The Empress: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Empress: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Empress, Mistress
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Fertility, birth, upbringing, spiritual strength
Reversed position: Stagnation, depression, greed, suffering

Empress: General meaning

The Empress: Tarot Card

Direct position

Arkan speaks of vitality, fertility, growth and the birth of a new one. The person who got this card should rely on fate. Let all events take their course, the main thing is to calmly perceive what is happening.

All things are going to a denouement, which means that very soon a person will find out what fate awaits him. Perhaps, just on his way he will meet such a person who will play an important role in his life, will become a patron. In some cases, the card may mean an imminent marriage or conception of a child.

The Empress card is a good card. There is every reason to rejoice when it falls out during divination. A person has satisfaction from the ongoing events, which develop quite quickly.

The Empress has incredible energy, which means that all the things that were just lying dead weight will suddenly wake up and give new strong shoots. Under the auspices of this card, all things will be successful.

Reversed position

The card speaks of a lack of luck and professional growth. And this, as a rule, is a lot of problems and negative emotions. Naturally, a bad mood and failures in business can have a very bad effect on a person.

He will also be hindered in life by his negative qualities, he will show his selfishness, greed, jealousy. Most likely, this will be connected with a loved one, whom he is offended by, believing that he is only trouble. The card also characterizes material difficulties and discord in family relationships.

The person to whom this card fell is a cunning and domineering person. He is in a state where he is unable to solve his problems or make any plans. He has a decline in creativity, and he is inactive. It is very difficult for him to avoid quarrels and conflicts, even diseases are possible.

The Empress card carries a negative message. There may also be difficulties associated with pregnancy. Either it will be due to infertility or an unwanted pregnancy.

The Empress: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Direct position

The card indicates fertility and the likelihood of marriage. There comes a stage in life when a person achieves personal accomplishments and his life is filled with joy and satisfaction. Personal relationships are undergoing significant changes.

This may be due to the birth of a new life, because adding to the family is always a joy. But perhaps there will be other changes in the relationship of the two people. A new phase of maternal love may begin and family relationships may become warmer and more tender.

Heart affairs, indeed, will develop remarkably. And for those people who are unmarried or unmarried, this card promises a speedy marriage.

Reversed position

The card brings quarrels and discord in the family. Nothing good should be expected, just family relationships can end in divorce. The person to whom this card fell begins to understand that there are no true feelings in the relationship.

Also, the card can talk about a long period of loneliness, when a person may be in a state of depression. The lasso can be associated with condemnation and censure. For some, this may be characterized by extramarital affairs, an unapproved union, the birth of an illegitimate child.

Or maybe it will in some way be related to ethics, social status or gender reassignment. All this may imply the Empress card. In the same way, she can talk about infertility, infidelity and temptation.

Empress: Significance in the situation and the question

Direct position

The card suggests that good prospects await a person, sometimes even in difficult situations. He will have the right flair, both in business and in the creative process. For his ideas and innovations, he will receive a good reward. In many situations, he will expect many interesting and exciting opportunities that simply cannot be refused.

The card says that a person will be able to work in a team, and at the same time achieve good results. He will always enjoy the work that he will be doing. With this card, he will be able to show his practicality, determination and will skillfully conduct his business. In life, there will be people who are worth trusting.

Reversed position

The card means that undesirable situations may arise that can have a negative impact on work activity. A person may not cope with his official duties, may not be competent enough, he may not have enough professionalism.

Arkan speaks of unfavorable conditions at work, a person can be demoted, and wages will be cut. Fortune-telling on the situation means - a painful perception of the changes that occur in life. There is a danger that a person will not only be demoted, but also fired.

Empress: Meaning of the card of the day

The tarot card says that this card will bring an exciting day. Perhaps a person will want to go to nature to give energy and nourishment to his body and soul. A person will have a lot of interesting ideas, as well as creative ideas.

That which was unrealizable for a long time will come true on this day. And if quite recently a person simply gave up on circumstances, he will notice how they begin to rapidly develop for the better. And no matter what business a person takes today, he will succeed. Success awaits him, and all because he intuitively follows the right direction.

Empress: Card Board

The Tarot card encourages a person to simply calm down and allow events to develop as they develop. If a person can convince others that he is right, defend his point of view, then perhaps he will be able to help people in a difficult situation. And here, the main thing is to correctly use the gift of persuasion. Fate will be favorable, and it is important not to miss the moment of good luck.

If you act fruitfully, you can achieve good results in your affairs and business. It is possible that the business will grow and prosper. And also there will be new ideas and projects that will also please a person and cheer him up.

Empress: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
Consequences can be unpredictable
Ace of Wands
Birth of an heir
Ace of Cups
The beginning of a project, relationship, new life
Ace of swords
Birth of a child
Ace of Pentacles
Receiving a large monetary reward
Getting financial profit
King of Wands
Birth of a child
King of Cups
True feelings
King of swords
strong conflict
King of Pentacles
Accumulating a lot of money
An experience
Queen of Wands
Gaining Experience
Queen of Cups
deep feelings
queen of swords
Family breakdown
Queen of Pentacles
Manage your finances carefully
Knight of Wands
Unfavorable society, bad atmosphere in the team
Knight of Cups
Revolution of the value system
Knight of Swords
Threat from ill-wishers
Knight of Pentacles
Income increase
Starting a new business or getting married
Page of Wands
Collection of information
Page of Cups
Receiving a reward
Page of swords
Adverse situation
Page of Pentacles
Family harmony
Two of Wands
It’s time to take your business to the next level
Two of Cups
Partnerships are quite strong
Two of Swords
Terrible stalemate
Two of Pentacles
Many worries
The beginning of new relationships, including partnerships
Three of Wands
New opportunities
Three of Cups
Breaking the contract, divorce
Three of Swords
Breaking the contract, divorce
Three of Pentacles
You need a good leader
Four of Wands
Acquisition of real estate
Four of Cups
Resentment and pain gnaw at you from the inside
Four of Swords
Don’t jump to conclusions
Four of Pentacles
stability and prosperity
Accumulation of energy power
Five of Wands
Strong quarrel
Five of Cups
Stop thinking about the past
Five of Swords
It’s time to stand up for yourself
Five of Pentacles
Lack of money
Six of Wands
you know the true state of things
Six of Cups
Six of Swords
It’s time to change something in your life
Six of Pentacles
Seven of Wands
You’re wasting your energy
Seven of Cups
false hopes
Seven of Swords
It is not worth it
Seven of Pentacles
A lot of money needs to be invested in this project.
Receiving rewards for work, understanding the course of events
Eight of Wands
Eight of Cups
Deception, bad situation
Eight of Swords
Problems will accumulate if they are not addressed as they come.
Eight of Pentacles
Receiving a profit
Performance Awareness
Nine of Wands
Don’t trust everyone you meet
Nine of Cups
The dream will come true
Nine of Swords
Aggression, decline
Nine of Pentacles
Wealth increase
Something will drastically change the course of things
Ten of Wands
Bad feeling
Ten of Cups
Expansion of the team or family
Ten of Swords
Termination of pregnancy, caesarean section
Ten of Pentacles
Creativity, having children, business expansion
Pregnancy, no health problems
Are you dependent on someone or something?
miscarriage, emotional outburst
Fortune is on your side
Foes, unsatisfied result
The birth of a child or the completion of a project
creative energy