Queen Of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card Meaning, Love, Reversed and More

Tarot Card: Queen of Cups

Planet: Moon

keywords: Compassion, Mother, Unconditional Love

Affirmation: My heart is open for the healing energy of adoration.


Conveying recollections of the most profound love and backing we hold in our heart, the Queen of Cups might be addressed as the power of life itself, for she is the energy of Water containing the light as we develop. She is merciful and kind, the one to consistently comprehend the opposite side of the story, and with enough sympathy, she instructs us that our contacts can be spotless and adoring. As the queen, she represents our capacity to ground the Divine Love from the sky, showing us that every human is equipped for giving and getting to some point and that our delicate Soul isn’t characterized by the dividers we work to secure ourselves. Her shut cup addresses her passionate completeness and her capacity to ensure her weak self when assurance is required. A couple of will enter her reality, and tests could be many. However, there is a secret garden to discover where the stream and the interchange won’t ever stop. This is an amazingly steady card to talk about our heart condition, for it shows that we have discovered an exit from a difficulty, and now we comprehend, have confidence. We are set up to give love over any problems that may emerge.


Representing the more profound closeness and home sensation, the Queen of Cups is an excellent sign in any adoration perusing as she addresses similarity between two Souls. Though they have met previously, these people can anticipate each other’s necessities and offer a contact that merits having, for any way long it may last. She may declare a drawn-out relationship if there is shared comprehension of her standards or show that one individual is focused on clutching the caring idea of the contact, while different requirements a nurturing picture to lead them out of their shadows. Whatever the case, these people met up, which is as it should be.


The Queen of Cups may appear to be an over the top comfortable natural inclination to be viewed as stringently proficient and coordinated. However, her relationship-building abilities are uncanny. She has unique insight with words and perceives what specific environments and unpleasant issues mean for those in a group. The force of associating with others shouldn’t be depreciated, as it addresses the most fantastic resource one could have when working with others. This card is an excellent pointer for healers, stargazers, and shamans, just as every one of the individuals who work with individuals in HR and lead the path for those out of luck.


Conveying the healing energies of unadulterated love, the Queen of Cups is a valuable individual who will settle our issues, somebody to show that we are in good company, and addresses profound enthusiastic healing as we shield our hearts from the world. When she is set in wellbeing perusing, she may show that an individual isn’t prepared to open up to mend and jugs such a large number of feelings inside instead of allowing them to out in the open. It likewise addresses a specialist, healer, or an individual who partakes in these feelings who is there to be depended on at all times.


The reversed setting of the Queen of Cups is regularly excessively detached, appended and conflicting, or unfit to uncover certainty to take action. This is a dozing marvel, a queen without power, or where we don’t perceive any reason why our feelings will not remain under our control. In its most adverse setting, it represents control and maltreatment of dynamic force, for one sees profound injuries and intentions of others yet utilizes them for individual addition. When this is the situation, such conduct is an encouragement to react and follow it to sign that they need a human touch.


Past - With this card from quite a while ago, we are getting an unmistakable token of adoration we got from our mom. It is the sustaining rule that drove us to become stately and adoring people we are today. Her job is to advise us that each mother has this flash of adoration inside, very much like every kid feels it underneath any remaining potential issues or issues in this base bond. She is the embodiment of contact and stands in our past to realize that we have consistently been adored and shouldn’t question it today or some other day.

Present: Our present is coloured by superb Waters of the Queen of Cups when we are prepared to gather together the cycle, recuperate, see the opposite side to the story, and show empathy to those out of luck. This is a magnificent card to have today, as it reveals to us we’ve advanced and have good help to get out and about, regardless of how extreme and troublesome the world may bring. But, on the other hand, it could highlight our absence of drive or tenacious nature in a hostile setting. However, this emerges from our should be delicate with ourselves, the need to be met at any cost.

Future: Announcing parenthood, sound enthusiastic contacts and our capacity to beat our shadows and tell the truth spot where we comprehend our sentiments completely, she is the objective we as a whole take a stab at in her most perfect appearance. With this card in our future, we are moving toward when things will stream, connections will be purified, and we’ll get an opportunity to associate in unadulterated expectations and sentiments with others. She is our partner in our most profound human need – to have a place.