Chariot: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Chariot: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Chariot, Wagon, Charioteer
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Success, victory, goal, leap forward
Reversed position: Accident, failure, resentment, severity

Chariot: General meaning

Chariot: Tarot Card

Direct position

There is a significant leap forward in life. A person is able to overcome obstacles, he has confidence in himself and his own abilities. Thanks to the layout of this card, a person can take large-scale actions, both in professional activities and on the personal front.

Everything you want comes true, enemies retreat, there are no obstacles on the way to success. And even if quite recently there were still difficulties, then with the Chariot card you need to get rid of past problems and take the first step towards your success.

The past should be left behind, because a new life stage awaits a person ahead. He will be full of strength and determination, show his courage and discover a new world. The chariot, as it were, pushes a person to take on some new unfamiliar business for him.

As a rule, this card falls to those people who really strive to find themselves, are drawn to something new, and they are literally overwhelmed with energy and enthusiasm. They are active and optimistic, and always strive to achieve their goals.

Reversed position

Nothing dramatic happens, but it’s still a bad sign. The card speaks of defeats and failures. And even if happiness was recently in the hands, then at the most unexpected moment Fortune will turn away, and bring with it many problems.

A person underestimates the situation and sometimes overestimates his strength, which is why all his plans suddenly collapse. He shows his selfishness, is very impatient and does not know how to manage affairs.

The Chariot reversed card is often associated with a person who closes his eyes at the time of an accident on the road. And instead of squinting, it would still be worth trying to turn the steering wheel. Perhaps - and it would work! A person can be mentally unstable and insecure. Someone else’s pressure can be put on him, the people around him will obviously have an adverse effect on him.

Conflicts with the law are possible, court cases are not excluded. Failures and upheavals await a person, his affairs will practically break down out of the blue. Maybe this is due to a lack of control and action.

The Chariot: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Direct position

If this card falls out to a single person, then it is not advisable for him at this stage to start a relationship with the opposite sex. First of all, he should think about his self-development and expansion of knowledge. It is very important to focus your attention on the goals, so that later you can be proud of your achievements.

The card has great power, and a person strives for his goals, only they are not related to relationships. A love adventure (holiday romance) is not ruled out, but this cannot be called a long-term relationship.

For those people who already have a soulmate, the Tarot card smooths out all conflicts and disputes in a relationship. This means that the couple has a rather harmonious and warm relationship, honesty and sincerity of their feelings.

Reversed position

Relationships are going through a difficult and stressful period. A person is not able to influence his partner. That is why conflicts and misunderstandings occur. Perhaps someone will wish to impose certain obligations on him (marriage), but he is not yet ready for such hasty actions.

Impulsive and thoughtless actions are not excluded. A married man or a married woman (depending on who gets this card) will want a new relationship in order to relieve tension and accumulated fatigue.

It’s easy to get off track in life. Someone will meet his old love, which will slow things down all the time, and also prevent a person from moving forward.

The Chariot: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

The card indicates that a person is ready to take risks for the sake of success and career. He performs new tasks for himself, gains new experience, and possibly completely changes his field of activity. With this card, it is important for him to be vigilant and control the situation.

You can’t relax, give free rein to emotions, you need to look only at both sides. Whatever blows fate brings him, he will win in any difficult situations. And this cannot be called a coincidence, only through conscious efforts can good results be achieved.

Reversed position

Unfavorable card for trips and travel. Travel is really better to postpone. After all, the card warns of serious consequences. Breakdowns, accidents and dangerous situations on the roads are not ruled out.

Perhaps someone in a tense situation will lose self-control. The card indicates that a person does not control his actions, and, as a rule, makes the wrong decisions. If you need to slow down, then on the contrary, it accelerates. Where it is necessary to show his efficiency, he becomes slow. He is very fussy and assertive, unreasonably ambitious, which leads to failure and inability to adequately assess the situation.

Chariot: Meaning of the card of the day

Now is the time to achieve your goals. And most importantly, focus. If there are any important and urgent matters, it is necessary to do them today. Do not even think about it for a long time, they will be executed qualitatively.

You should only move forward, overcoming all obstacles in your path. Contradictions and conflicts will be eliminated on this day. Only decisive steps and actions will contribute to good luck. But if there is no goal at this stage, then you can do something new. Travel and trips will be successful.

Chariot: Card Board

The Tarot card encourages a person to take decisive and active action. Any tasks and goals will be solvable if a person can concentrate on them properly. But before you do something, you need to think and foresee everything.

It is very important to be vigilant in all situations, showing your ingenuity and self-control. And then professional development and personal growth are provided to you. Thanks to his willpower, a person in different circumstances will look decent.

Chariot: Combination with other cards

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