Why are you manipulative according to your zodiac sign?

Why are you manipulative according to your zodiac sign?

Do you think you are manipulative? You are, take it for granted, although depending on your zodiac sign, you can be more, or you can be less. Among the reasons for being so, there is a wide range: because of your fears, because of your character, because of your insecurities, because of your sensitivity, because of your emotional needs. If you want to know why you are manipulative according to your sign, read on. Maybe you get a surprise, pleasant, or one that you did not expect.


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Aries, you are manipulative when they touch your nose, when they mistreat you, when they insult you or even when they hurt you. And you will get upset depending on your degree of susceptibility that day. There are days when you spend more, and others have fragile skin. But whoever goes for you pays for it. Take revenge; it’s his thing, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. And an excellent way to get revenge is by turning the situation around. And for that, you spend an agile, powerful, and accurate mental force. So you manipulate the situation, the words, or the person or group of people who have dared with you to your liking. Sometimes you approach it as something as basic as either being with you or against you. And your arguments to turn the situation around and manipulate what happened will be those.


Taurus, your big reason for being a manipulator, is your ambition. But be careful. Your ambition is to want a normal life, a job that gives you to live well and comfortably, your family close, and an authentic relationship based on honesty and fidelity. And that’s why you fight every day, to get it and keep it. And if you don’t get away with it, you don’t get along. When you want something, you want it, and there is no more discussion. In your defense, you argue that you meditate so much about what you want that it is not on a whim when you make the decision. And you do not accept a NO. That is why you have worked the matter. What happens when someone says NO to you? From stubbornness to imposing yourself, you go to manipulation to get the YES. And there comes the most mellow and sensual Taurus, soft and calm, strong and confident, who gets what he wants with his kindest face. So, In addition to having strong reasons to be manipulative, you know how to do it by bringing out your friendlier side. And with it, you convince. Of course, Taurus, better skill than strength.


Gemini, you are the master of manipulation when getting what you want. And what do you want? Well, everything. And what reason is it that makes you manipulative? Is there a better reason for your desire to live your way than that? Well, there would be another important reason to you: your truth, that others believe in your truth. And your weapons to manipulate begin in your head and end where they are needed to convince others. Your mind works fast and agile when it wants to achieve something, and manipulation is usually the best way to give you the most success because, by your side, people and situations are the ones to lose. Cunning and a golden pickaxe help you get what you want. Could you also manipulate the truth? The truths of others, of course. Your power to convince is amazing, and if that is manipulation,


Cancer, you want life to go well for you, for your family to be well and for your partner to love you madly. And to achieve that, you can manipulate whatever, whenever, wherever. Weapons are not lacking. The first is the initiative—the second, tenacity. And the third is a hard temper so that you don’t throw back almost anything. Your clamps go-ahead to grab what you want, and as you hook it, it does not slip away, be it a person, a relationship, or a situation. And when someone is clear about what they want, everything works to achieve it (within limits, of course). That is your case. Cancer, your pulse does not tremble, and manipulation is your art, particularly emotional manipulation. Others use words, a good physique, money, power. Each one uses everything they have at hand to get what they want. You manipulate


Leo, the reason you are manipulative is not just one, it can be many, but they all have a common origin: your ego is large and needs food. On the positive side, this ego translates into self-esteem that many envies. But on its negative side, that ego inclines you to a certain tendency to feel superior since everyone else MUST satisfy your desires. You are not lacking in arguments because you can be self-centered, but you are not selfish but rather generous. So it would be best if you were hit, and to get it, you use your power to manipulate, of course. Your enormous talents as an actor or actress assure you a perfect way of manipulating, masked with the way you want to give it:

  • Being a victim.
  • Complaining about lack of attention.
  • Alluding to everything you offer.

Deep down, what you want is you, people, nearby,


Virgo, for you, getting things done right, and done on time, and done your way, is a challenge, a vital necessity rather. It would help if you had it. And that is why you are always worried, turning your head to get everything to be perfect because you need that precision to feel moderately calm. And if someone considers you romantic, well, think what you want. You are like that. And if to get what you want, you have to become a manipulator. You do it. How? With your criticism. That is why you do not like the criticisms made to you, but you do justify those that you have with everyone because they are to improve relationships, situations, conversations, and plans. Isn’t that a good reason? Everything has to add up. That everything is perfect seems to you that it justifies your touch of magic quite well, no? And although many keep it quiet, deep down, they appreciate what you do.


Libra, as in your life, there has to be balance. We will have to look for it. And for you looking for it to find it justifies having to manipulate some conversations or situations. If you do not do it, you notice the nerves, the restlessness, and the restlessness, and you do not want to feel that way. And those are the significant reasons that lead you to be manipulative: to achieve the balance that makes your life more beautiful and to achieve the balance that gives you tranquility and happiness. Enough for you, and who does not like to hold on. Nor are you one of those who manipulate twisted. No, yours is something delicate, elegant, like you. So if you tell what your life is like or what you are like and sell a bit of fantasy and half-truths, deep down, what you want is to hide your insecurities and prevent them from believing that you are alone, that you are afraid of being abandoned or that you lack plans. Is telling lies manipulating? Because if it is so, you raise your hand without any shame. And whoever has not done it more than once may throw the first stone.


Scorpio, a few manipulators, beat you. But there is a negative and a positive part in this medal that you are awarded. The negative is that being manipulative is part of your dark side, the one that you take out whenever you are threatened in some way in everything important to you: your private life, your people, yours, your sensitivity, your insecurities, feeling that you lose control, betrayal, your obsessions. The positive part is that not everyone wants to manipulate, but whoever can, and yours is such mastery that you have to take off your hat. A good manipulation requires being cold and calculating. If someone doubts that you can be, they have no idea of astrology. On the other hand, your intuition and psychic abilities inform you of people’s weak points, and of course, information is power. So yeah, you have reasons to be manipulative, and you also know how to do it.


Sagittarius, for you, your freedom is so important that you are capable of doing anything by maintaining it. That is, you can be manipulative with any person or situation that threatens your freedom. You would have more reasons, but your freedom seems to be the most fundamental, essential, and important thing in your life. If you feel like a prisoner, you die, so other reasons than your freedom would be secondary because you don’t need anything else when you feel like dying. You only need your space. You are not bad at cheating and even pull the strings so subtly that no one notices. But knowing your intelligence, the safest thing is that the conversations will help you clarify who you are and what you are. And you can come up with them to make the person in front of you doubt what they want and who they are. Arguing forcefully, turning the matter around is manipulating? Well, yes, Sagittarius, you are guilty, very guilty, and delighted too.


Capricorn, with you, it is clear that manipulating is perfectly justified if there is a good reason. And what could that reason be? Be in control. You consider it necessary, important, vital to achieving something that is also your essence: achieve your goals. With these premises, you go through life. You want to start things, control the idea, the steps to take, and the results that are being achieved at all times. Not meeting the set times or the laziness of some people are direct enemies that get on your nerves because they threaten everything you want to achieve. And if you have to manipulate those people to get what you want, you will surely. How and when you will see it, depending on the context and the situation. But your goals are yours. They are the most precious thing for you. And if something or someone makes you get out of hand, you go for them. Manipulating? Well, of course.


As you go through life on your own, Aquarius, you, sometimes it seems that those manipulation games do not go with you. And it’s a bit like that. You trust yourself, what you want, and if things don’t go the way you expect, you assume it, but you don’t play dirty to win. What is the reason you can be manipulative? Well, when you want something at all costs. Because you are not capricious, you want it for good when you want something. And there you will put all your intelligence (your great value) at the service of getting what you want, whatever, even manipulating. But because for you, the end justifies the means, and manipulating is more than justified before the value of the objective. But let it be clear that when you do it, it is exceptional. It is not your modus operandi. You have enough weapons to get what you want every day without fooling anyone.


Pisces, with you, the reasons to manipulate can be as many as you want. You could justify it with the fact that they have tried to hurt you, that they have sold you a relationship that was not so idyllic, or when that person has taken advantage of your most sensitive, generous, and innocent side. In your case, manipulating is not as important as how you manipulate: you turn the situation around and make yourself a victim. Take it now. No one will beat you. Congratulations on that know-how, and sell yourself like this. Indeed, you are often a real victim, but you are stronger than many imagine deep down. So it is a pleasure to see you act making it clear what you are suffering, the damage that has been done to you or that there is no right with what you always give. And how it is true that you are generous with others,