The Sun: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Sun: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Sun
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Clear mind, joy, happiness, prosperity
Reversed position: Loss, problems, uncertain future, health problems

Sun: General meaning

The Sun: Tarot Card

Direct position

A good card that tells about the bright and sunny streak of life. A person has a period when he feels happy and lucky. This may be related to the birth of a child, or to another situation where something new and positive is happening. The person who gets this lasso is a cheerful person, he is confident in his own future. Any difficulties and disagreements are easy for him, as he knows how to specifically describe the situation.

The Arcana Sun highlights a person who strives for bright, pure and high ideals. He is directed towards the light, overcoming all the dark sides of his personality. And he, in fact, expects great success in many areas of activity.

In addition, he is doing great things at work. He achieves incredible success and triumph not only in his career, but also in purely personal matters. And with this lasso, he can successfully enter into a marriage in which they will reign: love, respect, prosperity, joy, success.

Reversed position

Obstacles are expected in the path of a person that oppose his happiness and success. Perhaps he is able to achieve his goals, but this path cannot be called cloudless. All that he will achieve is a difficult road with the result of great efforts and overcoming difficulties. If in a direct position the Sun simply gives a person happiness and great success, then in an inverted form - you need to achieve a lot, thanks to your hard work and efforts.

The lasso seems to have the same meaning as in the upright position, only a person receives less joy from what is happening. The victory to which he will strive will take much of his strength. His career successes are insignificant, and material wealth cannot be called significant. And even if he achieves his success, it is far from easy for him, because he receives his joy with a slight aftertaste of chagrin.

The sun, oddly enough, cannot carry a negative meaning. It’s just that everything that happens in a person’s life does not have such bright colors, successes, achievements.

Sun: Meaning in love and relationships

Direct position

Arkan speaks of cloudless happiness, the union of two caring and cordial people, the stability of relationships. The sun symbolizes the beginning of a love relationship that will be promising and fruitful. Relationships will definitely end in a successful marriage.

Moreover, each of the lovers will want to have joint children, to establish some new business. Under the influence of Arkan, there are no problems in the family at all, and such harmonious relationships can only be envied. In marriage, there are: sincerity of feelings, trust and admiration for a loved one.

Reversed position

In relations, temporary troubles are noted, which are associated with the grinding period. If a person has been preparing for some important and climactic event for a long time, then the inverted Sun will say that good news will have to be temporarily postponed. If it has something to do with love or with a wedding event, then the person will need time to dispel their doubts about the loved one. Only then will he be ready to take the decisive and final step.

Anything can destroy the relationship of two people under the influence of this lasso. These include: bad habits, passion, bad assumptions that can spoil life.

Sun: Meaning in situation and question

Direct position

In a situation, the Tarot card helps a person move forward, achieve success and career growth. Any of his undertakings are very promising. And these are not empty words, because we are talking about quite significant difficulties and considerable responsibility, which, as it turns out, a person is able to overcome. He knows how to do his job silently, slowly, without looking back into the past.

Thanks to his determination, he is capable of much, therefore he brings joy, security, peace and tranquility into his life. He is able not only to rejoice at some great successes and accomplishments, but also sees happiness even in the little things that fate presents him.

Reversed position

This lasso does not have a very good meaning. A person strives for great success, but in the end he can only count on an average achievement. The situation will develop in such a way that some obstacles will not allow him to easily and quickly move towards his goal. It may be a delay in success. But for success to happen, a person will have to make every effort.

It is possible that an inverted card may indicate poor health, temporary separation from a loved one, or family problems. There is a weakening of success, so even fulfilling dreams will not be fully realized.

Man will have the opportunity to taste the fruits of his labor. It is important for him to understand that people do not live in order to work, but work in order to live.

Sun: Meaning of the card of the day

The day will be remembered bright and happy. Either this will be associated with some kind of victory, or perhaps just a day will pass without problems and worries. You should take up some new occupation, it will become successful. Do not forget that there are people who also want to take part in this. Don’t deny them this opportunity.

If you quarreled with someone that day or someone is offended by you, then it is better to settle this issue as soon as possible. You need to immediately reconcile, ask for forgiveness. It is on this day that everything will work out.

Sun: Board card

The most important advice is to believe in yourself and your success. Only in this way can much be achieved in life. A person will certainly be helped by his charisma and luck, life goals and inner worldview.

A person has enough power, knowledge and abilities that he has to confidently follow his goals. And happiness and joy will become his life companions. You just need to trust fate and live under the rays of the sun, glory, kindness, love and wealth.

Sun: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
Inspiration, the search for truth, the ability to realize oneself
Ace of Wands
Happiness, luck, optimism
Ace of Cups
Cornucopia. happiness
Ace of swords
You can get rid of the yoke
Ace of Pentacles
Making sudden profits, good financial situation
The emergence of a brilliant idea, by implementing which you can earn good money
King of Wands
Achievement of the set goal
King of Cups
Wealthy, confident man
King of swords
King of Pentacles
Ideal husband
Obtaining skills, knowledge, advanced training
Queen of Wands
Queen of Cups
Ideal spouse
queen of swords
Receiving a profit
Queen of Pentacles
Wealth, luxury, wealth
Conception or birth of a child
Knight of Wands
Knight of Cups
Movement towards the goal
Knight of Swords
Selfishness, winning the lottery, arguing with a narrow-minded person
Knight of Pentacles
Young but promising worker
Happy marriage, new relatives
Page of Wands
Starting a new project
Page of Cups
The appearance of a young admirer
Page of swords
Page of Pentacles
Neat, well-mannered young man
Quick wedding with a loved one
Two of Wands
Lack of confidence in the future
Two of Cups
Jealousy, negativity, difficult relationship with a spouse
Two of Swords
Betrayal from two friends
Two of Pentacles
Warm relations in the family, disappearance from the battlefield of the enemy
A very close union based on love
Three of Wands
No matter what case you take, fortune will be on your side
Three of Cups
you will be lucky
Three of Swords
Happiness will be illusory
Three of Pentacles
Pregnancy, birth of a daughter
Have a good trip, problems will be solved by themselves
Four of Wands
Happy future
Four of Cups
The black streak in life ends
Four of Swords
Getting rid of ailments
Four of Pentacles
Quarrels over inheritance
You will be able to get rid of the negative habits that ruined your life.
Five of Wands
It is necessary to look at the situation from different angles
Five of Cups
You will receive just a huge inheritance
Five of Swords
Fight, resistance, tears
Five of Pentacles
Strong material losses
Finding yourself
Six of Wands
Your merit will be appreciated
Six of Cups
Have a nice trip
Six of Swords
You can achieve your goal, but you have to sacrifice something
Six of Pentacles
Vulnerability, recklessness
Dramatic changes are possible, but don’t worry, they will only be positive.
Seven of Wands
Possible minor annoyances
Seven of Cups
Important discovery, self-realization
Seven of Swords
Waste of money
Seven of Pentacles
Sudden receipt of a large amount of money
You will be able to win the lawsuit
Eight of Wands
Enjoying life
Eight of Cups
The appearance of a young mistress
Eight of Swords
In order to understand what is happening, look at the situation from the other side.
Eight of Pentacles
Self-realization, obtaining important skills, professionalism
Possible health problems
Nine of Wands
Don’t believe all the people who compliment you
Nine of Cups
victory, triumph
Nine of Swords
Nine of Pentacles
Sacrifice, neglect of other people’s interests
You work too hard, save your strength
Ten of Wands
The man is tired of public life
Ten of Cups
Acquisition of movable and immovable property
Ten of Swords
Complaints, anguish, tears
Ten of Pentacles
Repair, buying a house, construction
Good conditions for development
Vanity, not real emotions, shenanigans
Inspiration, realization, a very positive sign for creative people
Minor Issues
You will be valued
You will be able to implement a project that turned out to be impossible.