Princess (Page) Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Princess (Page) of Wands

Planet: Mercury

keywords: Potential, Inexperienced, Independent

Affirmation: I can.


The Princess of Wands (also known as the Page of Wands) is the fiery energy of the Suit of Wands seeking manifestation, with a childlike voice. It is the first creative impulse on earthly planes that is still inexperienced and fresh, new, distinct from all other forms of speech, and passionate about living in the moment. This card can be interpreted in various ways, from outbursts of untamed rage as the inner Fire becomes apparent to all too quiet reflection and collecting knowledge on the following steps to take. We must ask all the right questions to see the individual in front of us as realistically as possible with such a wide variety of interpretation choices. As a child who has just discovered a perfect idea and discovered their creativity, now going through the process of sharing it passionately with the world, bumping into frustrations or help, depending on the environment, the energies here are fresh and seen. It’s time for a mature, steady, and responsible approach, but one that’s free of restraint and as authentic and real as possible. Performance comes with the help of Nature, if not individuals, from such pure idealism.

A young man holds a long staff in both hands and looks inquisitively at the green leaves sprouting from the top in the Page of Wands. Salamanders, a legendary creature synonymous with Fire and transformation, are emblazoned on his tunic. The Page remains motionless. His staff is firmly planted on the ground, implying that he has yet to act on that inspiration, although he is excited by the sprouting staff’s potential for development.

The barren and mountainous landscape in the background suggests that this Page can find development and promise in the most unexpected areas.


The Princess of Wands comes with a price tag of individuality, which could strain love relationships, especially long-term ones, where one could feel compelled to break free to feel like themselves again. She’s passionate and a little asexual, always discovering her true strengths and calling, and eager to try new things and broaden the horizons of all parties involved. In the best-case scenario, this card will herald a new relationship requiring a great deal of independence, as well as a strong partnership, in which both parties can give up their conviction that they can only be accessible while alone. It’s a card of encouragement for each other’s inner child as it seeks to express itself honestly in the material world and the realm of physical pleasures.


The Princess of Wands appears in a career reading when a person needs to follow their passions without sacrificing their values, and it speaks of our ability to ground and carry our ideas to life. It gives life to new projects, approaches that no one else has considered, and opens doors that we have never felt before. On the other hand, it demonstrates dissatisfaction in the wrong workplace or in any environment where we’ve been led astray by choices made without our consent. The pursuit of prestige, leadership roles, or achievement has no practical value here, as the inner child yearns to be released into the real world.


This card, a little mischievous but unyielding, carries in the healing energy of the element of Fire, as well as a high fever. It speaks of cleansing processes that are true to our hearts and are experienced rather than talked about. Grounding, movement, a routine that helps us keep in contact with our energy, and something spicy or hot to eat every day as an antiseptic and metabolism booster are all needed by the Princess of Wands. No matter how much rage or frustration we have, we should let it out as a healing force that has taken a long time to leave our bodies.


When the Princess of Wands is inverted, it suggests taking a spiritual or solitary direction. It usually represents the degree of maturity we need to reach before achieving big goals based on plans we’ve already made. It teaches us that we must slow down, collect information thoroughly, and be accountable to ourselves enough to consider any sacrifice or price charged for a vital cause.


Past - With the Princess of Wands waving to us from the past, we can see how we put forward childlike attempts to manifest such objects. This will certainly put things into perspective for us today. We need to look back at what we’ve done so far, at the first instinct we followed and the direction we took to get here so that genuine pride and self-worth will emerge. On the other hand, it may indicate that we wanted something different but gave in to discontent and a lack of encouragement from our surroundings and that we need to be reminded of the energies and true personal desires we possess.

Present - A card collection in the present reveals an individualistic state of mind that is a little stubborn and uncompromising (as it should be in our healthiest expression of Self) but still inexperienced in relating to and revealing itself to the rest of the world. There is a lack of harmony in the energies here as if the feminine is too active and boyish, and the boyish has not yet matured enough to be responsible and relaxed with others. Rather than giving in to the cause’s restrictions only because their actions may be judged, an individual requires more defense and the freedom to be childish and free.

Future - This card foreshadows a time when we’ll feel our inner authority spring into motion, indicating that we’ll soon be able to act and do what it takes to succeed. It teaches us that genuinely inspirational ideas lead us away from social affirmation and conformity to expectations that we don’t really need. It indicates the point of breaking where we are able to take care of our lives and make ourselves happy. It is a return to the inner child we are supposed to love and nurture unconditionally.