The Devil: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Devil: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Devil
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Temptations, vanity, selfishness, sadism
Reversed position: Inner strength, indecision, abuse of power

Devil: General Meaning

The Devil: Tarot Card

Direct position

The lasso has a bad meaning and indicates that a person is not able to keep the situation under control, and because of this, he incurs a lot of trouble. The Devil card says that a person stumbled, and his actions led to self-destruction and degradation. The card warns that you should not indulge your weaknesses and follow their lead. Even carnal strength can be called self-indulgence. A person under the influence of this card will obey someone or depend on someone.

It just won’t lead to anything good. Some personality will appear in the environment, which will have power over him, depriving him of his freedom and a fulfilling life. Also, the card can mean that a person is tormented by his dark past, and he is dependent on him. The Devil card can easily lead a person astray, it shows how he plays with fire. In life, strong hobbies may appear that will harm duties, and because of passion, a person will lose his conscience.

Reversed position

An inverted tarot card has a positive meaning. Man is completely liberated from fear and dependence. He overcomes obstacles and gets rid of illusions thanks to inner strength. He does not indulge his weaknesses, he shows resistance to the overwhelming personality. He casts off all fetters and removes obstacles.

A person can act as a deceiver and a seducer. And everything that will happen in his life can be called a real catastrophe and exposure. He can be inhuman, indecisive and unyielding, often abusing his power.

The Devil card characterizes temptations that a person deliberately forgets about or simply does not want to recognize them. And this behavior leads to the most unexpected consequences. You should not avoid something forbidden, you just need to take it for granted and that’s it. Time will pass, and the forbidden temptation will remain in the past.

Devil: Meaning in love and relationships

Direct position

The lasso symbolizes strong relationships. Family marriage is based solely on carnal attraction with the person who does not deserve it. This is not about sincere feelings and romance, only attraction is meant.

It is also possible that a marriage of convenience, because words of love and promises of fidelity are often replaced by a desire to get all material goods, and its owner can be completely deleted from your life. His attractive appearance, teasing flirting, sensual passion, solid promises - all these are his cunning tricks. The card warns that the person is playing with fire.

Reversed position

The relationship provides for the sweetness of one partner and the strength of the second. One is a despot who subtly mocks his partner, possibly blackmailing him with weaknesses. This can be expressed by the phrases: “I can’t live without you in this life”, “I won’t survive this”, “If you leave, I will do something with myself. The second unwittingly or voluntarily becomes a victim. He tolerates everything, agrees and obeys his partner.

An inverted card indicates that a person has achieved another person thanks to a love plot. Such an alliance, of course, cannot be called equal. In such an alliance, one partner pushes the other.

Devil: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

The map in the situation indicates intrigues, corrupt practices and illegal transactions. The devil speaks of a tempting offer when a person is ready to commit an illegal or immoral act. It is possible that a person will discover sources of income hidden from others. It is not surprising if a person under the influence of the Devil card finds himself in a mafia group.

The situation simply forces him to act in bad faith, which he will later regret. The unseemly meaning of the card may be associated with black magic, fraud. The environment will always give him bad advice.

Reversed position

The negative influence of the lasso in the situation. Man is completely powerless and has no right to vote. You will have to face despotic bosses or serious problems in life. Perhaps it will be possible to get rid of this difficult situation, but this will not happen soon enough. If you do not resist someone else’s evil and vice, then this may indicate devastating consequences.

Under the influence of the card, a person will pass a test of strength. But most often there will be situations when a person falls into submission, but it will not be easy to get out of the circumstances. A person will not be able to do as he wants, because in his professional activity he will face failure and a fatal combination of circumstances.

Devil: Card Meaning of the Day

On this day, a person will see the shadow side of his character. Perhaps someone will lead a person astray and direct him to an unseemly act, or maybe he will completely change his principles.

It is possible that there is some inner motivation that a person did not even suspect or simply thought that he had overcome everything for a long time. You can’t suppress this impulse in yourself, you shouldn’t blame yourself, throw the blame on others. It is necessary to find the reason for this impulse. A person has to go through many trials, but rather, temptations. And most importantly, that he did not rise above others.

Devil: Advice card

Evil and injustice must be fought. After all, if a person has not yet gone too far, something can be changed and corrected. Even if a person has committed a completely bad deed, then he has a unique opportunity to change himself and take the right path for self-improvement. The trap in which the person found himself, he arranged it for himself.

It is necessary to take a closer look at reality, or maybe you are a victim and live in the slavery of another person. Or vice versa, you use your position and influence on another person, whom you simply manipulate. It doesn’t matter, you can’t use your position, just as well act as a victim.

Devil: Combination with other cards

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