Ten of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Ten of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Ten of Pentacles, Material Abundance
Category: Minor Arcana: Pentacles
Direct position: Wisdom, success, stability, home
Reversed position: Financial loss, risk, marriage of convenience, weakness

Ten of Pentacles: General Meaning

Direct position

The card characterizes the fortuneteller as a wise person who has found peace. The long-term case was crowned with a successful resolution.

In family affairs, complete stability, excellent relations between children and parents, older and younger generations.

There comes a favorable time for development in the spiritual plan. There is a possibility that skills that were inherited will manifest themselves.

Reversed position

Success will take a long, roundabout way. An inverted card speaks of family scandals, misunderstandings between households. Good relationships always get in the way.

There is a possibility that the fortuneteller will lose a good reputation in society, his own honor. It is possible that he will suffer large financial losses. He has no motivation to do anything in order to increase income, to establish harmonious relations in the family.

The card says that one of the family members may become seriously ill, the treatment will be expensive and long-term.

Ten of Pentacles: Meaning in love and relationships

Ten of Pentacles: Tarot Card

Direct position

The partner with whom you are now in a relationship will open up new opportunities for you, teach you how to live a truly beautiful life, and help you grow as a person spiritually.

You will feel that the partner was given to you by fate itself, you will clearly realize that this is a real second half, because it perfectly complements you and your life. The main thing is to appreciate it, respect it and show it.

There is a possibility that the card fell out to you as a sign that there will be a wedding soon. Marriage will be beneficial for one of the parties. It can be not only in finances, but in the prestige and loud name of the family.

Reversed position

The card speaks of complete discord in the family, one of the partners does not feel the support of the other and feels alienated.

There are no common goals, traditions and customs in the family. Households do not spend time together, they are not interested in each other, because in this family every man is for himself.

In a love relationship, a serious crisis begins, which, as a rule, leads to divorce. A fortuneteller feels unprotected, not free, locked in a golden cage. Perhaps you are overly controlled by your spouse, parents.

Ten of Pentacles: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

Not so long ago, you started a project that will soon bear fruit. A great solution would be to organize a family business. Initially, progress will be slow, but surely you will come to success.

It is necessary to pay more attention to close people, to provide them with assistance, support, so that at the necessary moment they reciprocate.

Reversed position

Indifference towards your family is always bad, it is worth overestimating the value system. Do not follow outdated methods, they will not work, as they have long lost their effectiveness.

There may be problems at work, financial losses, delayed wages.

Ten of Pentacles: Meaning of the card of the day

Today is just made for summing up. Get ready to let go of something important in order to gain something valuable. All troubles and sorrows can end now.

Ten of Pentacles: Advice Card

The card advises to realize one’s own potential, to think boldly, to act without fear of failure. In this case, success will await you, you will shock others in the pleasant sense of the word.

Take advantage of the moment to conclude profitable deals for you. If successful, share the joy with loved ones. But do not get carried away with projects that do not carry anything useful.

Ten of Pentacles: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
the appearance of a child in the family; take a child from an orphanage; empty nest; homeless; lack of family
Ace of Wands
family vocation; Opportunity to run a family business
business contacts
King of Wands
family council; father of the family
family archive
Queen of Wands
caring for family members
heraldic tree; waiting for an addition to the family
Knight of Wands
quarrel with relatives; leave home
family clan; family business, founder
Page of Wands
hereditary ability
Two of Wands
loss of part of the family property; division of inheritance
starting a family
Three of Wands
family support
confusion in the house; moving
Four of Wands
family holiday; wedding
show tolerance in the family
Five of Wands
disagreements within the family; disputes over inheritance
divorce; leaving home
Six of Wands
successful promotion of the family business
house changes
Seven of Wands
attempt to interfere in family affairs
equal relations in the family
Eight of Wands
change of housing
family fetters
Nine of Wands
distance yourself from those you care about
inevitable house changes
Ten of Wands
unbearable pressure from relatives; family hardships
adapt to each other in the house
vicious family; hangout
destruction of the home, family; divorce; the loss
hope for improvement in the family
deception in the house; rival; relationships based on deceit and mistrust
addition to the family; rich inheritance; family holiday
family help
a happy return to the bosom of the family; starting a family