Why does he only want to be your friend according to his zodiac sign?

Why does he only want to be your friend according to his zodiac sign?

Being friends with someone you like can sometimes be very hard, or it can be complicated. A lot will depend on how we are and the intensity of our feelings for that person. What always helps is to know if that person only wants friendship and nothing else and is firm in his decision. Or if we should wait because we do have a chance, but now is not the time. Read on if you want to know why his sign only wants to be your friend. Each sign hides different answers, and after some of them, you may find some hope to continue trying to be more than friends with that person.


From Aries, if you want to know something, ask him. If you are trying to go further with him and are not clear about it, you do not want to see it. After all, Aries always shows what he wants and doesn’t. Either he gives you a puppy face or slaps you, or just shuts up. The reason he just wants to be your friend may be because he doesn’t like you at all; it’s that simple. Aries is not very complicated for love issues. You could better wonder what they don’t like about you, and it could be that you don’t see yourself as romantic, that a very nervous person sees you, that you are lacking in character, who knows. Be that as it may, he will be doing you a favor if he happens and does not play absent-mindedly. It is a blessing to find people like Aries who do not play cat and mouse. With Aries, there are never doubts, which you will appreciate. Also, try not to create misunderstandings, because if something angers him, it is to define himself and speak clearly and that you only listen to what interests you. Don’t let it turn on and send you out for grapes. And then your friendship or whatever you had ended.


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A Taurus He does not like easy things, so if he sees you too much, besides that you will end up annoying and irritating him, it will be worse for you. With Taurus, it is better to be close but respects their space and their peculiar way of being because it takes time to be seduced. This means that as long as he does not tell you directly, do not think about the NO, do not think that he only wants you as a friend. There is always the possibility that you are taking your time. Of course, on the slightest occasion that you see your interest, do not waste it. Taurus does not like to move a tab and then play the interesting one. Because you still take two steps back, look into infinity, and perhaps you have lost the opportunity of your life. If you want to approach it as a game, do it, but do not forget that Taurus is not frivolous, nor does he play to waste time. So yeah, make it hard for him.


With Gemini, if you want something more than their friendship, you will have to play in a double sense, which is how they play. Let’s see, Geminis come and go many times a day, change their minds at times, and where I said I say, I say Diego. So first of all, don’t trust if one day he makes it clear that he doesn’t want more and three days later he looks for you like a thirsty man looks for water in the desert. Perhaps, it would be best if you talked to them. And let him tell you. If not, it may make you very dizzy, and how good your intentions seemed to him one day, then he thought better of it and did not visualize himself with you; And then, after saying no to you, he imagined you on a fun date, and he wanted more. And then he waited for you to look for him, and he let himself be loved, and he got cold again, etc. Ask for clarity; at least that way, you know where to start. Much will depend on what you want. With Gemini, you will not get bored, but if you want someone very committed, serious and with whom to plan the wedding at five months, you better forget it.


Cancer is happy as a couple. She quickly gets excited, makes plans, and almost starts organizing the wedding. Well, this may be an exaggeration, but keep that in mind because since Cancer does not visualize you being that perfect boyfriend or girlfriend, you have nothing to do. His vision is long-term, the roles are for him if there is nothing better, but it is for the future when he looks. In your favor, Cancer shows a lot when he wants to and when he does not want to. So if you don’t see those signs that the other person is receptive, maybe they aren’t. He thinks if he has not been able to see in you that type of person he likes so much: someone very affectionate, who understands him, someone sensitive, but with character. And Cancer, no matter how much he wants a partner, does not embark on an adventure if he does not have a minimum certainty that something is going to work. Don’t be discouraged either. If he wants you around, even if it’s friendship, take advantage of it. You can go up a step, making your place and showing things, and who knows. Hope is the last thing you lose.


Leo is demanding to have a partner. With Leo, the first thing you have to do if you are his friend and you want something else is not to confuse yourself with something very important: make it a very significant sign of a couple, because the truth is that he likes to have her and share everything, it does not mean that it is little demanding or desperate to have it. Wanting a partner in Leo does not mean loving her at all costs. Leo wants quality, and if you don’t meet their requirements, then we’ve come this far. There is nothing else to talk about. It is clear to him. Nor is it that you have to stop being you to like him. You can try to get to know him more, know what he likes and win him over. Leo is receptive to conquest and rarely says NO outright. If he does not want anything, you will notice something, but he will not tell you openly. He likes to seduce and flirt, and he likes always to have his audience and admirers. So as long as I don’t say NO, give it a try. Leo values people of character who fight for what they want. Show him.


With Virgo, You will have it very easy to know if he only wants your friendship. Well, more or less, because it is not that at the slightest hint on your part,, I say “go ahead” or “go.” But there is something important that you should know: Virgo likes things clear, simple, and practical. They do not like guessing or reading between the lines. And he will give you the same thing he asks for: clarity of intentions, that you are clear because Virgo will be too. So note that the number one reason Virgo only wants to be your friend is that you are not being very sincere. And the worst thing is that when he notices your ambiguity, he will get dizzy, and he will think that if you are like this now, then maybe you will get worse! With Virgo, you have to define yourself very well, because if he does not, he will start to eat his head and imagine WHAT YOU ARE NOT SAYING, which will be worse for you. You should also worry about knowing where he is in his life. For example, if you haven’t forgotten an ex, you may not be very receptive. Well then, let him know that you can wait as long as it takes. He will like to know.


With Libra, if you don’t already know, there is something she loves to savor in all her relationships: romance. So, if you are not a romantic person or you are not going to try to be for anything in the world, you better go from Libra. And also, there you will have the first reason why he just wants to be your friend. The second reason, because with Libra,, there is always a little bit of everything, is that if he sees you as a friend,, he has already decided that he does not want anything else. Libra may not always know what they want, they may be very indecisive, but they DO know what they do not want, if not 100%, it is something that they tend to have clearer. But beware, being friends with Libra is a bargain because they have conversation, social life, and company is very stimulating. Just being just a friend already reports a lot to you, do not get frustrated and enjoy what it offers you because you’re going to have a great time with him. And also, he will always support you without asking you for anything in return. And also who knows.


With Scorpio It is very easy to know why he does not want anything serious with you, why he only wants to be your friend: BECAUSE of YES. So he has decided and does not like explaining each of his decisions. And of course, he will have his reasons, but, do not force him to explain himself, he hates it. Try to find out by other means than forcing him to demonstrate. He just wants to be your friend because he is still very sad from a previous breakup. Scorpio in a relationship is pure intensity and dedication, and when their relationships end, they take it especially badly for a while. If he has fallen in love, he suffers, even if he / she has made the decision to break up. Another reason is that he is afraid of commitment and more with someone with whom an approach can complicate the mutual friendship. Nor do you trust a game he likes a lot, which is fooling around with someone close to you, even knowing that you want to be by his side. It is his way of driving, of playing, although he does not intend to hurt. Just playing, INNOCENTLY.


With Sagittarius, it is very easy to know the reason why he only wants to be your friend: because he likes to be alone more than anything in the world, or rather, more than being alone, he likes to move at his own pace, he likes to be free. And consequently, he only engages in relationships when his feelings are very clear. If not, impossible. The good thing about Sagittarius is that you can enjoy a lot together, making plans, traveling, going out there, and even having sex from friendship from friendship. But if you want something more but not Sagittarius, there is nothing to do. He has character and is domineering by nature, so it will be difficult to change his mind. In any case, if by being by his side you show him that you are also free and that you do not like ties, he may look at you with different eyes. You never know. It’s the wonder of life.


Capricorn goes through life with great confidence, he is very clear about his objectives, and you will seldom see him deviate from the path that he has marked out. The truth is that to try to conquer him, put on good armor and take your best weapons because it will not be easy. If you’ve tried but haven’t gotten a date, you’ve got it screwed. And the reason why Capricorn only wants to be your friend is very clear: that you have the same interests, attitude and way of life as they. For this sign, not being very equal is synonymous with failure, and this is how he sees it. If you are not one of those, who see work as a priority in life, if you are not one of those who believe that leisure is secondary. And if you are not one of those who believe that family life is above social life and groups of friends, you have nothing to do with Capricorn. And there you are right: if all that is not for you, it is that you are not for Capricorn. So, why try any kind of relationship if later you will not see life the same way? And you won’t be able to do anything except change, will you?


With Aquarius, you will have one thing for and another against to conquer him. If you are friends, you have a good chance that he might consider you something else. Because if you are friends, you understand him, you like his way of being, and you also love freedom and hate rules. If you are a friend of Aquarius, it means that he appreciates you because he finds an echo in you. And he knows that even if you don’t think the same, you are capable of respecting him and understanding his way of being. You will then be in a perfect position to be more than just friends. The reason against, and why Aquarius only wants to be your friend, perhaps is that this sign does not make it easy to be intimate, be seduced, and open up to love dates and relationships. Because Aquarius is very resistant to commitment, he likes relationships without a name, those that flow without having to put a name or limits or force them or anything like that. In addition, Aquarius goes through a lot of everything, he likes to go to his ball and everything that for others is very important, to this sign they seem like things of the flock. And he hates that. It is better to secure your position near them and let everything flow. If fate wants it, it will unite you.


With Pisces, it will be difficult for you to know why they only want you as a friend. That he is very loving and likes the couple role a lot does not mean that he is thrown with anyone. Pisces needs to feel that there is a lot of connection to betting on someone, and one of those people could be you. But don’t lose hope. If any of your progress has not stopped your feet flatly, you may have a chance. When Pisces says NO, it is that it is NO, if it has not told you clearly, breathe and keep trying. He likes to move more flowingly, yes, yes, yes no, yes, I don’t know. Deep down, he’s a romantic who likes to play love, but that will be in your favor because you will have a better chance of getting closer. Pisces is one of those who let themselves be loved, but he will boycott the relationship every little bit if he is not convinced. If you are friends,