Why will you love an Aquarius woman?

Why will you love an Aquarius woman?

love an Aquarius woman

The Aquarius woman is wild chaotic, they have a free soul, and even if she gives you her love, she will not always let you stay for long. It can dazzle you and make you fall in love but then also disappear from your life when you least expect it. And then it will return perhaps, resurfacing again with new dreams and emotions and full of ideas. Aquarius is like that, unpredictable, and agitates and “messes up” in some way the feelings and emotions of others. Why will you love the Aquarius woman?

Although he does what he feels, he does not always say. Some things are better to save for what may happen. For that reason, in reality, it is not possible to tell it openly when there is still not enough confidence. The Aquarius woman will always be kind to you, and you will not be able to suppress that desire for her. The freer she is, the more attraction you feel for her, the more you want to “keep” her close to you. But that will be mission impossible because she will stay if she wants, perhaps not indefinitely.

The Aquarius woman values freedom above all else and may choose to shine alone because she doesn’t need to walk near anyone to do so. He is independent, self-sufficient, and on many occasions, self-taught. But he can also choose you, and maybe he wants to spend that life with you and walk by your side even though he always keeps that self-determination within his soul.

And you love his spirit, his smile, his way of doing things, and even his dark side. There is something that attracts you very much, which is irrepressible.

The Aquarius woman will never go down the main road like everyone else. She will take those secondary roads and those detours in life. When everyone says yes, she will say no. When others tell her to be realistic, she will dive further into the depths of her imagination and her drawn dreams. It may be sensitive but also a block of ice. With the Aquarius woman, you learn to expect the unexpected.

If, in the end, he lets you into his life and shares his heart with you, he will also warn you from minute one. Do not try to change her because she clings to her identity as part of everything. She is proud of what she is and fiercely defends what she wants and her way of acting and being. And nothing and no one will stop it. It is clear to him, and he makes it clear.

Do not try to mold her soul to your liking. She does not want you to discover her and believe that that is why you can stay with her love forever because his passion belongs to the world. And herself. He can lend you his heart but remember that it will always be his. He’s only letting you have it for a while.