The Devil tarot card

Tarot Card: The Devil

Planet: Saturn

keywords: Shadows, Animalistic, Curse, Instinctive, Cross of Matter

Affirmation: The Divine intent is my intent.


The Devil’s simplicity makes it an excellent ally in one’s reading because it always provides information about Soul lessons that are due and can only be overcome by a rise in consciousness and self-acceptance. This is a card with negative symbolism in general, indicating that it is time to let go of certain things, goals and rigid ideas that bind us to the material world or the lower instinctive or social simplicity that does not make us happy.

It is destiny’s challenge, the fatal attraction of souls who have yet to learn. It exists to put our faith in good to the test, to make us angry, sad, even furious and depressed, until we see beauty in all things that appear to be disconnected in duality. So while this card may indicate a difficult time, it is the strongest, most profound friend we wish to rely on to get our emotions out in the open so we can deal with them with a clear perspective.

Coming back to ancestral patterns of behavior, chosen paths are drawn to us by genetic magnetism, family karma and curses from previous lives; it gives us a chance to untangle our darkest shadows if we take on a challenge with an open heart and a focus on our spiritual and emotional growth. It’s raising its hand to tell us to look at how dysfunctional the larger picture is and what we’re missing out on because we’re being led by too many inner polarities that aren’t the truth of life we seek.


When the Devil is involved in a love reading, the forces that bring a couple together are the most profound challenge of love and attraction between two souls that need to be cleansed. While both people may want a simple romantic getaway and someone to cuddle up with, the role and image of a bond aren’t what it seems and this romance doesn’t appear to be anything peaceful or light at its core. Instead, this card comes up with an emotional struggle and a tear between emotion and sexuality, instincts and actual satisfaction that brings peace as if two enemies have just met to find love for each other and heal, matching inner oppositions and deeply rooted conflicts. It encourages us to see what the other person is showing inside our inner world and overcome our shadows so that we don’t become entangled in spiritually lower feelings, instinctive darkness, jealousy.


The Devil set in a career reading is the most challenging obstacle to overcome because things that appear to be pure ambition and commitment seem to be motivated by the wrong inner motives. Instead of choosing a professional path of creativity and love that they will enjoy, a person is set on their way to show how powerful they can be. It’s not easy to raise awareness about severe Sun issues that may have led us to succeed our entire lives, demonstrating how positive and structured we appear on the outside while falling apart on the inside.


To heal issues governed by the Devil, enormous amounts of compassion for the inner child and personal boundaries are required. Toxic influences, responsibilities taken from others while we failed to hold on to being responsible for ourselves, cause illness in the body. This card usually depicts the core of an inner wound that hasn’t been addressed until it has manifested as physical problems, reflecting our tendency to dismiss our own genuine emotions and needs.

A person with this card in a health reading needs to change their lifestyle, rise above excuses for choices that make them sick and deal with the most painful inner processes as soon as possible.


When a person tries to avoid responsibility by turning their heart upside-down, shushing it to sleep, or running from inner voices to achieve something that appears to be satisfying but isn’t, the Devil card is usually reversed in a reading. As wrong interpretations jump in and dark convictions push us over the edge, it’s the lousy intent and inability to listen to the symbolism and synchronicities sent by the Universe. This card is rigid and demands change without compromise, and it speaks of temptations we aren’t even aware of.


Past- The Devil shown in one’s past either shows dark shadows and internal issues. We overcame or set a dark and negative foundation for our current living situation, depending on the rest of the layout. It should be carefully interpreted because if the wound is still open and change never happened to support the inner child. Their genuine heart’s calling while goals were ambitiously pursued, money was made, and positions and status were attained. It may color the rest of their lives.

Present-In the present, this card should be viewed as a test of faith. Purity of heart is required, or things may go to waste, tear us apart or drag us back into karma circles we thought we had left behind. What we can’t see, the unconscious substance of it all, has a way of controlling us and convincing us that there is evil, injustice, and darkness in the world that is carried inside our own bruised heart and yearning to be healed.

Future: It’s getting closer to the time when we’ll have to face our demons and all the things we’ve been avoiding unconsciously for a long time. This card wants us to let go of unauthentic forms and poses that won’t let us compromise or be ruled by the erroneous desire to exert power over others. Instead of shifting responsibility to any outside authority to avoid dealing with pain that is, in fact, ours, a strong sense of purpose must be evoked in all our actions so that we can see how circumstances and other people reflect on the core of our emotional world.


This card has always been associated with egoistic temptations, dating back to the earliest known divination practices. The Devil has always been depicted as a strange, distorted earthly form, such as a goat, a ram, or someone with bat wings and bull horns, showing dysfunctional halves and pieces of a larger picture that we are to accept just as it is. It was always depicted with a face on the belly and eyes on the Marseille tarot’s knees. At least two figures tied, chained, or in a bubble (of not knowing) at the Devil’s feet.