The Empress tarot card

Tarot Card: The Empress

Planet: Venus

keywords: Loving, Cycle of Life, Flowing, Pregnant, Figurine

Affirmation: I enjoy the beautiful gifts of life.


The Empress, the card deck’s second most crucial feminine energy, is the feminizer’s materialization, where fertility and joys of life on Earth can be found. She is the wealthy’s daughter, the only one who understands the value and can demonstrate her parents’ divine connection. This card emphasizes the significance of our diplomatic approach and our willingness to make sacrifices for our children and what we believe to be the greater good. She is the embodiment of love coming to life, of physical touch and of surrendering to the pleasures of life that fill our hearts with beauty and fulfillment. She recognizes how divine principles can be applied in the real world and is merciful in enforcing just and strict rules while maintaining complete empathy and the flow of contact with others. 


The Empress is the card of bodily love and one of the most potent symbols in a tarot reading for love. It gives us hope that platonic bonds will form and that our love will be reciprocated or will lead to marriage or a severe partnership with children. Its job is to remind us of physical pleasure and if she doesn’t get much help from the cards around it, she’ll remind us of the pleasure we’re supposed to seek without settling for relationships that aren’t satisfying and loving enough.


A woman in a position of power, according to the Empress, is a just and well-behaved manager who understands how a diplomatic approach to others can help get the job done faster. It’s a card of the promise of fulfillment, but it can be tricky when it appears in a job opening as it could indicate a lack of focus on professional issues that one isn’t motivated to commit to. It’s a point of inner authority where the projects’ easy going nature and our actual talents and strong points determine priorities. This card could indicate that someone isn’t interested in a position representing status if it isn’t in sync with their natural creativity and nature. It could also refer to workplace love stories and coworkers who make our hearts race and either distract us or bring us together to work in solid partnerships where incredible things can be created.


The Empress is mostly positive, focusing on health, but it also speaks of the growth and abundance of all things we have nurtured in life. This essentially means that her nature values our emotional choices, and the way our bodies treat us is blessed. She wants us to think about others and ourselves in a healthy balance so that our bodies can heal and let go of baggage that was never ours to bear. When kept at a safe distance, one will also be compassionate enough not to become engrossed in unnecessary emotional baggage.


With the Empress in reverse, we must confront guilt and emotions that keep us from achieving our happiness. It will always appear when we are either too lazy or too guilty to see how badly we have been treated up to this point. She always brings up a sense of dissatisfaction and a lack of struggle to the table, regardless of the reasons, and may point to overspending and poor financial management. The reversed role of this card is to show us that it is our responsibility to make things prettier and distance ourselves from painful relationships to make things inspiring and enjoyable rather than holding on to them by force of habit.


Past-The Empress may represent the power of creativity that drove our actions and moves or others’ intentions that were loving and inspiring for everyone involved, according to past readings. It’s a deep foundation for any future endeavor, but depending on how time goes on, it could be pretty disappointing and sad, as if imaginative. Grand love stories went sour, or creations were lost due to circumstances beyond our control. Therefore, it’s beneficial to have this card relate well to the card that comes after it in our timeline because it shows how the creative force and its benefits are used to allow the energy to circle, allowing new creations and joys of life to emerge. 

Present -It is typically shown today to emphasize the importance of our feminine instincts and desires due to its strong connection to pregnancy and the female creative force of life and beauty. It can refer to pregnant women in general and those who wish to be and it instills in us a sense of beauty that we must respond to. It carries beauty in the form of flowers and plants in a pot that we should care for and it asks us to remember what we want and how we can make our lives more enjoyable than they have been recently, right now, and without delay. It can also highlight our sluggish approach to the situation at hand, warning us that what we imagined will not come to pass unless we focus and work harder than we may feel compelled to.

Future- This represents good times in general and all those enjoyable moments that we wished to create but could not do so. When we carry too much weight, work too hard and ask questions about new satisfying moments, rest, fun activities and vacations, we are in the most powerful position of this card. She’s in charge of happy endings, proving that hard work pays off and that our dedication to our personal needs is rewarded. It speaks of new encounters and relationships to look forward to, as well as the imminence of material and physical pleasure. It also speaks of romantic relationships coming to life, a raise and payments expected to be received, as well as new encounters and relationships to look forward to.


A woman sitting on a rule, holding a shield, was almost always depicted on this card in the past. In some card decks, occultists have given her the starry crown, Venus’s emblem and the vegetation and wildlife surrounding her. She has Covey the Holy Roman Empire’s emblem on her shield – an eagle – as if she took the best from everyone in history. She is often linked to Aphrodite, the goddess of love from Greek mythology. Her card connects with the Death card because she is familiar with life, death, and rebirth.