Seven Of Swords: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Seven Of Swords: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Seven of Swords, Theft
Category: Minor Arcana: Swords
Direct position: Cunning, failure, moving, betrayal
Reversed position: Laziness, news, reprimand, reproach

Seven of Swords: General Meaning

Direct position

The Seven of Swords has many meanings, and this is the inconsistency of this lasso. The problems and difficulties that surround the fortuneteller cannot be solved just like that. The strong support of strong patrons is needed.

You should not look for ways to achieve your goals, while encroaching on someone else’s property. The card falls out to people with negative energy, capable of doing bad deeds.

It may also turn out that the fortuneteller is waiting for deceit or theft, so the card advises to be careful.

Reversed position

Arkan says that the fortuneteller is lazy, indecisive, cowardly, and makes decisions with difficulty. He is pessimistic about life, and does not want to change anything. Such a person never brings things to the end, leaving everything halfway.

The card may fall out to not very educated people who may be prone to delinquency. As a rule, these are criminals who fail to complete their dark deeds, and they are caught hot.

Seven of Swords: Meaning in love and relationships

Seven Of Swords: Tarot Card

Direct position

The card suggests that the relationship between partners is built on hypocrisy. For society, these two pretend that they sincerely and madly love each other, but in fact their feelings have long cooled. None of them dare to speak openly. This state of affairs suits both, when everyone has their own life, and the union is only an appearance.

If the fortuneteller is a man, fidelity means nothing to him. He loves to get new impressions from other women, and tries to hide it carefully. If he is married, the wife may not be aware of the double life of her faithful.

Reversed position

The Seven of Swords indicates that a fortuneteller is too susceptible to other people’s influence. He cares a lot about what other people say. He perceives criticism and reproaches from his partner painfully. Perhaps gossip can lead to negative emotions and a quarrel between partners.

Seven of Swords: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

In the layout for work, the card says that among colleagues there is no person who can be trusted. There may be such a situation that the fortuneteller himself behaves dishonestly towards his colleagues. To maintain your status and respect among colleagues, you need to stop weaving gossip and intrigue.

From all sides you can expect a catch, and you need to be prepared for this. But the most important thing is to behave honestly towards other people.

Reversed position

Arkan falls to a person who is afraid of responsibility. There is not enough courage and determination to bring things to the end. This is due to increased emotionality, lack of motivation, disbelief in one’s own strengths. As soon as the first difficulties arise, he immediately retreats.

Seven of Swords: Meaning of the card of the day

Today we must be especially careful, as fraud is not ruled out. If you have to sign some documents, you should especially carefully read all the points so that later you do not suffer from your own illiteracy.

Seven of Swords: Card Advice

The card says that the fortuneteller should be careful, because. there is a risk of many deceptions, both from colleagues and from a loved one. You need the will and determination to cope with all life’s difficulties.

Seven of Swords: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
slip away from obligations; go all out
Ace of Wands
controversial idea
Ace of Cups
hide your feelings
show cunning
King of Wands
fool the king
hide the truth; take away the secret; secret knowledge; excuses
Queen of Wands
fool a lady
Queen of Cups
lying lady
skimp on parental responsibilities
Knight of Wands
unexpected ending
Knight of Cups
sly gesture
deceive a father or boss; slip out of control
Page of Wands
cheat teenager
Page of Cups
sly suggestion
make a compromise with conscience; pretend to be a saint; white lies
Two of Wands
Two of Cups
avoid promises
evade choice
Three of Wands
ingenious project
Three of Cups
thief in the team
get away from conflict
Four of Wands
fictitious contract
Four of Cups
outwitted himself
Five of Wands
unfair competition; unfair attacks
Five of Cups
be on your mind
Six of Wands
a company where all means are good; come to victory with the help of deceit
Six of Cups
hide the past
exit the game
Seven of Wands
attempt to expose
Seven of Cups
darken; outsmart oneself
false accusation
Eight of Wands
Eight of Cups
secret care
betrayal; get tangled up in lies
Nine of Wands
an unsuccessful attempt to hide his true face
Nine of Cups
steal a dream
act with tried and tested methods
Ten of Wands
failed attempt to hide the truth
Ten of Cups
avoidance of family or collective responsibilities; act against the common interest
swindler; pathological liar
use cunning to cause damage
turn off the true path
dark business; error; scam
get away from retribution
use the power of the mind to assert