Why have the zodiac signs been single for longer than they would like?

Why have the zodiac signs been single for longer than they would like?

This year the Sun will enter Aquarius on January 19. The Aquarian energy will awaken exceptional creativity that we can use in all facets of our lives. If you are involved in a project, it will help you be more original. If you don’t know what to do with a relationship, you can find a new way of looking at it and find another way. And if you are overwhelmed by a particular aspect of your life, it is time to do something crazy. You may see yourself as the Joker coming down the stairs while dancing, but you will make everyone fall in love with your new ideas if you let yourself go. You feel and enjoy doing things differently. The time has come to be free. This is how the Aquarian season will affect each sign.

Aquarius will be unexpected, surprising, full of technology and new ideas, so don’t panic and open your mind. It is also a training of the new era in which we enter. The future is Aquarius!


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Aquarius air will oxygenate your fire. Aries. Try to use it to your advantage. You are not a person who gets stuck in nothing. You pull forward, no matter that something breaks along the way. Now you have the opportunity to find new paths, let yourself be carried away by this Aquarian energy, and be more original than ever. Have a little fun imagining crazy things. If you are in a relationship, it is time to dare to do new things, play it. And if you haven’t found anyone yet, maybe it’s time to look in different places. And get busy with social networks because people want to know about you. It is time to say what you think about some topics.


This season will allow you to dream Taurus, and that is what you need to know what you want in your future. You will find yourself asking yourself things that you had very sure, but it is necessary because you have to rebel with some ideas that are not yours and you still do not know. If you are in a relationship, breathe the air of Aquarius and think if it is worth it because you have changed a lot, Taurus, and you will not waste any more time with people who only give you problems. The other person has to be there to contribute, not to be a burden.

Don’t be angry about things that you know won’t change. Please find a new way to face them and above all, try to have fun and lean on your true friends.


Gemini, your life has been a whirlwind lately, but you know how to move to the worst storms. Aquarius is air, just like you, and it will awaken your best creative side. Maybe it is too challenging to capture everything you feel in these moments but do not worry. You try to live every moment that all this will bear fruit later. And have fun, for example, no matter what anyone thinks. Do you want to upload stories saying everything you think? Well, maybe it’s about time because you have a lot to say.

You will be able to connect with your funniest side, take advantage and make plans with the person you like or the one you already have by your side. Feel alive, Gemini, because this season will help you get on track, enjoy the madness.


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This Aquarius season will help you get out of your house a little, Cancer, from the known. And that, even if it costs you a bit, is very good. You have to breathe out to be yourself again because the end of the year has not been as you would have liked. You have missed people, and even if you say that you are happy with your closest family next door, we know that other people worry you. Aquarius brings you the opportunity to talk with that person you think so much about. Although the conversation may not be the way you imagine, you let yourself go, heed your intuition no matter how crazy it may seem to you.

Get things out of your head that you can’t control right now, make room for new ideas to come in, which will help fix what worries you.


This season you are going to start acting in a very instinctive way as if you let your lion loose after having pulled his whiskers. Breathe a little, Leo. You are getting a taste for rebellion, which is very good, but you also have to listen to those around you. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, but this is not the time to get into anything serious with anyone. You let yourself go and try to enjoy your freedoms. If you have a partner, a little space will do you good, time to learn something new.

At work, if you can, put on some music. Or, before studying a ten-minute dance in your room, it will help you focus better and release those tensions that will surface.


Virgo, we know that you tend to burden yourself with too much work. Do you know what this time in Aquarius is going to bring you? A look at technology, you can find an App that makes everything a little easier for you, there are specialized in all the areas you need. It is the season to investigate, to give a return to the routine, and to give a touch of your own and original to your environment.

In addition, you will give yourself the freedom to dream, and with your incredible ability to materialize things, it is your time to make some of those dreams come true.

Many things will move around you Virgo, you are going to have strange conversations with people that you do not expect, but let yourself go because you may discover that there is someone more interesting than you thought at first.


The energy of Aquarius will drive you crazy in a good Libra way; you will have ideas that will amaze even yourself but take care that it does not get out of hand. From time to time, it is good for you to go down a little to the ground, fulfill your responsibilities, and return to your world of madness when you have everything in order. And surely you start to feel different and a little isolated because few people will keep up with you, so focus on listening to others as well. Because you are never alone, you will always have someone close to support you. You need to look around you. If you succeed, you will see that this season will bring you hilarious moments with your friends and the occasional crazy love experience. Laugh at all, Libra. You don’t have to take anything too seriously. Let yourself flow as long as you don’t hurt anyone.


Aquarius season will bring you the ability to communicate a little better. You’re going to connect with people, and you won’t even know how you did it. Do not worry and let yourself go. Take advantage of these opportunities, Aquarius will help you connect with the rest of humanity, but you have to let it. But be careful because you are in danger of being possessed by your freest and loneliest side. From there, no one takes you out of Scorpio as you enter that. It is okay to dream but take it as a game, have fun, let the childishness you have inside you surprise you, and allow yourself to “play with other children.”


Sagi, it’s time to get going. You will find a new way to approach that which has not been out of your head for months. Have you ever considered changing your strategy? Well, it’s time. Aquarius has many ideas prepared for you. It will help you a lot. You are fun and creative, now this will be seen by many more people, and it will make you grow. You will be able to share it, and this will help you with the opportunities you need right now.

Be careful with the madness that Sagi comes to you. We already know that it can get out of hand. It’s great to have fun but don’t forget to keep your feet on the ground. It can be difficult if you don’t consider others and lose sight of your goals.


The time has come to clear up Capri, wash your face and start strong after your season. You have learned and had good times in your salsa, but now it’s time to change a little to keep going with more force than ever. Take a little risk Capri, it’s time to change some things that have become obsolete, so remove all the prejudices you have and look for different paths you would never have thought of. To begin with, it would be good for you to meet new people, where? Where you have never considered. Stop going to the same places because you will only find the same there.

You never know who is looking for what you have. A friendship or something else is waiting for you out there if you let yourself be carried away by your intuition.

Allow yourself to go crazy, Capricorn. You will see how well it suits you.


It’s your Aquarius moment; life is with you, so play a lot, have fun, really do whatever you want and let yourself be carried away by your intuition. You are a visionary Aquarius who does not care about everything people say because you are above the most boring minds.

Take advantage and jump into that project you have been thinking about for a long time, improve it, give it your touch, and believe in it. Or surprise your crush with a plan that only you can come up with, and you know what? It is enough that you take him home to see some movies because being with you will already be unique and different.

You have had some bad times at the end of the year, but now everything has changed for the better. You have to allow yourself to be yourself with your maximum splendor. We are waiting for you to dazzle us.


You will enjoy a delightful season if you let yourself be carried away by your intuition. We know that there are always bad and stressful days, but in general, Aquarius will bring you many more moments of tranquility.

Relationships will improve a lot because you will be open to everyone. You will be able to connect with them effortlessly and in a fun and uncomplicated way. Feel free to be yourself; they will not be scared, show your best qualities, your creativity can draw the attention of that person you have been pending for a while.

And if you are overwhelmed by the situation of not being able to be with the people you love, try new ways of approaching them through technology. It is not always necessary to be physically to be close to someone.