Why does everyone hate Geminis?

Why does everyone hate Geminis?

Surely at some point in your life, you have heard the typical phrase “I don’t trust Geminis” or “Geminis are the worst.” Or when you have told them that you were a Gemini, they have looked at you with a strange face, and it has even been difficult for them to trust you. Being a Gemini is not easy at all, but it is not easy to deal with you, things as they are. You can be exceptional for many things, but you have your flaws like everyone else. Many people say that you are the sign of the two faces, perhaps if they are right. Gemini, you have to admit it. You have a changeable and very dual personality, and it is very difficult to deal with that. It is amazing to spend time with you. You are the life of all parties, the best friend everyone wants to have, but it is not easy to deal with your character. Why does everyone hate Gemini? Here is the answer.

  1. You have a hard time making a decision

Unlike other signs (for example, Libra), you go through life saying that you are very determined, that you jump in, and that’s it, but then when push comes to shove, it’s not like that. You need to know what others think to make a decision. You are the first to do crazy things and screw it up because of your impulse, but in serious matters, you are indecisive as you can. But, not only are you indecisive, but you change your option every two seconds. Maybe you discard something, but you return to that option after a while. And that gives people who live together and share time with you severe headaches.

  1. You have a hard time spending time alone

everyone hate Geminis

Gemini, you are always involved in any kind of move with your partner, with your crush, or with whoever. You can be very independent, but you have a hard time spending time alone. Generally, you like to move from one relationship to another, from one role to another. There is no time when you don’t have a crush in mind with whom to do evil. It’s okay, Gemini, everyone is the way they are, and as long as you don’t hurt anyone, you can do whatever you want. But understand that your friends can go a little crazy every time you say the mythical phrase, “I have something to tell you.”

  1. You have “two faces”

This does not mean that you are a fake person, not at all. With your friends and with your people, you are faithful like the most, Gemini, but things as they are. You can go from being the sweetest and most pleasant person to the cruelest and hard. It isn’t easy to understand you. Since you are so changeable, it isn’t easy to know what is going on in your mind at the moment. And many times, you complain because you feel that no one understands you, Gemini, and that is why.

  1. It is very difficult to understand your commitment

This especially affects your romantic relationships and has to do with those two faces. It is difficult for your partner or the other person to know if you are engaged or not. One day you give everything, and the next day you give nothing. You are unable to find balance, and for a person who is trying to conquer you, it is difficult to know if you are going to be there or not.

Many people hate you, Gemini, but what gives you the most? You have a bad reputation, maybe yes, but that reputation will never feed you. You’d rather have enemies for being who you are than have fans for pretending to be someone you’re not. Things as they are.