Six Of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Six Of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Six of Wands, Victory
Category: Minor Arcana: Wands
Direct position: Success, Completion, Leadership, Wise Decisions
Reversed position: Trouble, betrayal, failure, defeat

Six of Wands: General Meaning

Direct position

The Six of Wands is an auspicious lasso. In the general scenario, it is a symbol of victory, the completion of all tasks, even the most difficult ones. The person who makes the alignment can become famous or receive popular recognition for worthy merits, because the main meaning of the card is the publication of victory.

The fortuneteller will certainly make wise decisions in the most difficult issues, because he is confident in himself, his influence on others. Full mood for success due to useful qualities, such as responsibility and diligence.

Any business in the hands of this master will not remain in the middle of the path, it will reach the end. In everyday life, everything can be not very pompous and solemn.

The card appears in a layout in a direct position, if one of these days there will be good news, an acquaintance that will help in solving the problem. The Six of Wands is a sign of successful completion. However, Arkan does not speak of the success that appears out of thin air, sent by fate, but of the one justly deserved by his own labors.

Reversed position

The reversed Six of Wands, which appears in the layout, carries the meaning of postponing results, the occurrence of difficulties on the way to achieving the goal.

The map also indicates that in everyday life a person will be able to show himself from the negative side, showing the worst qualities, dishonesty, which will earn a bad reputation, create new problems that will interfere with the solution of the main task.

The lasso is a warning for a person who must prepare to repel the blows of fate in order to stay afloat and reach his own success.

Six of Wands: Meaning in love and relationships

Six Of Wands: Tarot Card

Direct position

In the upright position, the Six of Wands always indicates success on the personal front. If the fortuneteller is lonely, he will have a fruitful romance that will bring with it new emotions, impressions, vivid feelings.

In the case when the fortuneteller already has a relationship, the card symbolizes pleasant changes in the union, for example, an engagement, an early wedding, the birth of a desired child.

If there are some omissions, reticences between the partners, there is no mutual understanding, which develops a problem in the relationship, Arkan points to the resolution of this issue.

The card also portends a good call or just news that will bring great news, remind you of old acquaintances with whom you need to establish contact and communication.

If a deal is made for a new acquaintance with a question, for example, is it worth having something in common with this person, the Six of Wands unequivocally gives the answer “yes”.

Reversed position

An inverted card promises problems in a love relationship. It could be jealousy or infidelity. If the fortuneteller has an opponent, he is more likely to do what he has planned and get what he wants.

The lasso can be a symbol of rash acts that will create new problems with a partner. He also points to a long wait in the development of relations with his lover. For example, a woman will wait a long time for an engagement from a partner.

Six of Wands: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

Deserved career success for good work done, which will lead to an increase in salary or climb up the career ladder. In studies, for example, when defending a diploma, everything will go smoothly and there is nowhere better, the fortuneteller will receive the highest scores from teachers.

The long-term project will finally come to its logical and pleasant conclusion. When all problems are resolved, the person who makes the alignment will have a journey, perhaps not to distant countries, but necessarily full of new experiences, giving inspiration and impetus for ideas.

In work, if it is required to sign an agreement by partners, this will be done, especially if a lot of effort has been made for this. The card also warns that a serious and urgent decision will have to be made in order to resolve matters in a favorable manner. Don’t worry, you’re on the right side.

Reversed position

Self-doubt, lack of material resources, just a series of unpleasant little things - the reasons may be different, but the essence is the same - a loss.

You have not accepted the challenge, the recognition you so deserve is slipping away indefinitely, and money in general will become a sore subject. Need to sign an agreement? Don’t be surprised if the meeting is rescheduled or canceled altogether. Attending job interviews will become unpromising, employers will refuse.

If the fortuneteller’s main question concerns romantic or friendly relations, perhaps such an alliance will not bring anything good, so you should completely abandon connections. The partner will begin to humiliate, treat without due respect, tenderness and love, which will lead to a series of problems and loss of trust.

Often the card indicates that the spouse or spouse has changed, or put their own interests above the lover.

Six of Wands: Meaning of the Card of the Day

The day will be very successful, it will bring many pleasant surprises in the form of resolved problems, over which the fortuneteller has been busy for a long period of time. Recently started business will go uphill.

It is worth remembering that only those cases that brought headaches and big waste will be successful resolution, that is, the achievement of the goal will be fully justified and deserved.

At the household level, a card may simply portend a monetary reward or bonus. It is worth sharing the taste of victory with loved ones, arrange a holiday! This will bring pleasant emotions to you and those around you.

Six of Wands: Advice Card

The Six of Wands means the beginning of a white stripe, when a series of pleasant surprises begins, successfully completed deeds and labors. The time of material stability, high incomes will begin. Share your joy with family and friends, they will definitely support you.

Six of Wands: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
unexpected joy
Ace of Wands
successful movement towards the goal
Ace of Cups
win love
Ace of swords
Ace of Pentacles
achieving a material goal
manipulation of other people’s ambitions
King of Wands
successful leader
King of Cups
healing; reach understanding
King of swords
conquest; pursue your own policy
King of Pentacles
increase in material status
unravel the secret signs
Queen of Wands
forward-looking business; career
Queen of Cups
queen of swords
Queen of Pentacles
stunning result
Knight of Wands
to go too far, or worse, to the wrong place; heroic journey
Knight of Cups
An offer of marriage; Contract
Knight of Swords
violent confrontation
Knight of Pentacles
arrival; making progress
get ahead of the competition
Page of Wands
emergence of new opportunities; careful progress; reasonable calculation
Page of Cups
reciprocity; pregnancy
Page of swords
movement towards independence
Page of Pentacles
follow the leader; follow the teacher
Two of Wands
stop in business; prioritization
Two of Cups
marriage, engagement; reaching agreement; deal
Two of Swords
reach a compromise; alliance
Two of Pentacles
win love
Three of Wands
successful cooperation; right direction
Three of Cups
wedding; holiday of like-minded people
Three of Swords
Three of Pentacles
project promotion
driving success
Four of Wands
successful business; popular project; wedding
Four of Cups
unresolved issues in the team
Four of Swords
Four of Pentacles
take over
spare the opponent show nobility
Five of Wands
bad leadership; conflict with colleagues; obstacles posed by competitors; bad advertising campaign
Five of Cups
discord in the team
Five of Swords
Five of Pentacles
bear financial burdens
not find understanding among the allies; lack of response from people
Six of Wands
Six of Cups
resumption of relations
Six of Swords
conquest of new territories
Six of Pentacles
getting what you want
crucial moment
Seven of Wands
struggle for a place under the sun; displacement attempts; attacks
Seven of Cups
promotion of a project with many unknowns
Seven of Swords
political move; get off the straight road
Seven of Pentacles
delay on the way
win the trial
Eight of Wands
travel; implementation of plans; promotion
Eight of Cups
get into a dead end; leave the team
Eight of Swords
fall into a trap
Eight of Pentacles
successful business
boast of past accomplishments
Nine of Wands
euphoria is replaced by doubts; the need for self-defense
Nine of Cups
achieve what you want
Nine of Swords
Nine of Pentacles
Receiving a profit
funeral procession
Ten of Wands
failure; the project has cracked; futility
Ten of Cups
Ten of Swords
Ten of Pentacles
marriage; happy homecoming
improvement of the situation
the devil has confused all the cards; good deeds pave the way to Hell; bad company
clash of ambitions
climb into the water without knowing the ford, get lost
achieve fame and recognition
follow the path of your calling
the whole world in your pocket