Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card Meaning: Love, Reversed, and More
  • Tarot Card: Ace of Cups
  • Planet: Moon
  • Catchphrases: Feeling, Intimacy, Love
  • Affirmation: I open my heart for joy.


The Ace of Cups is the primary card from the Suit of Cups and the center and wellspring of all its passionate, watery energies. It addresses the dynamic establishment, where we feel adored, our nearest connections, most profound vibes that are still somewhat youthful and spilling over. It is a feeling of home in a manner that permits full help for any undertaking and represents our profound, passionate obligation to any issue or relationship that is being deciphered. Our entire existence concerned assets have been placed into one spot to operate from, our expectations are high, and we are prepared to get our gifts. It is a highly otherworldly card, as it communicates straightforwardly with the cravings and requirements of our Soul, and it ought to be a unique sign that a few decisions ought to be followed at any expense. Moreover, it reminds us to be careful and savvy enough, for our compelling, passionate draw may drive us out of line when we are intended to consistently give an accurate translation to every one of our sentiments that comes on the way.


In Tarot perusing, the Ace of Cups implies happiness and inward harmony from loved ones. The five streams spilling out of the cup address the five detects sight, smell, hearing, taste, and contact.

The Rider-Waite style tarot decks portray a gliding hand arising out of a cloud and holding a goblet, looking like a Communion cup. A white pigeon, regularly connected with the Holy Spirit, slips with a Communion Host in its mouth. The floods of water spring up from the cup, giving it the picture of a baptismal text style.

As an image of probability in the space of profound sentiments, closeness, attunement, sympathy, and love, in divination, it shows that a seed of enthusiastic mindfulness has been planted in your life. However, you may not yet remember it. At the point when the seed sprouts, it could take practically any structure. It very well may be a fascination, overwhelming inclination, natural knowing, or thoughtful response. Outwardly, it very well may be an offer, blessing, opportunity, experience, or synchronistic occasion.


The connotation for the start of another romantic tale, amazing feelings prepared to bring new innovative cycles, motivation, or even life into the world, the Ace of Cups is simply the card of adoration and love to be found in an affection perusing. It shows the solidarity of feeling, love, and closeness, just as natural and credulous enthusiastic propensities may be somewhat crude and unprotected by safeguarding components we regularly use. With enough trust and delicacy for another, it might turn into the center of something staggeringly rich with feeling, empathy, and backing.


At the point when the Ace of Cups discovers its way into a lifelong perusing, it either implies that we are propelled to work for another reason and love what we do, or that we are diverted by private matters and unfit to focus on dependable assignments we are intended to do. There is relatively little chance to bargain with this card in a perusing, for an extraordinary calling should be followed. If we feel the solid draw to explore new territory in our expert world, this is a positive sign to follow the calling as our most suitable need to bring us down our Soul’s excursion.


The wellspring of healing energies of the Water component, the Ace of Cups, is an encouraging card for wellbeing perusing of any sort. It advises us that our body will be solid if we sustain our enthusiastic world and no issue inside our physiology is unsolvable with the correct methods. It might likewise call attention to psychosomatic problems that will, in general, be settled when we begin to look all starry-eyed at or discover the wellspring of motivation throughout everyday life. Whatever the case, it is imperative to recollect that we can recover ourselves with enough love and devotion to the passionate world and blockages found inside it.


With the Ace of Cups in its turned-around position, you need to inquire as to whether you have pushed powerful feelings away from view, making an effort not to manage them. It might show our propensity to cover the inclination that takes care of us and discusses we should be distant from everyone else and in contact with our passionate center, rather than demonstrate our “strength of character” by overlooking our most genuine cravings. It requires burrowing for reality inside instead of speaking with others and may show the absence of contact or the dread of closeness preventing us from settling on the correct decision.


Past - Ace of Cups is found in the past when we need to arrive at the center of the intense subject matter to check whether we got tied, killed our guard instruments, or decided to get inaccessible and disconnected on the way when we ought to have remained in contact. This card requires enthusiastic transparency. It will highlight the past when we should look for the center of the issue instead of thinking of everything that has been raised up on its base since the first emotional push we felt.

Present: Joyous and profoundly loaded up with enthusiastic potential, it is the card to show in the current when we have the receptiveness to interface and mend. It declares another period of life when another psychological condition has recently been born when carrying a kid into the world. We have new undertakings to focus on our Soul’s excursion. It talks about comfortable feelings and the sensation of home. It advises us to invest energy in adoring, warm, and steady environmental factors to re-energize our batteries and follow the calling of our heart.

Future: A confident card to be found in the perusing for our future, it shows us that all that we are doing today is purging and opening entryways for new, extraordinary, adoring encounters. It has no conditions to set, for this is the virtue of the Soul that will sit tight for us toward the finish of any excursion. Likewise, it characterizes our means and brings back confidence into our reality on the off chance that we have lost it, as we are heading towards the most perfect of aims and feelings regardless of whether we can’t see the result at this time.