Eight of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Eight of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Eight of Pentacles, Work
Category: Minor Arcana: Pentacles
Direct position: Success, work, employment, luck
Reversed position: Waste, labels, need, pretense

Eight of Pentacles: General meaning

Eight of Pentacles: Tarot Card

Direct position

The Eight of Pentacles symbolizes a person who works for the benefit of other people. It creates values both material and spiritual. This person is free and successful, but only if he does not seek personal gain.

If the fortuneteller is looking for work, then very soon he will find the job of his dreams. You may want to develop your professional skills. Everything new that you undertake will be crowned with success.

The card portends useful acquaintances that can help in the future. Be more contact to expand your social circle.

Reversed position

The card speaks of the vain work and efforts of a fortuneteller. This does not mean a failure in business, but you need a mentor-patron who will give the right advice.

There are many deceitful people, scammers and lovers of dark adventures in your environment, so you should be careful in dealing with them.

Eight of Pentacles: Meaning in love and relationships

Direct position

The desires and plans of your couple are quite real and feasible, you just have to make a lot of efforts to make them come true. Relationships will develop slowly but surely.

If the fortuneteller is lonely, then the card speaks of a new acquaintance, which fate itself will arrange. It will certainly end in a serious relationship, a wedding. The marriage will be strong, the partner will accept the fortuneteller with all his shortcomings and advantages.

The Eight of Pentacles always indicates the successful development of relationships. A lonely person will find a mate, leaving in the past all complexes regarding their own appearance and fears in relation to the opposite sex, will become more liberated, learn to love and accept love from others.

Reversed position

Relations reached an impasse, a crisis ensued. This happened for the reason that your partner initially tried to make a good impression by creating the image of an ideal person, but in everyday life, he relaxed and showed his true character.

There is a possibility that your partner does not have the slightest desire to seek you out, to keep you. He appreciates your presence in his life, but takes it for granted. He does not try to analyze his own mistakes and mistakes, he does not want to correct it, because you will accept him back anyway.

In the layout of the character of the beloved, the card symbolizes duplicity, deceit, bad taste, laziness.

Eight of Pentacles: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

Don’t be afraid to try new things, especially when it comes to career choices. There is a chance that you will soon be offered a new job in which you will not have experience, but you will do it brilliantly. This will bring pleasure and additional good earnings.

Your skills should also not be left in the shadows, find a job where you can apply them for a decent wage. Do not underestimate your bar, because you do your work with high quality and with soul.

If there are doubts about the current career, whether it is worth changing the workplace or not, the card suggests that the time has come to decide to change the field of activity to a more successful one.

Reversed position

It is worth working on internal character traits. You have all the necessary skills, work experience, but because of your own rudeness, impatience and uncompromising nature, you miss out on the valuable opportunities that fate itself sends.

Solving the problem in an easy way will not work, it will only complicate and confuse the matter more, there will be conflicts with the authorities for these reasons. Apply more diligence in business, then your labors will be appreciated.

Eight of Pentacles: Meaning of the card of the day

Today is a day of new opportunities and desires. It is worth trying to take on a new business, go to study or develop skills. Success is chasing you, so whatever you do today, everything will be resolved safely.

The main condition is not to overestimate your own chances and strengths. Don’t take on a lot of worries if you understand that you can’t handle something in the allotted time.

Gain experience, work hard on every case, and then everything will work out, because you have excellent prospects for the future.

Eight of Pentacles: Advice Card

The card advises: first think before you say or do. This should be your motto in life, because you often do rash things.

Be more patient, tolerant of others, attentive to trifles. This will prevent you from making a mistake, which will entail serious consequences, ruin your reputation.

Eight of Pentacles: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
interrupt the process; let everything take its course; lack of independence; idle
Ace of Wands
step by step approach the goal; motivation at work
hone skills; master of his craft
King of Wands
develop creative abilities
study; pore over books
Queen of Wands
professional promotion
work bears fruit; do household chores
Knight of Wands
desire for more; an attempt to get away from the routine; lack of patience
business owner, boss; build a family to protect interests
Page of Wands
skillful use of their talents
discover talent; teach
Two of Wands
process stop
build relationship
Three of Wands
thorough business preparation
practice driving skills forge your happiness; collect things on the road; conveyor; manage production
Four of Wands
preparation for a holiday
show perseverance, diligence
Five of Wands
lack of independence; intervention in the process
Six of Wands
teamwork; successful business progress
uneven movement: sometimes empty, sometimes dense
Seven of Wands
an attempt to disrupt the case; intervention in the process
seek justice; correctional labor
Eight of Wands
signing a contract; streamlined process; rush job
stall the process
Nine of Wands
experienced worker; gain experience
lose your knack
Ten of Wands
excessive workload; labor
improve skills; the right pace at work
forced work; Slave work; work for mafiosi; focus on career
industrial injury; layoffs at work
hope to reach the pinnacle of excellence
engage in fraud
recognition of works
get out of trouble step by step
a new level of skill; promotion at work; achieving goals through hard work