Ten Of Swords: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Ten Of Swords: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Ten of Swords, Inevitable End
Category: Minor Arcana: Swords
Direct position: Despair, loss, stress, disaster, robbery
Reversed position: Power, profit, success, authority

Ten of Swords: General Meaning

Ten Of Swords: Tarot Card

Direct position

With a dozen swords, we are talking about the uncontrolled completion of any business. These can be unexpected and destructive situations with collapse, collapse, collapse. And these are not just difficulties in a person’s life, this is a complete dead end and hopelessness.

It is no coincidence that this tarot card is called the most terrible. If other Arcana imply temporary failures that can eventually be experienced, overcome, overcome, then with the Ten of Swords everything is to no avail.

A complete failure is expected, both in relationships and in business. A fortuneteller will go through pain and devastation. Luck will turn away from him, and failures will worsen even more. If a person has to part with someone or something, he will experience the tragic pain of loss.

This card will bring a positive moment if it indicates the end of a difficult period, but for now it is associated with grief, tears, pain, suffering, despair and sadness.

Reversed position

The inverted lasso speaks of a difficult problem period, the completion of which is due to the black stripe. Such a card does not bring success and prosperity to a person, rather, on the contrary, luck is completely absent in his life. And even if the card does not have a dead end value, it also does not please with positive results. And if they do happen, it’s too expensive.

To achieve the desired result, you will have to sacrifice something very valuable. It is not surprising if a person needs time for rehabilitation in order to return himself to a normal rhythm of life.

In an inverted position, the card will bring grief and disappointment, and only one thing pleases, that they are the last. So, we should expect a bright streak in life. True, there is no question of any positive results, there are obstacles and restrictions, and no forward movement is foreseen.

The Nine of Swords is called the hopeful arcanum, and is often associated with joy after battling a serious illness. This is the moment when a person is full of energy and ready for a lot after recovery. The main thing here is not to overestimate your strength, a relapse may occur, and then there is a risk that the condition will worsen.

Ten of Swords: Meaning in love and relationships

Direct position

In a relationship, there is a break in the union, in which there is suffering, hopelessness, grief, disappointment and heartache. Most likely nothing can be fixed. So you need to come to terms, and accept new rules and circumstances. Just trust that the relationship is over, it’s in the past. It’s all over, you’ve reached a tipping point.

It may happen that the news of the breakup of a relationship comes very unexpectedly, even without explaining the reason. A person under the influence of the lasso becomes the owner of a “cold” heart. After parting with a loved one, he is no longer ready for a new relationship, he was disappointed in love.

Reversed position

An inverted card has a negative meaning, but convinces a person that this card cannot be considered as a black stripe in life. It brings peace, success and the beginning of renewal. True, all this will not happen immediately, but after a difficult life period.

The Ten of Swords speaks of a temporary set of circumstances, a momentary state of affairs that is not particularly positive. For example, a truce after a protracted conflict. Perhaps someone will have a reliable person in their life who will become a real protector and support, will protect them from ill-wishers or bad situations.

Ten of Swords: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

Under the influence of the card, a person will behave irresponsibly. He will be a victim of stress, his condition can be compared to a “squeezed lemon”. At work, he will refuse to fulfill his direct obligations, and such actions will entail the failure of business ventures.

A dismissal may occur, which will turn out to be a completely unforeseen circumstance. A person will lose not only a prestigious position, but also all his projects that he never realized. In addition to work affairs, a painful break in relations can await him.

Reversed position

The card lays out the situation in such a way that the picture resembles a lost battle. However, this fight cannot be called decisive yet. The map is characterized by the fact that in the situation there are no results at a certain moment.

There may be some difficult situations, but soon everything will change. For example, a person will have difficulties at work or in everyday life, which he will overcome, and moreover, will find his calling. He will find for himself the activity that really suits him.

Perhaps an influential patron will appear, there will be many promising cases. Let them happen and not immediately, but you can wait.

Ten of Swords: Meaning of the card of the day

Today we can sum up. And even if it is about something or someone close and dear, you need to be ready to say goodbye. There will be an end to troubles and sorrows, which a person will sincerely rejoice at. And most importantly, do not destroy anything, otherwise you will have to regret it for a long time later.

Open yourself to new deeds and accomplishments, survive a terrible loss so as not to break in spirit. If a person is positive, then the card of the day will give him only a positive value.

No dangers and difficulties are planned, but only if a person saves himself from negative, unwanted communication.

Ten of Swords: Card Board

The most important thing to distinguish between a person with a ten of swords card is imaginary and true values. Often a person clings to something that is completely unimportant to him. No need to be sentimental and look back all the time. Burning bridges behind you can be both useful and pleasant.

If some situation seems irreparable to a person, then a moment will come when all the problems will not seem as complicated as they seemed at first glance. There will definitely be strength and aspiration to overcome difficulties, a person will be able to live in harmony with himself.

Ten of Swords: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
accident due to negligence; unpredictable ending.
Ace of Wands
collapse of plans
end of career
King of Wands
male danger
Queen of Wands
woman’s danger
C-section; destruction of valuable
Knight of Wands
lack of strength and drive
divorce; dismissal
Page of Wands
bad news
Two of Wands
parting; planned operation; premeditated murder; predictable end
Three of Wands
unsuccessful cooperation; missed opportunities
Four of Wands
destruction in the house; divorce
loss of strength and energy; grievous bodily harm in a state of passion
Five of Wands
loss; overestimation of one’s strengths
be reborn
Six of Wands
grim news
punishment; fair retribution
Seven of Wands
unenviable position; failure; to beat a recumbent
punishment; fair retribution
Eight of Wands
curtailment of the project; end of relationship
Nine of Wands
expecting the worst
end of former life
Ten of Wands
complete failure
difficulties fade away
to lose yourself; to be crushed by vices; sadism.
disease; divorce
hope for healing after defeat
disease; ongoing crisis; coma
way out of the crisis
close the karmic cycle; surrender to fate
new birth; finding yourself