The World: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The World: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: The World, Universe
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Freedom, triumph, achievement, vocation
Reversed position: Stagnation, fear of change, imperfection, lack of experience

World: General Meaning

Direct position

The lasso is the embodiment of good luck and contentment. A person under the influence of the World will experience a feeling of joy and harmony. He will be happy not only to relax, but also to do work. The World card already speaks for itself that a person must come to terms with the world around him. The lasso is filled with positive energy, as if a person acquires a personal paradise, achieves a long-awaited and longed-for goal. In addition, the World may indicate that a certain life cycle has ended or something has been realized.

With the World Card, a person will feel complete victory even in the most difficult and risky situations. It is not excluded - making a profit, inheritance. All problems will be solvable, good people will stretch, and bad people will somehow disappear, health will be restored.

Good luck in fate will appear by itself, you don’t even need to make maximum efforts for this. He will achieve everything he could dream of. He will experience satisfaction from the fact that the puzzle has developed into a single picture.

Reversed position

The inverted Arcana can be interpreted as inaction, the submission of a person who, with a passive attitude, expects positive changes from fate. Under the influence of this Arcana, he is unlikely to achieve his goal, as he is used to going with the flow. As a rule, this card falls to lazy natures.

In most cases, a person with this card receives a fair retribution for their wrong actions and judgments. And even if the good result of his labor was already in his hands, there comes a time for delay. He may experience a state of apathy, depression, disappointment, and his perseverance will not at all bring the desired results.

An inverted card indicates that a person will come across the idea that success does not come just like that, it is necessary to give up or sacrifice something. In the circle of people with whom a person communicates, there may be ill-wishers, and they will create a lot of trouble for him.

Peace: Meaning in Love and Relationships

The World: Tarot Card

Direct position

In a relationship, live, sincere feelings and warmth. In this case, we are talking not just about a good and pleasant partner, but about a person who can be safely called his soulmate. Only with such a person can one feel joy, peace, love and confidence in the future. They say about such people: “they live soul to soul.”

Arcane World is characterized by carnal contentment. For a lonely person, this card may mean that very soon he will meet the fate of his whole life. That’s right, because the World does not accept holiday romances and frivolous flirting. In relationships, there is harmony and mutual understanding, any contradictions are resolvable.

Reversed position

Relationships are stagnant. A person begins to think about the shortcomings and advantages of his life partner. It begins to seem to him that he hastened with the choice, somewhere exalted his partner and idealized. Only with the World card does he begin to slowly get rid of his illusions. Perhaps later he will experience a feeling of disappointment, but it will still be better than continuing to deceive himself all the time.

In the name of love, a person is ready to make sacrifices. But if he begins to think that the person he loves is not so dear to him, and he is not ready to infringe on himself in some way for him, then the relationship ends there.

Peace: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

In the scenario of the situation, Arkan promises dizzying success. A person will achieve everything that he only dreamed of. Everything conceived will come true, projects will have a happy ending. He will achieve even the highest goals and establish himself in the correctness of his actions. He really can safely trust his views under the circumstances, and hardly anyone else can do it better than him.

Basically, this card falls out to those people who have already decided on their activities, know what they want from life. These are purposeful natures who are able to achieve high results even abroad.

Reversed position

Arkan warns of difficulties and obstacles. And they can happen because of a person who himself will show his sluggishness and doubts. He can be tormented by remorse for a long time, which will also adversely affect many situations.

Among the environment there may be dishonest people (colleagues, management), and intrigues will weave behind your back. But do not think that the card is negative, it is not. Even the inverted World testifies that many difficulties can be overcome. And if a person strives for something, he will definitely achieve his goal.

World: Meaning of the card of the day

On this day, more than ever, a person feels strength and harmony with the world around him. He can fully enjoy this day, its calm and favorable outlines. It will seem to him that everything is going as it should, or he simply will not attach any importance to any interference. If a person needs a place where he can find shelter, then the card of the day directs the person to take this step.

A person will feel happy, and this may be associated with friendship, love, new housing. He will do an excellent job. In relations with colleagues, he will achieve sincerity and harmony. A day can give a trip abroad from an organization where communication with foreign colleagues will be excellent.

World: Card Board

You should not be content with “a tit in your hands”, you need to look for your calling. Only active and enterprising people will be more lucky than others. And if a person strives for high results, then he simply cannot do without these qualities. You don’t have to complain about your problems. They need to be addressed. They themselves will not go anywhere and will not disappear. Show your courage, confidence in success, be kind and generous to people.

Take everything from life, get what you have long dreamed of. Even if it seems that all the good things have already happened in your life, do not stop, look for other goals, and strive to achieve them.

World: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
Long trip, dream hunting
Ace of Wands
Despite all the trials, you can remain yourself
Ace of Cups
The need for soul union
Ace of swords
Stone in the soul
Ace of Pentacles
you missed your chance
Career advancement
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good deed
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A cold, dark force that nevertheless works when used.
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Dangerous fraud
Meeting the right partner
Three of Wands
Reliable partners
Three of Cups
Long trip, business trip
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Unrequited feelings
Three of Pentacles
Four of Wands
Marriage, real estate purchase
Four of Cups
Oversaturation of feelings
Four of Swords
You urgently need to find a source of energy and inspiration
Four of Pentacles
Prejudices prevent you from living
Harmony with yourself
Five of Wands
Look at the situation from the other side
Five of Cups
Bitterness, depression
Five of Swords
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Six of Wands
The road to success will be long
Six of Cups
Nostalgia, memories
Six of Swords
New exploits
Six of Pentacles
Realization in creativity
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Don’t try to stop there
Seven of Cups
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Seven of Pentacles
The return of the former partner
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Eight of Pentacles
Starting a new job
Get rid of the past
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Execution of the rules
Nine of Cups
Empty words
Nine of Swords
severe illness
Nine of Pentacles
Illusory dreams that will never come true
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Ten of Cups
Family happiness
Ten of Swords
Surgical intervention
Ten of Pentacles
Confidence in the future
Evil, enemies
Lack of self-control
fulfillment of desires
Forward movement