Page of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Page of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Page of wands
Category: Minor Arcana: Wands
Direct position: Young man, dancer, enthusiasm, courage
Reversed position: Overwork, despotism, boastfulness, insecurity

Page of Wands: General Meaning

Page of Wands: Tarot Card

Direct position

Most often, the Page of Wands is interpreted as a certain person (young, fair-haired and light-eyed), which will soon appear in the life of a fortuneteller. It can be both a girl and a boy. According to the sign of the Zodiac, this will be a representative of the fire element: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

The card can also mean receiving an interesting and profitable offer, such that it is simply a sin to refuse. It also means a certain mood, a state of mind: enthusiasm, enthusiasm, energy (everything that is characteristic of healthy youth).

The Page of Wands can also speak of the presence of curiosity, but constructive, leading to knowledge and personal growth. This may be evidence of the prospect of risk, but constructive, leading to a positive result and giving pleasure.

Reversed position

The inverted Page of Wands speaks of an excessive interest in risk, dubious enterprises. It can characterize a person who is inclined to draw for no reason, ambitious, boastful, self-confident, but inept and inexperienced.

Also, this card in an inverted position speaks of important news that came late, the inability to start acting immediately, to assess the significance and far-reaching results of one’s actions.

Arkan can talk about stubbornness, the desire to insist on one’s own contrary to common sense. This card also has a mocking meaning - it may indicate that the fortuneteller will find himself in a comic situation. Among other things, the lasso can talk about a tendency to unjustified risk, adventurism.

Page of Wands: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Direct position

In the sphere of feelings, the Page of Wands means a good start. It cannot be interpreted as an unequivocal success, this card is understood as a romantic attachment, effective flirting, a preliminary explanation. It is infatuation, but not love.

Sometimes the Page of Wands can say that the relationship has good prospects, that they are built on a genuine feeling and are devoid of understatement. This card also suggests that in this situation you can not be afraid of cunning, self-interest on the part of a partner, his attempts to use a person “blindly”.

Often the Page of Wands speaks of some kind of love adventure - the appearance of a new acquaintance or a joint adventurous event. This event will serve as a good impetus to renew relations, give them a new “charge”.

Reversed position

In this position, the card suggests that feelings, although stormy, are not real. The Page of Wands in an inverted position indicates quarrels, disagreements and even a break. It is better not to trust the power of emotions when such a card appears. The card speaks of mutual irritation that appears when partners communicate. Sometimes the card warns of the presence of an opponent (or rival), deceit and tricks on the part of a partner.

The card speaks of the instability of relations that quickly arose, but can disappear just as quickly. It is not necessary to count on happiness together until old age in this situation. Another inverted Page of Wands indicates infidelity and lack of tact.

Page of Wands: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

In a situation, the card indicates the presence of an opportunity for its resolution, but not the resolution itself. So, if the question was asked about business, the Page of Wands speaks of a favorable situation for career growth, the presence of promising ideas. But this does not mean that the situation will be realized - it all depends on the person himself. Another such card is evidence of receiving a very tempting offer, which will simply be criminally ignored.

Arkan reports that a person has to do difficult but interesting work that will bring him recognition and pleasure. A new business will allow the fortuneteller to fully show his talents.

Sometimes this card indicates that success is very likely, but it is better to get an authoritative patron. It can also be a signal that you should act strictly according to the law to achieve success, taking into account even the smallest nuances.

The Page of Wands can talk about an upcoming pleasant and useful acquaintance (a new acquaintance will be a fair-haired young man) or about the appearance of a new friend.

Reversed position

In this position, the card speaks of poor prospects for undertakings, the inability to approach the matter correctly, and the lack of necessary skills. It may indicate a lack of ability to plan their actions, to predict their results. An inverted lasso in this position indicates that a person is greedy for flattery and uses it instead of correct, accurate information.

In general, the card should be understood as the news that the business started will end unsuccessfully, it is not worth waiting for a good resolution of the situation.

Page of Wands: Meaning of the Card of the Day

As a card of the day, the Page of Wands portends a bright, unusual event. But you need to be careful and not miss a sign of an upcoming pleasant surprise. It can be a promotion, a pleasant meeting, or a “romance of the century.” But this does not mean at all that the event will be fateful. Perhaps it will turn out to be just a very interesting and pleasant episode, which will turn into a plot for stories for grandchildren.

Page of Wands: Card Advice

Wanting a lot (even everything, all at once and right here) is not harmful. But it is better to imagine the sensible scale and reality of your desires, so as not to get involved in a dubious adventurous project, which as a result will only bring a bunch of problems. But those who are confident in their plans need to make efforts to implement them, and everything will work out, and the result will please.

Page of Wands: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
irregular classes
Ace of Wands
promising undertaking
Ace of Cups
love interest
Ace of swords
healthy creativity
Ace of Pentacles
news of a material nature or health
young schemer
King of Wands
growing up
King of Cups
King of swords
dispatch from the war department
King of Pentacles
show generosity
scientific experiment
Queen of Wands
strengthening self-confidence
Queen of Cups
queen of swords
divorce notice
Queen of Pentacles
manage your budget wisely
news from son or daughter
Knight of Wands
ardor; ardor, sweeping away obstacles in its path
Knight of Cups
Knight of Swords
legal notice
Knight of Pentacles
things are getting better
learning the basics of doing business
Page of Wands
Page of Cups
love confession
Page of swords
independent creative project; work related to research; secret mission
Page of Pentacles
news about earning money
budding young man’s patron
Two of Wands
self-determination, self-discovery
Two of Cups
Two of Swords
creative approach to an ambiguous situation
Two of Pentacles
economic news
inspiring relationships
Three of Wands
knowledge in practice
Three of Cups
love triangle
Three of Swords
shocking news
Three of Pentacles
business trip
Four of Wands
graduation; exam
Four of Cups
loss of interest
Four of Swords
cautious assessment; study leave
Four of Pentacles
study of physics or strength of materials
Five of Wands
face off
Five of Cups
Five of Swords
damage assessment
Five of Pentacles
information hunger; conflicting information; disturbing news
measure your abilities
Six of Wands
choose the right direction
Six of Cups
Six of Swords
assess your future
Six of Pentacles
request for help
new semester
Seven of Wands
fight for your place in the sun
Seven of Cups
Seven of Swords
insincere message; resourceful young man
Seven of Pentacles
get a reprieve
study of legal proceedings, jurisprudence
Eight of Wands
news, information, desired events
Eight of Cups
frivolous behavior
Eight of Swords
rebuke; censure; preconceived notion
Eight of Pentacles
news regarding employment; research activities; passion for the work process
fail the exam
Nine of Wands
skepticism due to age or “green” ideas
Nine of Cups
Nine of Swords
bad news
Nine of Pentacles
remittance; gift
difficult search
Ten of Wands
inexperience leading to failure
Ten of Cups
value your happiness
Ten of Swords
dismissal order
Ten of Pentacles
inheritance; news from home
find the “golden mean”
interest in black magic
study astrology, astronomy
inept liar
win a grand
minor violation
feel your calling