Why are you afraid of commitment according to your zodiac sign?

Why are you afraid of commitment according to your zodiac sign?

The fear of commitment is something normal that we all have in our love relationships. A little at the beginning, yes. What is not so normal is always being afraid of commitment. And that this conditions some of our relationships. By signs, some assume the commitment as something normal, even desired, and adapt it to their life. Other signs are panicky or overly respectful of you, and avoid it until they have no choice but to come to terms with it (or not). According to your sign, why are you afraid of commitment?


Because you don’t want to lose your freedom, it’s that simple with you, Aries. For you, having a partner always implies a “let’s do this together” that makes you feel lazy that you’re dying. Because, of course, you like doing things as a couple, but they are always more than you feel like doing. And when they organize your schedule for the week with plans, you start fuming from your ears. And you get overwhelmed by not knowing how to say no, and you stay or go where your partner wants, and you get bored, and you want to go. You end up seeing yourself in a nose fight. Because you can take what you can, but if they ask you with irony or your partner gets angry at seeing your lousy face, it is because you explode and everything that you shut up before you release it like an erupting volcano.


Because you don’t want your heartbroken, that’s how simple the answer is. Several times, it has been broken, and that pain has been etched in your soul. It is a feeling of failure that is difficult to assimilate that remains in your memory, and the memories stir your heart. From there, you can close yourself off to get into serious relationships (at least for a while). You also think it has often been the fault of choosing the person wrong, it is difficult for you to trust the people you meet, and it is difficult for you to relax. And you can be alone longer than you want, but because you are not to go around frivolling a lot, waiting for someone to remove the foundations. So you stay with your loneliness, waiting, calm, presuming that you are not bad at all. And if you trust something is when life surprises you. That is not easy, you think, but hey, you never know.


Because it is difficult for you to share your privacy, and yes, it may seem incongruous given the great sociability you spend. But it’s as if you could 200%, but it was already something else from the inside. A commitment is a big word, or you understand it that way. And it demands a certain respect. And look, there are times when you jump into all kinds of relationships, with a clear conscience of being sincere about who you are and what you are. But of course, you do know about the world of words, and when you hear phrases like “I want to be serious,” “tell me we’re going to be together and exclusively,” “I want everything with you and always.” The Head starts to spin. And from that territory of yours in which you roam freely, with your freedom, your joy, and giving yourself when you want, with whom you wish to, and how you want, you see yourself in terrain with more shifting sands for you. Such as those that include asking you for explanations, that your house is always open for that person, or seeing their sour face when you have gone out a lot or have not answered the phone immediately. Remove remove.


Why are you afraid of commitment, Gemini? Because when you commit, you mean it. And you are afraid of wanting a commitment and that the other person does not want the same as you. Because that will drive a wedge in your relationship since you know yourself well, you know that what you don’t like makes you angry, and from there, you start to squirm, and you can mess it up. Therefore, you try to enjoy the relationship, going little by little instead of running and then giving yourself the big blow. And it is difficult to contain yourself, it costs you a lot, especially if you like the person, you love them, and you see that the same thing happens to them. You think the best thing would be to commit yourself, but you believe it still doesn’t work out with your innate intuition, and you keep your intentions to yourself. You want to do it right, make room for the other person, and give him time.


Because your professional life may be at its best, and you, Leo, when you do something, you want to do it well. And if you are in the middle of a whirlwind focusing on your career, you will want to focus because those early stages are essential for the future. Also, for you, a relationship is something as important as your career, more important, you could say. And if you are not going to dedicate the time, attention, and dedication it deserves, you prefer to wait. Therefore, it is not that you are afraid of commitment. You respect the commitment to a person. You want it as long as you have fallen in love. And when you assume, it is to go to the end, not to stumble, give excuses that make you feel terrible if you can’t stay, or have fights you are not looking for. Because then if you already get mad, you’re working, and you don’t want jealousy antics or questions about where you are or if you’re going to work on the weekend too. Come on. They could get there with you. What happens to you for being so good, you think.


Because you don’t know if that person who asks you for a commitment is the right one, your fussy sense of perfection slows you down from making such decisions, and you don’t want to make the wrong choice. As you do not like to fail anyone and reject them, seeing yourself in a commitment that you did not want means that you still have to settle for someone who is not “your special person.” Sure, it wouldn’t be for life, but you don’t like to make mistakes, or play with anyone’s feelings, or think about what you should have said no then. So you will say NO if you are not clear about it, and if you feel better about it, you will already look for a way to resume the commitment in your relationship. For you being alone is not a problem, so being with someone and the relationship is not very serious is not a problem either. You always act seriously. So if someone thinks that you do not commit it because you do not want you to continue dating, they are wrong. For you, they are two different things. 


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Because for you, a commitment is a big word, and you are afraid that the other person will force you to do something you are sure of. You are afraid of going to more, and that it will not work, you are afraid that the commitment will unite you with someone who could later leave and break your heart. Because you think that if everything ends, you will have to forget “someone” with whom it did not work. But if you are engaged, you will have to forget about “a boyfriend” or “a girlfriend.” And that gives you more vertigo. For you, Libra, relationships should be more accessible, without having to name everything or decide now to touch this and then the other. You would like them to flow without more. You want to let them take you, but of course, the word commitment sounds intense, and more than once, you have allowed yourself to be carried away, and then you have had to regret having gotten into where you were not sure you should enter.


Because you, when you have a partner, is because you are serious. You commit yourself without having to say it, without ostentatious statements to be serious. The commitment is always there if you are in a relationship. It does not need rhetoric. Differences very well between frivolous or sensual comics and a relationship in which you bet heavily on someone. From there, the commitment builds on its own. At least on your part, you are very faithful and honest in your relationships. In addition, you have seen before that when the commitment is established with words and celebrations, sometimes the problems begin. Because even then you want the wedding, the children, to change houses or who knows. Do you think that many couples put on a number proclaiming that they have committed, giving it hype, and then all that evaporates? You do not know if they have played to commit instead of doing it seriously. And you usually like your life, and if you like it, you want it to stay the same, not for the changes to come to you because the famous phrase comes: “We are committed.” Yuck.


Because when you commit, it seems that the other person suddenly thinks that the ban has been opened. And suddenly, you see yourself in a relationship that takes away your freedom because it seems that now everything is a matter of two. And if you go on your own, or want to travel, or go out with friends, you have to give explanations. And that person with whom everything was great, sex included, relaxes when he feels safe because he has “tied” you. Everything focuses on giving a seriousness to the relationship that you almost have to make love on the day of the week that it touches. At least that is how you perceive it, within your character, that it is free and adventurous, and to which the ties put him on guard. Commitment is binding. Commitment is that it seems that you have to open up a channel for the other person. And you don’t want that, come on, it’s just thinking about it, you feel like dying a little. And since that is not easy, what if you start is to take little steps back. You are not afraid of commitment. You are afraid of it.


Because if sentimental issues make you feel insecure, when the serious commitment arrives (and even wedding dates and all that), you get very, very anxious. You are very jealous of your life, your money, your things, and of course your heart. And of course, committing yourself is letting someone enter your heart with all the keys ringing in their hands. That you will, of course, you will, because you are from stable and committed relationships, but when you are clear that the person is the right one. And who wants in life the same as you. And that is not easy. So you get into relationships of all kinds that you try to manage as best you can because yours is not the world of love backfire, but when the word commitment comes out, you put yourself on guard. And you feel very vulnerable because those steps are essential, and you know well about taking important steps. A step that you know involves time, dedication, maturity, seriousness, perseverance; almost nothing. So you Capricorn, yes to commitment, yes, but with the right person.


Because relationships in general already steal a part of you. With friends and family, you half control wearing them and don’t let them get too much in your life. But as a couple, everything gets a little more complicated. With a roll, you already feel somewhat imprisoned, but because you are honest and you do not like to lie. With a partner, the feeling of less freedom is constant. And when it comes time to commit if the relationship is going forward, of course, you feel fear. Because you know that you will lose a part of yourself, that part that becomes another part where you are already two, two people, and it is inevitable, it is implicit, whether you want it or not. It is a game that if you play there are some rules that you have to eat. With others, you can play, worth the redundancy. But that a couple will steal your time, you swear it is true.


Because in your idealistic mind, there are so many stories you want to live that commitment sounds like “focus now and forget about everything else.” Let’s see, you always want to be with a partner, but not tied down, because you like to flow with life, in relationships and enjoy many people and many moments. When you hear about commitment, a part of you looks ideal in that phase, with that person linked to you by a very important bond. But another part of you wanders through infinity and feels a certain fear that it is not the right person, that it will not turn out well, that life is long. You have to live it intensely because, well, you wonder so much that you. It isn’t easy to go down to reality and focus on the other person, what they want and what you are willing to give, and at times, you fly back to your cloud, the one in which you manage your life differently. And idyllically, you double in a thousand people and a thousand couples. And you dream.