Eight of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Eight of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Eight of Cups, Inner Change
Category: Minor Arcana: Cups
Direct position: Disappointment, uncertainty, modesty, honesty
Reversed position: Mediocrity, an apology, the end of a difficult stage

Eight of Cups: General meaning

Direct position

A card falls out, as a rule, to a person who is looking for more and more new blessings in life, while they are all in front of him. Often the card symbolizes the rejection of the worldly due to disappointment, the transition period. As a result, the search for the spiritual path begins.

The Eight of Cups gives advice to look for new sensations and opportunities, leaving behind people and things that disgust life, have become routine. Search always creates a feeling of insecurity in the future, but this is an adequate reaction, you are on the right track. Pointing to the relationship, Arkan makes it clear that the partner is not perfect.

If a complete disaster occurs in life, the Eight of Cups says that troubles will leave after a lunar month. Then everything will be fine. Some fair-haired girl or woman can help solve problems. This will not necessarily be a relative or an old friend, perhaps a new acquaintance. You should be more modest, stop lying to people, in this way, you yourself embroil yourself in unpleasant situations for which you will have to look for a way out.

Sometimes the Eight of Cups portends a journey or a move to another city or even a country. There is a possibility that a person no longer receives moral satisfaction, being in a family, he does not need it. Material wealth is what fills all his thoughts and dreams.

Reversed position

The card in an inverted position is a symbol of a perfect mistake, when a fortuneteller abandoned everything for the sake of a meaningless search for the meaning of life. A person has a vivid feeling that he does not live his own life. Or it is a clear symbol of the rejection of everything spiritual in favor of receiving worldly pleasures.

Often Arkan foreshadows the emergence of new love and relationships. Tasks that have been scheduled will be crowned with success, which will create a sense of satisfaction. The opposite sex will suddenly begin to actively show signs of attention. The loss of a card is a signal to search for a partner, fate itself sends many options.

Difficult times of crisis are coming to an end. At this stage, many make the mistake of stopping there. That way you won’t be able to grow as a person. Do not cling to the past, it will not end well. Let go of your memories, especially the bad ones. Holiday times are coming.

Eight of Cups: Meaning in love and relationships

Eight of Cups: Tarot Card

Direct position

The Eight of Cups in the layout of love relationships is interpreted as fading feelings, a disintegrating marriage. Relationships that have recently begun are hopeless. Almost always, cards fall out for change. But in the case of a direct position - negative. This may be a divorce, loss of trust, respect, understanding for a spouse. Something significant in life will be lost.

Often in everyday life there is a separation between partners, but not because of quarrels and scandals, betrayals, but for reasons beyond their control. For example, moving to another country.

If the relationship has just begun, it is not built on the basis of a strong feeling, more because of duty. For example, a woman builds a relationship with an unloved man because she is over 30. She has no children, she no longer wants to find a life partner, but someone who would fulfill her dream of becoming a mother.

The card can be interpreted as a search for new sensations. Old relationships and the routine in them no longer bring satisfaction, a person seeks to break out of this cage and look for new vivid emotions.

Reversed position

In most cases, such a card falls out when self-sacrifice occurs for the sake of a partner. Such actions are futile. If by this a person tries to keep his beloved, then the actions will not bring the expected results.

In some situations, the inverted eight of cups indicates the uncertainty of the fortuneteller and his inability to build adequate relationships. The subconscious creates a barrier due to which a person cannot overcome himself and develop an alliance.

Eight of Cups: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

If there was discord at a past job or in a relationship, then there is a reason to change everything, letting go of the past from yourself. Dissatisfaction with life, disappointment will go away if you change the environment and the people around you. Strive for change, because they are able to fill the void in the soul and life. The Eight of Cups can warn against family and financial problems.

Reversed position

The search will fill life with meaning. Work that brings only moral dissatisfaction, relationships that are hopeless - something that needs to be left in the past and let go of yourself. However, if everything suits you, appreciate it, otherwise there is a possibility that you can lose it in an instant.

If it’s hard to make the decision to leave your job or end a relationship with someone you’ve been with for a long time, then you’re probably slow to make a choice. Doubts arise on the basis of far-fetched reasons.

Eight of Cups: Meaning of the card of the day

Give up the usual path, go along the unbeaten path, it will definitely lead you to something new. But you should not embark on a path if your heart is heavy, there is absolutely no desire to do this.

In the layout, the card falls out as a sign of parting with something good. You shouldn’t be upset. Let it go, start looking. Believe me, other events and people will be able to surprise and delight you no less. In the end, you will understand why the breakup had to happen. All changes lead to a better life.

Eight of Cups: Board card

Don’t let go of the situation. It will never resolve on its own. Going with the flow, living like everyone else is a bad option. Be fully aware of any situation that is important to you. So you can avoid many mistakes that can be fatal.

Eight of Cups: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
vagrancy; desire to change places; lack of affection
Ace of Wands
search for your calling
Ace of Cups
seek love and comfort
Ace of swords
search for fresh ideas
Ace of Pentacles
looking for money
formation of own way of development
King of Wands
find yourself; meet someone significant to you
King of Cups
looking for sympathy
King of swords
looking for common sense
King of Pentacles
search for financial independence
seek true knowledge; go into all trouble because of a woman or for some unknown reason
Queen of Wands
go to the Queen, with whom it is warm
Queen of Cups
search for a soul mate
queen of swords
divorce; branch; manifestation of independence
Queen of Pentacles
in search of prosperity; go to the practical Queen
go in search of the woman of your dreams
Knight of Wands
spontaneous call
Knight of Cups
look for new experiences and new relationships
Knight of Swords
sudden appearance
Knight of Pentacles
methodical movement towards the goal
looking for a new job
Page of Wands
search for inspiration; desire to learn
Page of Cups
answer the invitation
Page of swords
Page of Pentacles
desire for learning
search for the meaning of life
Two of Wands
search for oneself in a geographical sense; an attempt to decide on one’s plans and one’s future
Two of Cups
search for reciprocity
Two of Swords
be in a hopeless situation; search for a compromise.
Two of Pentacles
the need to change places
looking for a new love
Three of Wands
business trip
Three of Cups
trip to visit
Three of Swords
Three of Pentacles
looking for opportunities to apply their talents
go on a trip
Four of Wands
Four of Cups
rejection of an invitation
Four of Swords
gain strength
Four of Pentacles
look for stability
Five of Wands
stress; showdown
Five of Cups
disappointment road
Five of Swords
lose your face
Five of Pentacles
go through the hard way of knowledge
go to a monastery; renounce the world; travel to holy places
Six of Wands
follow the idea traveling with like-minded people
Six of Cups
renewing old ties
Six of Swords
moving towards a better life
Six of Pentacles
look for a sponsor
change of residence
Seven of Wands
fight for a place in the sun
Seven of Cups
confusion; hallucinations
Seven of Swords
imprudent behavior
Seven of Pentacles
seek the truth
Eight of Wands
leaving home
Eight of Cups
Eight of Swords
get into trouble
Eight of Pentacles
job search and educational opportunities
sacrifice oneself
Nine of Wands
final test
Nine of Cups
search for happiness and satisfaction
Nine of Swords
get sick; succumb to nightmares
Nine of Pentacles
in search of a reliable financial condition
say goodbye to the past
Ten of Wands
failure; movement to the limit
Ten of Cups
search for harmony in relationships
Ten of Swords
come to an inevitable end
Ten of Pentacles
try to find a “golden mean”
fall into sin
follow the path of self-destruction; get into a disaster
seek your calling
path into the unknown
search for a calling
take advantage of the opportunity
seek meaning; go on a long journey