Why do you have trust problems according to your zodiac sign?

Lack of confidence can be a problem, and a big one. It limits us, makes us feel the worst, does not take life and weakens us all the time. Also, sometimes it seems that there is no end, it is like a bottomless pit that seems to never end. Therefore, we must be very aware of the signals that our body sends us. Of those notices in which he tells us: “do not continue there because this will end badly ...” And pay a little attention to him. We are going to talk to you about why you have trust problems according to your sign.


It’s not really that you have too many confidence issues, but things start to get serious when you become obsessed with a complex. If Aries, only you can destroy yourself, only you can get up. Burn it on fire. Like others they can be crushed by the rest, you cannot. You have a lot of strength so that nobody can with you. But your thoughts can knock you out so be very careful.


When there are changes, trust problems begin. Deep down, deep down, you know that if you set your mind to it, you get out of anything, you start a different life wherever you are or you look for a path where you need it. The problem comes when you have to do it overnight. When your stable life suddenly breaks and breaks in two. You have a bad time there, really bad. Will you survive? Of course. But it may take a little longer than the rest to get up.


Although it is hard to believe (especially for non-Geminis), your trust issues come when you meet someone new and somehow, you start to like them. You start to doubt all the time. You are not sure if he will think the same of you, you think too much and try to surprise but always thinking not to make a fool of yourself or give your all. You take one step forward and two steps back. You jump, then you get self-conscious, you jump back, you don’t know how to act anymore ... And your trust in yourself starts to make a little dent. It is possible that perhaps it is the rest who have no idea what they want ... You have to try to be more objective and not take so much guilt.


Your trust issues are always (or almost always) caused by Crab fights. You take for granted that the person you are with is the definitive one, the person with whom you are destined to form your life forever. So, when you argue about some things or others, you start to doubt everything, to have insecurity in yourself. You think: “what if this breaks? What if he leaves me? What if it ends with me? What if this ends? “ and insecurity comes to you. You are afraid to end something, to break ties, to have your heart broken again ...


You do not lack security in your daily life, Leo, nowhere ... But the problem comes when you have a bad time with someone, or it fails you. You start to connect the dots, to look askance at the past and to compare situations. You feel like some things are repeating themselves and you ask yourself if maybe you are not doing everything right or how you really think you should have done it. The best of all is that you may be in a low mood for a while but you will quickly recover. You are not going to whip or blame yourself for life, you have it clear. And no one is going to make you fall so deep that you don’t recover.


You analyze everything so much that you really go crazy at times. People may not be as clear as you Virgo and that is why everything stresses you so much. But instead of trying to make them change, try to change yourself. If they don’t suit you, what are you doing there. If they do not have anything clear then somewhere else Virgo. Really ... Contribute or set aside. There’s no more. If you do not want insecurity to eat you, do not surround yourself with who you should not or who you think can hurt you at that moment, you know who they are to spare.


Your trust problems come because many times you think that the rest are better than you, or have more, or their life has been better ... And you start to victimize yourself somehow. You are a Libra, seriously, capable of doing whatever you want to do, capable of achieving anything you set your mind to. Stop looking at others, stop seeing what they do or stop doing the rest. That only hurts you Libra. And worst of all, it takes time from you to do what really makes you feel good and happy.


Insecurity comes to you from having made bad decisions. But you know that it is only your mind that can destroy you. When you decide something with insecurity afterwards nothing goes right. And the worst are not things that can be changed, in the end that has a solution. But what about the ones that don’t? That’s what really haunts you. Even if time passes you will always have that little thorn of: “I should have done it this way ...” But hey, the most important thing is that no one can steal your security. Nobody. And let everyone know. Not even the most toxic relationship. The Scorpio flame, even tiny, will always remind you that it is worth it.


Your trust problems come when you don’t know very well where to direct your life. It is difficult for you to feel fully realized, it is difficult for you to take a step and change your goal, even to get closer to yours… Despite your way of being, you go little by little, always treading on safety. But that also overwhelms you and creates insecurity because you do not feel that you are advancing either and the existential crises that you have are quite large even if they are not many. Toxic people can hurt you a lot too, but that doesn’t mean you will lose your confidence. It is your ideas that have to be in order. And your goals, and your life.


Confidence problems are caused by your doubts all the time Capri. You think too much and on top of that you don’t tell anyone. Come on, you don’t let those doubts come out, you don’t share them and you keep everything to yourself. So, the world does not know that you are having a bad time, or that you are not feeling well, or that you are losing confidence in yourself ... Whenever you screw up you have a good internal crisis. You are able to call yourself out of everything bad at that moment and the worst thing is that something in the subconscious remains. And you are to accumulate ...


You have so much imagination that only you can cause imaginary problems Aquarius. And that in the end, is undermining confidence in you. It is clear that you are good at reading between the lines, that you know when they are trying to deceive you even if you seem clueless and you also see ulterior motives. This is all very well but NOT ALWAYS SO. And your problem is that, that you always act by measuring everything, even afraid to screw it up, afraid to screw up. You can also see things where there are none and time in the end has shown you. Not being spontaneous also creates insecurities Aquarius. Careful with this…


You are afraid of being deceived, this is the Pisces problem. And you are very suspicious of people as a general rule. And that fear makes you insecure. It probably comes from past experiences but this is not always the case. You can’t let your mind bring up ideas that you would never have thought of with certain people just because in the past you screwed up or felt betrayed. Not everyone deserves the same treatment, and you deserve to be happy too.