Chariot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: The Chariot

Planet: Sun, Uranus

keywords: Intent, Determined, Movement, Initiative, Power

Affirmation: I am whole.


Governed by number seven (Uranus), the Chariot could be a card of pure connection of opposites, masculine and female, the Sun and therefore the Moon, our father and our mother and in its manifestation Leo and Aquarius. It’s widely connected to the parable of Helios, who rode his fiery carriage across the sky until falling in his rising dominance and an excessive amount of speed. Additionally, it typically gives contact with the sign of Cancer, the female and motherly, and also the Sangria found on the degree of Jupiter’s exaltation where all knowledge is found. This can be a sophisticated symbol to interpret, mostly showing guidance towards higher understanding and spheres we typically aren’t conscious of and shows that things we wish to find out about are of the essence for our spiritual growth. Although driven by a person, the Chariot itself is neither masculine nor feminine but asexual, bearing on the pure contact of souls that has little to try and do with physical touch and instincts and far more to try and do with the upper purpose, shared paths, ideals and directions meant to widen our horizons and perspectives. 


Rising towards the essence of every individual’s emotional path, the cardboard of the Chariot isn’t necessarily a logo of contact with another person during a way we typically seek manifestation. Instead, it speaks of tender, but platonic bonds, shared missions, and lessons we are to find out through contacts we wish to clarify. Suppose the connection already began and has its roots within the physical world. In that case, it’s an exquisite card to point out, for it shows that the aim of the bond won’t soon be lost, and beliefs and motivation in life are shared to achieve similar points of awareness and understanding. On the other hand, it requires alone time and enough room for clear and solid boundaries to keep us safe from any unhealthy or toxic connections that distance us from our path of sunshine.


A positive influence when risky matters are to attend to, and in fields of experience that need risk usually, it supports pilots, those on the wing control, the stock exchange, astrologers, shamans, and everybody on the trail of helping others through their personal growth. Still, it’s essential to stay in mind that it seeks absolute commitment to the greater purpose and us to act according to our true talents and strengths, shedding self-doubt somewhere along the way as skin that does not protect us.


Depending on our readiness, specific responsibilities we are carrying on our shoulders, this card might show that we are pushing ourselves over our physical limits in a very healthy layout. It asks for a healthy routine and our body is strong, so our ideas and minds may be unengaged to manifest what they are available with. Typically, it’ll show our stamina and strength but might indicate high fevers and immunity drops that lack balance with the sensitive side to our physiology that needs rest and nurturing. In an exceedingly harmful setting, it’d point to headaches, neural problems, and chronic conditions that immobilize us after we wish to maneuver the foremost, reminding us of the pace we are to carry on because we are limited by our understanding of the importance of our physical existence. 


When the Chariot is reversed, its connection to the autumn of Helios in great flames could be a risk to think about. But mentioning that ego prevailed over the heart, which balance has been disturbed deeply by our seemingly rational choices, shows that we’ve turned our back on our sensitivity or cast it aside to achieve positions of power, status, or success. This position won’t allow vanity or shallow waters, threatening our creation to burn in flames because we are attempting to suit other people’s expectations, social norms or be a grown-up once we simply must be honest with our heart. 


Past -A card of triumph, the Chariot speaks of the position we’ve been given with trust and reached by diligence within the past. It’s the purpose of our dominance, personal power, and lack of self-doubt. It shows that many of our decisions are made out of pure willpower and raised awareness once we were spontaneous and within the flow of life. It’s proof that we did well and shows that things we’d question today weren’t really to be questioned in the first place, pointing us to look into the long run for resolutions rather than seeking guilt, shame, and mistakes we once made. Finally, it’s a decent friend that sets us free from negative views on self and points out the importance of the inner child that brought us where we are today in its fiery, active, healthy, spontaneous glow.

Present - Showing the facility of will and our ability to rise from our obstacles, the Chariot carries us in the right direction quickly and without hesitation. It speaks of the state of mind that’s clear and uninhibited, of positions we would acquire, and therefore the knowledge we are currently gathering whether or not we aren’t fully tuned in to it every step of the way. It’d point to ego troubles that hold us back, similarly showing the frailty of our situation if we don’t have robust stamina and initiative to rise high for the proper cause. The sole thing to ask ourselves on this path is that we deeply believe if we do what we are for the greater cause.

Future - The healthy rising of Self, confidence, and strength, creative powers of the mind, and many movements needed to create great achievements on our path towards fulfillment, the Chariot is best situated within the reading for our future. In a way, it gives us freedom for hasty, childlike moves, and while it would be a take-heed call for our chosen steps, it reassures us that irrespective of what percentage of hasty mistakes we make, we’ll get on the correct path towards the chalice of data. Giving us wings to enjoy life, whatever it’d bring, sets us free from the burden of daily restrictions and opens doors for brand spanking new adventures.


In its first depictions, this card has been represented with horses and sphinxes in contrast with each other, pulling on a calm authority and top of things. Plenty of movement has been added over time, and even the animals that guide the leading figure have started running and charging forwards, although they need to be still within the past. In Thoth Tarot, the leader controls four animals, all remarking the importance of Saturn, structure, and self-control needed to succeed in the purpose of stability to hold out Uranus because of the light of idea and our own higher consciousness. It had been emphasized over time that it’s the force of protection instead of aggression, and in final observation, speaks of the primal opposition of movement and rest that must be in balance for private growth.