Seven Of Coin Tarot Cards Meaning

Tarot Card: Seven of Coins

Planet: Saturn

keywords: Endure, Hard Work, Losses

Affirmation: I am focused on my goal.


The Seven of Coins has a sense of failure to it, but if we are committed to an inspiring goal, our personality’s essence will keep us going. This card represents times of intense work when we don’t have a moment to ourselves when rest is necessary and little can be done to overcome certain roadblocks. Obstacles should be welcomed so that we can overcome them and reality will reveal whether or not we are in tune with the times and needs of the Universe. With this card in our reading, guilt is easily transferred to others or we may take on too much of it ourselves. Count your losses, move forward and make sure you still want what you’ve chosen to pursue so you can rediscover the motivation that brought you here in the first place. Respect the system and its deadlines and keep in mind that you are governed by forces far more significant than yourself.


When a person is in a long-term relationship that needs healing, repairs, and serious discussions or when solitude causes them to doubt all of their options in life, the Seven of Coins will appear in a love reading. It emphasizes one’s responsibility to oneself in a way that allows for personal growth and transformation, no matter how difficult it may be on one’s heart. This isn’t a card for love affairs, but it does bring a serious note to the table and demonstrates a commitment to solving a problem that weighs us down. It is our responsibility not to blame others or to take too much responsibility for ourselves because it is no one’s fault that we are all only human and will need to be repaired at some point.


When the Seven of Coins appears in our professional lives, we have little choice but to focus on working habits, tedious details and things that no longer seem interesting. When we’d rather give up and pursue something completely different, it takes a final push and dedication. It casts a blue hue over the workplace, especially if we’re part of a group where boundaries have been crossed, and blame is shifted where it doesn’t belong. So before starting any new projects with the same people involved, focus on what is essential and make sure you get paid for what you have already completed.


The Seven of Coins is a difficult card to find in a health reading because it represents our system’s overall tiredness and loss of immunity, which it needs to recover from. Rest, get all the self-care you need and make sure that work hasn’t taken its toll where we didn’t intend to pay. Chronic conditions may resurface, burdening us on a daily basis and we will be able to see the mistakes we made when we tried to move up the stream instead of following the Universe’s intent. There has been far too much struggle and now is the time to accept the situation and let go until you can swim to a safer shore.


In its reversed form, the Seven of Coins represents unconscious resistance that saps our energy as we fight the forces of the Universe. It serves as a warning that we are attempting to be gods rather than allowing our human nature to make a few mistakes. Some things are unclear and certain goals that are too hazy and distant should not be pursued. When you already have so much to do for your world, there’s no need to take on too much of other people’s work and obligations. Instead, turn to personal issues and joys of life so balance can be restored.

When the Seven of Pentacles is reversed, it may indicate that you haven’t been able to make significant progress in an area of your life that is very important to you. For example, you may have wanted to be a writer for years but never developed the discipline to sit down and write regularly. You never took a writing class or even gave the subject much thought. The reversed Seven of Pentacles encourages you to put your fantasies aside and take action on your dreams.

Prepare to put in a lot of time and effort to achieve your goals. Unless you only want fifteen minutes of fame, you must work hard if you want long-term success. Don’t give up; keep practicing, practicing and practicing. Then go ahead and practice some more. Give it everything you’ve got, and then some. Only then will you notice fundamental, lasting changes.


Past -In the past, we have found faith and pursued certain goals while dealing with losses and limitations in our relationships. It’s time to assess our losses, consider where fate has led us thus far, and accept that some doors in our history have remained closed because they weren’t meant to be opened yet. Things you genuinely desire today have been tested for consistency, and your sincerity and commitment to your spirit’s path can be seen in your past mistakes and successes.

Present -The Seven of Coins appears in the present when we are about to give up, lift our guard and show ourselves out of the door of our own prior choices. It isn’t a pleasant time when everything goes smoothly, but the results are well worth the effort and you will learn what you truly want to fight for and what drains your energy. Unfortunately, some conclusions were made for the sake of gaining status and gaining the admiration of others, and your motivations weren’t in place to propel you to success as quickly as you’d like.

Future -Seven of Coins will take place in the future when the projects we are considering or starting today appear to be simple and straightforward, but they aren’t. It reveals the mystery of what we might lose, as well as the time and effort required to get there. Consider whether the goal is worth all the effort and make plans now to account for setbacks and difficult times when you will be required to do far more than you had anticipated.