Eight of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Eight of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Eight of Wands, Speed
Category: Minor Arcana: Wands
Direct position: Green light, new friends, creative breakthrough, progress
Reversed position: Obstruction, impulsiveness, insecurity, disagreement

Eight of Wands: General Meaning

Direct position

The lasso implies inspiration and insight when a person will expect events of a favorable nature. Everything works out for him, he quickly and correctly makes a decision. Under the influence of this card, he simply grabs his luck by the tail. You should expect many interesting and unforgettable events from life.

The map indicates an undoubted progress towards the goal. And even if a person does not notice the process of change and leaps forward, nevertheless, this time has already come for him. With the layout of the Eight of Wands, something will change in life, something will rush in the air. Many events will happen much sooner than a person would expect.

Each person sooner or later expects gifts from fate, many hope for a positive alignment in life. But with the advent of this Arcana, one can not only count on the surprises of fate, but also on their quick implementation. Luck will be so close that it will even take a person by surprise.

Reversed position

Under the influence of the Eight of Wands, a person should expect unexpected obstacles in his path. And in order to overcome these obstacles, he will make quick and hasty decisions. Reckless actions can have a bad effect on his fate. But in many matters there is no need to fuss and rush, it is completely pointless.

Due to misbehavior, he may miss an opportunity that was already almost in his hands. It may happen that a person “plays out”, and as a result he will get big troubles that will be associated with lawsuits.

With a reversed card, procrastination and delaying decisions are needed until it is time to take action. All the efforts that a person will make in order to achieve their goals will be wasted.

Eight of Wands: Meaning in love and relationships

Eight of Wands: Tarot Card

Direct position

There is a period of falling in love, which can become love at first sight. Not excluded in the fate of man and such terms as eroticism and attractiveness. In addition, people can revive old relationships that seemed irrelevant.

When laying out the cards for love and relationships, you can count on peace and mutual understanding. Even if a quarrel or conflict occurs between people, under the influence of this favorable card, everything will be settled.

People in love will feel happy, they will uncontrollably strive to be together. Perhaps their feelings are not so deep, but the feeling of excitement, love, euphoria is felt immediately when you see them together.

Reversed position

The inverted Arkan has a negative effect on a person who is trying to put pressure on his partner. He may incorrectly evaluate the relationship with a loved one, misinterpret his actions, experience a feeling of jealousy.

This is where quarrels and scandals come from. He seems to be moving away from a loved one, but he shows unreasonable trust in an unfamiliar person. And this trust will not be justified.

It may happen that the shattered relations in the family, he does not want to save. As a result, he will decide to no longer fight for love and his union.

Eight of Wands: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

The speed of correct action in many circumstances is noticeable when the card is laid out for the situation. A person himself is able to influence his situation, accelerate its processes at his own will. He is ready to use innovative methods, to make a quick and correct decision.

In business, you can feel both the dynamics of the process and the profitability of contracts. There is a chance to conclude a profitable agreement with foreign business partners. The map shows that new long-term development trends await a person. Getting a new position can also be a positive aspect of this Arcana.

Reversed position

Arkan is characterized by urgent matters and lack of time. There may be interference at work. The card warns a person that hasty action is in danger, perhaps very serious than one might think.

In the scenario of the situation, it may happen that a person will not only encounter problems, they will take him by surprise. Under the influence of the Arcana, it will seem to a person that there is an influential person in his life, that he can count on his strength in any situation, but in reality he will not turn out to be one. Obstacles, reckless and hasty actions await a person.

Eight of Wands: Meaning of the Card of the Day

The day when a person can receive joy and prosperity from fate. Only positive events and desired changes will occur. We should expect good news (in the form of a letter, a phone call). A person will remember this day as successful and happy.

If a person decides to do some new business, then he will succeed perfectly. He will be able to achieve excellent success, and even much earlier than he himself expected. Long-term plans will also come true. On this day, amazing and unexpected events will occur that will completely change your whole life in a minute.

Eight of Wands: Advice Card

Of course, the card implies unexpected events in life. And you need to be prepared for situations that can significantly change a lot in a person’s life. Those issues that seemed to be dead ends need to be addressed. Those changes that will occur must be accepted as a given.

The time has come for action, and you need to develop, move forward, plan your next steps. The main thing is that these favorable changes do not turn a person’s head, so that he does not lose ground under his feet. His ideas should not lose touch with reality.

The Eight of Wands card directs a person to the efficiency of actions that will be associated with both professional activities and personal life.

Eight of Wands: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
spontaneity; a series of accidents; road to nowhere unplanned trip
Ace of Wands
catch luck
Ace of Cups
go towards love; love passion; date
Ace of swords
grab onto an idea
Ace of Pentacles
fast receipt of money; money rain
speed up the process; immediate decision
King of Wands
fast promotion; date
King of Cups
a date with a beloved man; visit father; visit a doctor
King of swords
seeking advice
King of Pentacles
take a course on common sense
reveal the intention insight; revelation
Queen of Wands
encouraging news; date with the queen
Queen of Cups
a date with a beloved woman; visit mother
queen of swords
discrepancy; movement towards separation
Queen of Pentacles
practical approach
cut coupons; early delivery
Knight of Wands
rapidly developing events; unexpected turn of events; exciting journey
Knight of Cups
start a romance
Knight of Swords
sudden changes; chaos
Knight of Pentacles
financial progress
news that is knocking at your house or work; career advancement
Page of Wands
accelerated learning; early preparation; emergency message
Page of Cups
respond to an invitation
Page of swords
provoke criticism; provoke a quarrel; audition
Page of Pentacles
good news regarding finances; receiving a scholarship
news about your family; the road to the temple; prayer
Two of Wands
news that confuses; information for thought
Two of Cups
Two of Swords
conclude a truce
Two of Pentacles
bustle; fluctuations, flickering
Cupid’s arrows; to woo; make an offer; make a choice
Three of Wands
favorable and fruitful period
Three of Cups
go to a party
Three of Swords
offend; bad news
Three of Pentacles
ask for advice
keep the path; favourable wind
Four of Wands
the joy that knocks on the house; holiday invitation
Four of Cups
sad road
Four of Swords
delay; slowdown; be late; linger
Four of Pentacles
achieving stability; contacting the bank; inheritance
threat of force
Five of Wands
provoke conflict; adrenaline rush
Five of Cups
go to conflict
Five of Swords
degradation; provocation
Five of Pentacles
to go down socially; dismissal
moving inward; spiritual growth
Six of Wands
rapid approach to success
Six of Cups
delve into the past; road home; Return trip
Six of Swords
leave past difficulties
Six of Pentacles
apply for financial assistance; show generosity
whirlpool of events; hitting the bull’s-eye; spin like a squirrel in a wheel
Seven of Wands
close confrontation; rush into position
Seven of Cups
slippery slope
Seven of Swords
dishonest way
Seven of Pentacles
going to court
Eight of Wands
Eight of Cups
go away; road to nowhere parting
Eight of Swords
unfavorable set of circumstances; difficult road
Eight of Pentacles
apply for a job
drive yourself into a corner; fall into a trap; punish
Nine of Wands
relapse; attack; intrusive adware; onslaught
Nine of Cups
journey towards a dream road to happiness; wish fulfillment
Nine of Swords
causing mental or physical pain
Nine of Pentacles
cash receipts
progressive change; road to hell
Ten of Wands
deterioration of well-being; unpleasant ending; lack of desire to move on
Ten of Cups
homecoming; joyful meeting
Ten of Swords
moving towards an inevitable end; get into trouble
Ten of Pentacles
fast track home
speedy recovery; choosing the right moment; moving towards balance
fall into the clutches of the Devil; give in to temptation
deliberately open an abscess; the road to the treasury
walk towards a dream
succumb to a scam; go all out
movement towards happiness; go towards the sun; road to the place of rest; Reach a success
unexpected insight; opening of new directions
take advantage of protection complete the journey; get there; stand up for peace