Why is Aquarius the best friend that everyone needs?

Why is Aquarius the best friend that everyone needs?

Aquarius the best friend

Why is Aquarius the best friend everyone needs? For many and varied reasons, the truth. The sign of the water carrier is associated with business relationships, humanitarian work, and platonic friendships, so it is easy to think that its essence is contact with others, always focused from a generous and productive point of view of Aquarius towards the rest.

Aquarius loves freedom, he likes to go his own way, and as a friend, he will give you the space you want, and he will not impose his presence on you if you do not want it. With them, you will never feel out of obligation and afraid that they will get angry if you don’t. Not at all.

If you are wrong, call him because he is a hilarious person, and he is always eager to help his loved ones. So count on their listening to vent for as long as you want, and when you’ve relaxed, you’ll end up laughing in the end because Aquarius is so much fun. And since it tends to be optimism, it will encourage you to see everything that worried you with a better face.

As a close friend, you will benefit from your closeness, but it is just that it is just as affectionate with acquaintances and wherever it goes. Her social skills are fabulous, and that is why she always has invitations from all over the world, because in any meeting she gives a lot of play with her interesting conversation, with her anecdotes of all kinds and because of her way of being so uninhibited, at the same time, is highly appreciated.  Aquarius has a great eye for knowing how people behave because he observes, soaks up, then rationalizes experiences information, and takes time to get to know others. Above all, he has very deep-rooted those who work with rules, the hypocrites, and those who are against all those different from them. Aquarius is the rebel of the Zodiac and an easy target for mediocre people who criticize him for being so authentic. Deep down, they give him more strength to be what he is, not to be a herd, like all of them.

Being a friend of a friend of Aquarius is a pleasure. He always captivates you with his mind full of information, a mind that stands out for being very open, so whatever you tell him, he will understand you and will not judge you. But it is that when you ask him for advice, he will be that friend who helps you accept the changes in your life if that is what worries you. Or, if you are very discouraged, he will have a lot of motivational words for you. And that always has a lot of information about everything and could negatively contaminate you, but it will not.

On the contrary, he will be patient and loving. He will tell you that everything is fine, that you cheer up and that you will see how everything is solved and that soon you will be better. Just hearing that positivity already helps you.

The sign of Aquarius is Uranus, the rebellious planet. And he is responsible for this sign being an expert in breaking the rules, defying tradition, and always looking forward. His advice is always to support changes to move forward in life, grow in the face of adversity, and foster optimism thanks to the courage always to look ahead. Thus, if you are his friend, and if it is difficult for you to do something groundbreaking, Aquarius will encourage you to let yourself go while you wait to have the courage to accept that change. He will never advise you to fight mindlessly or without knowing what you are fighting against. And it will tell you that if you do not control something, do not resist but flow, that you enjoy what you do control, and that you change when you are clear about it. This is how Aquarius moves through life, with intelligence,

When you have discussions with them, Aquarius will find a way to settle your differences. He can get stubborn at times, as a fixed sign that he is, but his mind is not closed, and he will always be open to dialogue to solve the problems you have. He also has the virtue that he does not get angry quickly, and that temperate attitude allows him to speak and negotiate calmly and rationally.

When you are together, you will love his conversation. You will learn by listening to him. His mind is deep and open to learning, the knowledge that he will transmit to you if you are interested. But it is that at the same time, Aquarius will listen to you and will learn from you, and it will make you feel very good to see that you can also contribute something despite how trained and informed he is always. And when you see him ask you about everything or things that nobody has ever asked you, you will die of pleasure for having such a friend. You will feel heard when you speak, something that with other self-centered people is more complicated. And you will notice how their questions are intelligent and make you think. As if after talking to Aquarius, you learned a little more about yourself. In addition to the psychological good that makes you see someone so interested and concerned about your life.

As a friend, Aquarius will be that person who sees the best of you, who supports you to bring out your virtues, and who does not criticize your defects. He has a knack for encouraging you to be yourself, for you to go after what you want, and for you to learn to know yourself better. You will get addicted to their advice, but because they are good, they are honest, they are personalized for you, they are based on what Aquarius sees in you, not on norms, nor stereotypes, nor on telling you what you should do because that is what he does. It is objective, but it infuses its comments with the affection it feels for you and wants to help you.

Aquarius is fascinated by the world, the universe, cultures different from his own. At his side, you will feel proud of his know-how, of his permanent desire to talk and learn, of his openness to any subject, no matter how unconventional, of his vision of life so original, different, and attractive. And you want to look a bit like them. Being his friend helps you want to learn from the world and be someone so free from archaic rules and ties, so authentic.

With Aquarius, you will have your moments when it is more difficult for you to understand him, or when you think that so much rebellion exhausts. Still, Aquarius will always respect you for what you believe (the same respect that he demands himself). If you are interested in a topic, it will help you open your mind. It will always encourage you to think for yourself. It will not impose itself on you, nor will it impose its way of thinking. The best thing about this sign is that it believes that everyone should think as they want, and that nothing and no one in the world should prevent that personal freedom of each one, that freedom to think what one wants and do what one wants. To those who go against this idea of his, he sends them very far, but without disheveled, passes, and that’s it. There each one.

With Aquarius, if you feel criticized by other people at any time, you will not find a better ally to encourage you, defend yourself, support you, or whatever it takes. Aquarius is anti norms, and if you are like that, count on them to support you in doing whatever you want. And he will congratulate you on every step you take, whether it is against family traditions, against stereotypes of a partner, against abusive bosses, or toxic friends.

Although many of these things you already know, surely you are discovering new ones about your good Aquarius friend. For example, the one who is always there for you when you need it, willing to talk to you about what you want or need, without laziness or excuses. Or how comfortable you feel being able to tell him anything because you never notice that he is judging you or that he will give you the talk. You never have doubts about his friendship. You know what he thinks of you because he tells you so, and you know what he values you because he shows it to you. And if he doesn’t like something about you, he tells you so too.

But best of all is how proud you are to be his friend, and how loved you feel because of the way he is by your side and how he protects you when you are bad, or someone goes against you. It is always there when you need it. And the best thing is that you are willing to give back everything he gives you because he gives you a lot, and you want to thank him and never fail him.