Eight of Coins Tarot Card Meanings

Tarot Card: Eight of Coins

Planet: Sun

keywords: Dedication, Buildup, Decision

Affirmation: I respect my decisions.


With all of its gravity and force, the Sun rules the Eight of Coins, which represents our commitment to persevere through any challenges that may lie ahead. It is a significant decision that has already been made. After we have chosen a path, the process of materialization followed a plan and arrived at this point. There is enough energy here to ensure that everything goes as planned. Still, we won’t be able to do everything at once and prioritize our tasks.

There may be much pressure from upcoming circumstances that put our commitment to the test. Still, things will work out in our favor if we stick to the motivation source that got us this far. This card represents the stable point in the Suit of Coins. It shows the results of human work and effort, conscious thoughts and doings that don’t easily get tossed around and represent the stable point in Coins’ Suit. As a result, we can understand our priorities and move towards them grounded and sure of our future success. It is material progress positioned in our stomach and mind, allowing us to move forward through any ordeal that comes our way.


The Eight of Coins in our love reading leaves little room for doubt, but the conquering nature of its physical pull may be a bit aggressive on the emotional world. The most challenging task here is to strike a balance between our dynamic planet and our careers, our love lives and past commitments, and all of those extremes that are all parts of a much larger whole. We won’t get through this period without conflict or satisfaction with our choices’ impact on our emotional world if we try to fit too many things into the equation. But, on the other hand, relationships appear to be stable enough to withstand any challenge that comes their way.


We have no purpose of being concerned about our career, as we are doing our best to achieve the goal we set out to achieve. On the other hand, this card set may indicate that we have invested too much of our energy in things that aren’t our own and requires us to question authorities and figures who truly benefit the most from our efforts. It may arrive when we are ready to be our boss rather than working for someone else. If we don’t keep our eyes on the prize and keep our bodies well-rested, our adventures may become exhausting and too intense. Consider making gradual changes that align with your strengths and confidence.


This card has much energy, even if it sometimes depicts a period of stability and vigor just before we fall apart. It necessitates vitamins and much Sun, as we may be moving too quickly to keep up with our physiology. While some comfort zones should be abandoned and some barriers should be broken and overcome, we should not push ourselves too far to pursue material gain or any form of status and achievement. This card has a serious tone to it. While it doesn’t specifically refer to health issues, it does emphasize the importance of taking a gentle approach to stay healthy and happy.


he Eight of Coins’ reversed position is less productive than we might expect, and it demonstrates how working for the wrong cause can be futile even if everyone else succeeds in the same situation. It’s a mix-up, a bad decision and things that don’t mesh with our true personalities, leaving us shorthanded despite our best efforts. We’re supposed to get some distance and do nothing until we figure out our priorities and see the bigger picture that keeps us in touch with Self. Spending time on tasks and practices that we enjoy will yield more results than making arbitrary decisions.

The Eight of Pentacles represents something similar to the upright position when reversed, but the tasks maybe even more difficult. This means that you must act fast and with great care if you want to be happy and successful with the outcome. When it comes to working, the reversed Eight of Pentacles emphasizes the importance of impressing your boss with your diligence, dedication, and intelligence. Avoid avoiding any task or responsibility at work at all costs. Otherwise, your reputation will suffer. The Eight of Pentacles in love may reveal that you are both unprepared to handle the duties required to make your relationship work.


Past -Eight of Coins will take place in our past, when we have worked hard, demonstrated to the world what it means to choose and move forward, and reaped our rewards as we progressed. This card may represent a time when our professional choices were more stable than they are now, serving as a reminder of what we are truly capable of and what we are meant to pursue instead of doubting our abilities, depending on the rest of the reading.

Present -This card reflects our dedication and, perhaps, our lack of flexibility, which wears us down. Even though there is stability and a creative pull here, we must permit ourselves to rest, breathe in and out, and open our hearts to social and loving contacts that complete our emotional stability. Our current strength lies in the decisions we’ve already made and our deep understanding of our actual needs, but only if we can keep a sense of balance.

Future: It’s safe to say that a person will not be jobless or penniless anytime soon if this card appears in the future. It demonstrates that we are prepared to take on all of the responsibilities that may be thrown our way, as well as the severe consequences of our current situation. Whatever we decide to do today must be true to our most profound personal desires, as this will keep our motivation burning even when things get tough.