Zodiac Compatibility: Scorpio Man Obsessed With Cancer Woman

Zodiac Compatibility: Scorpio Man Obsessed With Cancer Woman

The horoscope gives the Cancer-Scorpio bond good love compatibility. Sexually they are very compatible, but they tend to fall short in some aspects. The attraction is mutual and very strong; they understand each other easily and admire each other. It produces a relationship that quickly grows and takes hold, but in time something ends up failing.

Usually, she, from Cancer, idealizes her love, and then her idealization collides with reality. It can lead to the relationship ending in due course of time. Since he is very passionate and romantic, and sensitive, they get along very well in their sexual life.

Importance of Obsession and Compatibility Between a Cancer Woman and a Scorpio Man

It will be fascinating to see what happens when two water signs meet and fall in love. Will they easily navigate the river stream of love, or will there be a massive downpour? There is a magnetic attraction between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man. The yearning and compatibility in your marriage are so strong that your love can stand the test of time. Cancer and Scorpio signs have a similar way of expressing their feelings and are sexually very successful together.

Cancer Women in General

A Cancer woman has innate maternal instincts and wants to care for and love her loved one. If the attraction between her and the Scorpio man is strong enough, and if he allows the Cancer woman to feed and care for him and give her a warm shoulder to lean on, the Cancer woman will dedicate her entire life to him.

More importantly, if a Cancer woman is truly in love with a Scorpio man, he can never make any mistakes. Cancer as a sun sign is vulnerable and most often infantile. She has cyclical moods.

One moment she is ready to part, and the next, she wants her man sexually. So the Cancer woman needs a man who can handle her fluctuating emotions, like the changing weather. He has also to make sure to take care of her for life to ensure that she feels comfortable. When she feels comfortable, she will express her love, care, nurture, and support back to her loved one.

A Cancer Woman in Love

Attraction is not just the compatibility criteria between a Cancer girl and her man. The Cancer woman has a lot of respect for herself. Humiliating a Cancer woman will break her heart. Of course, if the Cancer woman is in love with you, she may not break up, but even then, the Cancer woman will never be the same with you again.

The Cancer woman is affectionate, sensual, understanding, sweetly seductive, imaginative, loyal, protective, and intuitive when in love. But one thing is very common among all Cancer women. They are very cautious and, therefore, never in a hurry to commit to anyone they love.

However, once Cancer women are committed, they will dedicate themselves to that person forever. Another interesting thing about a Cancer woman is that she will never make her feelings obvious. Rather, the Cancer women will leave certain subtle clues in their behavior and keep the invitation open for Scorpio men to read.

Scorpio Man in General

The heart of a Scorpio man is full of mystery and passion. It is impossible to understand a Scorpio. When you look into his eyes, you will find a dark tunnel with a deep light at the other end.

Only a woman in love with a Scorpio man who has a fierce attraction for him can have a clear understanding of this depth. More often, even the Scorpio man cannot understand the depth of his intense feelings and passion.

All men under the sign of Scorpio have one thing in common: they act on instinct. When he is sexually attracted, he becomes vulnerable. A Scorpio man is unable to understand at the moment why he feels angry or why he has a great attraction for the opposite sex. A Scorpio man does not like a breakup, and such incidents are rare in his life.

Scorpio Man in Love

A Scorpio man is an extremist and invincible person who shows a stable and calm surface. However, the Scorpio man has lava of passion, love, ambition, and sexual attraction.

When you hear a Scorpio man speak in a soft voice, chances are he is already planning some subtle strategies to improve his personal and professional life. It is because a Scorpio man loves living in luxury surrounded by all the comforts of life. The Scorpio man experiences jealousy, but he is passionate and full of fun.

The Love Compatibility Between the Scorpio Man and the Cancer Woman

A Scorpio man can soar to great heights of success and ecstasy. But if he fails, the Scorpio male will sink completely into depression. When in love with a Cancer woman, in addition to being sexually attracted to his woman, the Scorpio male also expects the attraction to be mutual such that it provides him with emotional support and inspiring strength.

When in love with a Cancer woman, the Scorpio man will be a passionate lover who knows all the tricks of eroticism and romance. Although the Scorpio man is a great lover, he is also jealous and has a suspicious nature. So when all is well, and the attraction is strong, the marriage of a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man can never go wrong. During those times, the compatibility is just too wonderful.

However, the chances of a breakup between Cancer and Scorpio appear when the Scorpio becomes jealous and shows his possessive and sometimes obsessive side. Since the Scorpio man is very passionate about his Cancer woman, he will always follow his love wherever she goes, especially if he is suspicious of her behavior. Although a Cancer woman has a delicate personality, she can be a strength to someone she is in love with.

A Cancer woman is patient and highly flexible. She stands out like a rock behind her man, even in difficult situations, rather than taking the route of a marriage breakdown. A Cancer girl’s good sense of humor, kindness, and sweetness make her aura appealing to a Scorpio man who is always looking for a girl with a passion that matches his inner flame.

A Scorpio Man Always Finds a Cancer Woman Interesting

A Scorpio male always finds a Cancer woman attractive. He is drawn to the intuition of a Cancer woman and her caring and loving nature. Both Cancer and Scorpio share the same water elemental sign, and therefore, they have the same kind and intensity of attraction. Their understanding and compatibility are quite high.

Both the Cancer woman and the Scorpio man are sexually attracted and aroused towards each other. The Scorpio male and the Cancer female know each other’s feelings very well. They are both temperamental and understand each other on an instinctual level.

Cancer Woman Sexual Compatibility With the Scorpio Man

The relationship between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man will be intense both inside and outside the room. The attraction is deep, and therefore their romance can become quite suffocating. The Cancer woman likes to do things a little more traditionally and less passionately or brutishly.

However, sexually, the Cancer woman is strongly attracted to the Scorpio and will generally give in to their demands for intense romance. The only major inconvenience that can lead to the breakdown of the marriage between the Cancer woman and the Scorpio man is when she becomes jealous or stops watching over her husband. Even though the Scorpio man is faithful and will never deviate when happy in marriage, he is very possessive. But he doesn’t like his Cancer wife showing her possessive instincts.

A natural Coincidence

The intuition of a Cancer woman is something that attracts a Scorpio man. They are also drawn to her caring and loving nature. Cancer women find a Scorpio man attractive because of his emotions and intensity. When a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man meet, they feel that they have finally found someone who will listen and understand them. They are both moody people, and they know what it feels like to have strong emotions. So they know how to get on the instinctual level of the other.

It seems that their compatibility can get them off to a great start. They are both interested in having a nice and long-lasting relationship. However, a Cancer woman may not know the level of drama she will face when in a relationship with a Scorpio man.

This relationship can break her heart or hurt her deeply because Scorpio men can be spiteful when their relationship falls apart. A Scorpio man likes a Cancer woman because she can bring both of them back to light by dragging them out of the depths of darkness. That is why they do everything possible not to hurt her or become a cause of pain for her.

A Fight For Domination

A relationship between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man will be intense. They are both very sexually compatible. They can have a steamy romance. However, the Cancer woman prefers the more traditional romance than a passionate one. In talking about her everyday life, the Cancer woman will soon find it difficult to trust a Scorpio man in the way she wants.

This is because whether or not cooperating ultimately depends on the Scorpio man’s state of mind. Sometimes can find him, his state of mind, and actions arising from that state of mind to be deliberately intentional and childish in behavior.

On the other hand, the Scorpio man does not like to be dominated by what the Cancer woman wants to put on him. But he is faithful and does not like to get lost. Although he is partially possessive, just like his girlfriend, he does not like possessiveness at all.

By nature, the Scorpio man will distribute the medicine that he does not want to take. This is the reason why their relationship soon turns into a struggle for dominance. They may be a perfect match, but nothing can be considered truly perfect in this world. They have many similarities, they understand each other, but they also have a lot of differences. It can cause conflict in their relationship.

However, they are very compatible with love and marriage despite their differences and fights for dominance. They can have a nice life together.

What is the Best Aspect of the Love Relationship Between Cancer and Scorpio?

The best aspect of the love relationship between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man is that they can be a powerful and impressive team if their goals and motives are similar. Cancer women realize that their Scorpio lover is there for them and their relationship is emotionally productive. So love can and will flourish in all aspects between these two signs.

How to Improve The Relationship

The Cancer-Scorpio bond has relatively good compatibility, but they must constantly strengthen this relationship to sustain it over time. When problems arise, there is something that never fails in this bond: sex. This characteristic usually unites the couple, at least at the beginning of the relationship.

Finding characteristics that keep them united in the long run is critical because the relationship could end suddenly, as quickly as it started. It is important that, after sex, they build something more in common. Otherwise, it will only remain as physical pleasure and not a deeper bonding experience. If it remains as an act of sheer physical pleasure, the couple will not progress.

The Cancerian women are very attracted to their Scorpio men. It is one of those couples that build up little by little. Therefore, small details are very important when building their relationship. This is how they will advance.

One problem that may arise is that she saw her man almost perfect. Over time she may become a little disappointed, but she must understand that there is no perfect man out there, and people have defects; she has them too.

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility Reviews

scorpio man cancer woman

Susan Risare

The best combination of all! Very deep understanding. We have been together for only two years, but I believe it is our destiny to be together. It’s very difficult for Cancerian women to trust a person immediately, but with a Scorpio man, everything is completely different. Oooh, he is very passionate and sexy, literally radiates an aura of seduction. I have never been so well with any man before as I have been with a Scorpio.

Sandra Bornto

I have been married to a Scorpio man for 50 years. This is a union made in heaven. Our love is strong and true. It is a relationship in which we understand each other merely by a glance. We feel each other. I admire his passion, love, and understanding.


For the past seven years, I have loved a scorpion man. I haven’t received anything in return. He is cold as a snake!

Tatyana Smith

I’m a Cancerian. My name is Tatyana. I’m 54 years old; he’s 69. we have been together for nine months. I didn’t think that there ever would be a man in the world who would suit me so perfectly. He worships me, and I adore him. And the kind of sex we both have ...!

I adore my Scorpio, and in bed, he is class! Yes, he’s domineering, I’m touchy, but we are still drawn to each other. The coldness in a Scorpio is a normal trait but not a permanent one.

Lenda Coine

I lived with a Scorpio for 22 years. There were many bad things, and when it began to improve, he found another woman. Now he torments me and does not go to her. He’s exhausted me with his silence.

Cynthia West Graham

My ex and current husband are both Scorpios. Even their birthdays are on the same day. I admire these men!!! But there is one BUT…. very jealous.


Scorpios and cancers have a lot in common, and their differences are complementary. They share an emotional intensity that helps form their bond. Also, they both like privacy, are loyal and are intuitive. Because they are both intuitive, sex is good. They can both say what the other person wants. Oh yeah!

Cancer women help alleviate her Scorpio man’s insecurities. Cancer is governed by emotion, which is good for Scorpio, who has strong emotions but does not want to express them. Also, Cancerians are more flexible, which works well since Scorpios don’t like to compromise.