel something for someone, he gets carried away by his impulses more than normal. Taurus is a very brave person, more than many people think. You may be regretting every step you take on the inside, but you are not scared through life. Before acting, Taurus will take time to study each alternative well. If Taurus takes the first step, he knows that things will turn out well because he is clear that the other person has feelings for them. If you know that it will be worth taking that step, you do not care about investing your time and effort in it.


Geminis are generally not afraid to jump in when it comes to love. You don’t want to miss an opportunity because of your fears. Come on, that’s something you would never forgive yourself for. Geminis have never been afraid to send that message, to ask for that kiss, to confess their feelings. Perhaps this is one of its strengths. Gemini is a person who is guided a lot by their intuition, and sometimes that is why they can seem impulsive. Impulsive has very little. Simply when your intuition tells you that it is the right thing to do, they go for it. Geminis are not afraid to start a flirtation, send a hint, and invite you out on a date. All he wants is for you to keep up with him.


Since when has Leo been afraid to take the first step? Since never. Leo likes to be flirted with, but he also likes to flirt. He wants you to go after them, but Leo makes the first move. Of course, Leo also likes that you have a bit of initiative and are launched. If you’re going to have to pull the car all the time, you’ll be gone sooner than you think. Leo is not afraid to take the first step, but he likes to know that you will jump too when you feel like it. Leo is not one of those people who hides his feelings, so if he feels the slightest attraction for you, you will know. Before you imagine it will launch, and if it does not, it is because perhaps it does not feel anything for you.


There is no sign of fire to save itself from this. And the fact is that the three of them are brave people who are not afraid of taking risks. Sagittarius was not going to be less. It may be at first a somewhat shy person that you do not expect to be launched that way. He is simply testing the waters. As soon as Sagi is sure and knows that he is on solid ground, he will launch without looking back. And best of all, it won’t take years to do it. With the slightest suspicion that you have feelings for them, Sagittarius will jump into your arms or even into your mouth. He is a very daring person, more than the world thinks. Sagi doesn’t want to miss out on any opportunities, so he doesn’t hesitate to jump in when he’s the least bit interested.


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Capricorn has too much in his life to waste his time wondering whether to jump in or not. When things are clear, Capricorn prefers to jump in and wait for you to take the initiative. For Capricorn, the first impression is essential, and if from the beginning something inside them tells him that it is the right thing to do, they will not be afraid to take the first step. He may have a hard time talking about his feelings, but don’t worry, he’ll take the initiative in other ways. Remember that Capri is someone very stubborn, and if something gets between her eyebrow and eyebrow, she will not stop until she gets it. If you entered his head from the beginning, he would not be afraid to take the first step.

And these are the signs that are not afraid to take the first step. Have you been surprised by any?