Tarot Card: Princess (Page) of Cups

Planet: Venus

Keywords: Tenderness, Creativity, Evoke

Affirmation: My talents are recognized and employed.


Princess (Page) of Cups is commonly perceived as someone “too emotional” and naïve but holds the nice power of creation out of pure, childlike, unconditional love. Its most potent state is that the one where all emotions are brought down on our earthly plane and manifested, as she is that the connection of Divine emotion represented by the Suit of Cups with the element of Earth all Princesses symbolize. From the attitude of absolute authentic freedom, it tells us to forgo prejudice and restrictions and let our emotions flow irrespective of the worth, while at the same time reminding us that we cannot expect the remainder of the globe to follow our pace or we would get hurt. This card is also interpreted because of the invitation to plug our minds in and shake our heads a bit before making a choice. Still, it’s also an invite to follow our inner calling and build something new, however abstract it should seem to the rational mind. It brings inspiration our way, one we will use to create things in our life as beautiful as we wish them to be.


Since the Princess of Cups understands the link between physical and emotional pleasure, it should lead us into relationships with little intellectual or communicational impact but deeply nurturing for our inner world. It should lower our defenses, suggest mistresses and affairs, younger partners, and every one those “not-so-smart” emotional choices that we are constantly taught to guard ourselves against. Even though she doesn’t show that our sentiments will last, she represents the bit of motivation and unadulterated contact that upholds us to develop.


Somewhat unbiased in working schedules if they don’t ponder unadulterated motivation, Princess of Cups will discuss imaginative articulation, photography, and the formation of something completely new from the core of our heart, instead of a nine to 5 job we don’t love. It inspires us to maneuver towards something fulfilling and makes our routine a small amount unstable. This is often a card excellent in a very career reading for freelancers and artists of all sorts, further as those who can change their professional path into something more suitable for their nature and free personality.


If you discover the Princess of Cups in your health reading, it’s a transparent message that your physical reality has been summoned by emotions that are quite obvious and there to be seen. There are not any hidden motives here, and it becomes clear that our wounds, traumas, and negative feelings brought our body pain or any problem we would have. In a way, she is also warning that we are sure to follow our hearts or pay the value on a physical plane, endangered by our own decisions that weren’t mindful enough towards our internal identity and our most delicate necessities. On the other hand, it shows that everyone’s power is in our hands and that we can magically heal and transcend, even as we may prefer to believe that being emotional is naïve and childish.


In its reversed position, the Princess of Cups speaks of our inability to jilted emotions that may truly result in results we wish to accomplish. Driven by our sane psyche and feelings forced on us by our environmental factors, we can’t see what we wish to show and comprehend the favors that may lead us to our destination if we only allow them to. It’s a reminder that we must nurture our hearts and stop shoving feelings under the rug, or we would seriously damage our physiology after they materialize from our subconscious world. At the same time, we can consciously favor handling them today.


PAST - Picked pathways are seen with the Princess of Cups from before, for she shows where we upheld our bombed our inward truth and returned us to the place where it all began. It’s going to show that bruises along the way served a special purpose, or it would remind us that we’ve got chosen to provide au courant the calling of our own deepest desires, to show to something that others would approve of, thinking this protects us from any further pain.

PRESENT - With this card within the present, the likelihood is there for the taking, and that we must address our good judgment to create a structure and a concept that will protect and support us in our endeavors. We can follow our inner calling, have the facility to proceed until the goal has been reached, but we might need some spine for the efforts to prove productive and developed enough to not get knocked and thrown en route. She is there to allow us to know that we’ve everything we’d like and sends her blessings and faith in herself needed to endure through any challenges in our path.

FUTURE - If the Princess of Cups is found in our future, it’s a fine line of connection between the emotions we are awake to and also the planet. It announces artistic endeavors, choices that may bring us closer to physical satisfaction and bigger payments, likewise because of the materialization of affection with someone who shares in our sense of awareness. She is the trigger for various adventures and won’t accept strict routines and choices that go against our hearts.