Death: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Death: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Death
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Liberation, parting, awakening, new period
Reversed position: Loss, stagnation, stubbornness, lack of motivation

Death: General Meaning

Death: Tarot Card

Direct position

The card indicates that in life something has come to a logical conclusion (died, outlived). But do not despair, because after the completion of one business, the beginning of new business, the birth of new ideas and projects will definitely follow. This can be related to both personal relationships and work. Also, the card may indicate that a person will have to part or say goodbye to his affairs forever, perhaps he himself will refuse something.

Arkan brings changes to a person’s life, the beginning of some new deeds and events that will be the most promising and optimistic. A person just wants to change his life. Unexpected and dramatic changes in life can occur. You may have to rethink your life priorities and goals.

Reversed position

The card indicates fears of life or serves as a warning. It is not easy for a person to let go of something that already, in principle, has no meaning and meaning. A person himself does not allow to end those things that should already end. The card also indicates that a person in vain hopes and believes in something. It was time for apathy and stagnation. Under the influence of the card, a person himself does not notice how he attracts even more problems. And these problems are very difficult for him to solve, and especially to complete them.

The card does not give relief, it is characterized by torment. Life changes happen too slowly or partially. A person is afraid of change and stagnation in business. A person under the influence of the Death card may experience weakness and malaise, a painful and passive state. Also, the card can indicate a situation of danger when a person miraculously avoids it.

Death: Meaning in love and relationships

Death: Tarot Card

Direct position

The lasso symbolizes the beginning of significant changes, which may be associated with a relationship or parting with a loved one and the emergence of a new relationship with another person. Do not be afraid of new relationships, but you should not rush them either. The main thing is that relations with the former chosen one remain calm and balanced, this is very important.

The card means a natural parting. As a rule, people part on friendly terms. If a person has been thinking about divorce for a long time and tormented himself with different thoughts on this topic, then when a death card falls out, you can count on a divorce. The card helps a person leave a failed marriage behind him and start building a new life.

Reversed position

In relationships, there is a vain calculation. A person can hope and believe in something better, but in reality, he will receive disappointments, extinguished feelings. You should not even hope for their revival - there is no love, no feelings. Relations have reached an impasse, and require renewal.

A person is afraid of parting, he is simply not ready for it, therefore he is painfully experiencing this situation. He is also not ready to take action in order to get out of this current crisis. It is possible that a person will be forced to remain completely alone when the partner leaves him all alone.

Death: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

A map in a situation may indicate a change in career goals, the cessation of any activity, and even retirement. The card speaks of the end of activity, advises to say goodbye to a position or job that a person is already used to. But before parting, you need to internally prepare yourself for this: get rid of the past so that you can expect new changes from the fate. It is also not worth rushing things, you need time for this.

The lasso indicates an unstable condition, the disease may progress. If a person is seriously ill, then with the appearance of this card in divination, it means the onset of an imminent crisis. Specifically, nothing is said about death, since a card can portend death only in combination with other cards.

Reversed position

An inverted lasso carries a negative value, as it indicates the destruction of plans, forced inaction, and slow development of the project. It is also possible that a person will resist the ongoing changes.

Unfortunate situations may arise or negotiations may break off suddenly. Perhaps someone at work will change leadership, which obviously everyone will remain dissatisfied with, or there will be problems associated with deception. Even if a person has excellent health, he feels great, a state of depression is not excluded, which can bring a person to a breakdown.

Death: Card Meaning of the Day

On this day, for a person, what is happening will become a passed stage (past). For some, this will be good news that this has finally happened and everything is over, but for some, it will not want to leave, because this time meant so much to him. But nothing can be done here, you need to come to terms with the circumstances, and prepare to part with the past.

There is no point in trying to keep what was, try to let it go. This is the only way to truly feel happy and free, although the concept will come a little later. The person will experience relief and liberation.

Death: Advice card

You need to prepare yourself for the changes that will take place in your life. With their appearance, a person’s outlook on life completely changes, he himself, in principle, becomes a completely different person. The lasso indicates that a person simply needs to go through this stage in his life: to survive it and be cleansed of all the past.

Life is so arranged: something passes and ends, loses its former meaning, but something new appears that we let into our destiny. After all, if a person does not part with the unnecessary and the old, then in his life there will be no place for something new. Even giving up bad and bad habits, a person will do more good than harm. And this act can also be called a step towards new challenges.

Death: Combination with other cards

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