Eight of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Eight of Swords
  • Planet: Mercury
  • keywords: Dilemma, Limitation of Mind, Negative Convictions
  • Affirmation: I am free to create a satisfying reality.


Eight of Swords is that the card best depicts the limiting nature of our thoughts and convictions. After we get entangled in processes of our mind and begin overthinking, it becomes impossible to work out things clearly or move in any direction. We should act, as always. But it won’t be easily done if we predict options, consequences, the past, the future, rather than living within the present. This struggle and pressure on our natural impulse to do something sincere will make us sad and prove our negative beliefs right. However, we are those who made the selection to follow those self-same beliefs. It’s a difficult situation that usually poses a dilemma of the mind, two roads, none of which is sweet enough, while we would accept both. Here, the only solutions seem to be getting out of our minds, closing our eyes, diving within, and seeing our actual unlimited options within the world surrounding us. Our destiny isn’t defined or limited by our minds if we don’t let the brain take over the rule of the infinite realms of the guts.


When the Eight of Swords shows an exceedingly love reading, it’s quite an obvious calling for one’s heart to urge involvement. A possibility is that a person cannot see the critical situation out of fear and govern by beliefs imposed in their childhood by outer authority figures. Time for contemplation and solitude is required to what we feel and see how accurate our contact with another person. Otherwise, we would waste some wonderful opportunities to attach. This card is the prison of one’s thoughts, obsession, keeping them in repetitive loops, same choices, which will only change if the center is healed and allowed to guide the way.


A career reading marked by the presence of the Eight of Swords may be a strange situation that seems to be upside-down. As we’d expect our professional, rational behavior to bring the simplest possible results, but it doesn’t. The dilemma of choice between opposing opinions and stable authorities is in place. At the same time, we must always communicate our inner power and allow ourselves creatively, with childish decisions that others might fiercely disapprove of. It requires courage, requires taking risks, doing something that isn’t limited by the structure of our mind and reason. It will help us start working out where we truly wish to travel and recognize our true abilities.


Swords will be available for our health reading either once we worry an excessive amount about our physiology. At the same time, we must always relax, rest, and see that everything is okay, or once we are so preoccupied with our mind, we don’t know what the matter is. Typically, suppose an individual mentions too many problems, different opinions. In that case, this card comes as a warning to induce out of one’s head in need of religion and work out knowing that everything is simple because it is meant to be. An issue solves with realism and being calm. On the opposite hand, someone may be entirely unaware of their physical reality and body’s needs. The challenge here is to acknowledge the truth of our physiology.


The reversed position of the Eight of Swords in an exceedingly reading may be a great test to the selection we already made, upside-down and completely out of touch from our actual needs. This message comes after we are governed by fear rather than bravery. However, we seem to be rushing through strong and brave choices within the eyes of the collective. True courage comes from following all those fragile choices that others disapprove of, and one has to learn this, or they may hit the wall of disappointment.


Past - History marked by the Eight of Swords represents how we tried to form rational calls and decisions, wandering around lost but unaware of what the future holds. It shows what quantity we’ve grown since and how attentive we are to our emotional world. We are here today if we only remember the weakness of our mind within the past. This card may show that the muse set hasn’t been in tune with our Soul and is yet to blossom.

Present -With this card set within the present, an individual isn’t sure which path to settle on and where to show. Everything seems to maneuver down parallel, similarly powerful roads, and that they don’t belong on either one in all of them, torn between too many damaging thoughts. Time is required for solitude, meditation, and contemplation on options that are outside the box, where one hasn’t looked just yet. The most effective thing to try and do is – something else. Out of two options, choose the third.

Future - Eight of Swords colors one’s future when the time has come to re-evaluate our choices, or we would find ourselves clueless as time goes by. Consequences of too many “rational” yet heartless decisions will come to gather their emotional debt. If we continue down the same path, we will find ourselves ahead of a wall that we cannot move.