Five of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Five of Coins

Planet: Jupiter

Keywords: Lacking, Concerns, Limiting Beliefs

Affirmation: I see all things through light.


The Five of Coins or the Five of Pentacles is a card when upright means to lose all faith, losing resources, losing a lover (mostly shows up when you’ve had a breakup), and losing security whether financially or emotionally (or both). Regarding the matter of fallen Jupiter, Five of Coins may be a card that shows we are stuck during a certain situation, and however hard we work, we cannot pass on to the following step of the ladder. This card is most frequently represented as loss, limitation, no purpose in our doings, and teamwork went wrong. It’s the purpose of our career and our life where we get entangled in collective beliefs and permit them to define our limitations, not seeing that there are other opportunities and ventures if we predict outside the box. Lack of cash and opportunities could tire us out, make us want. We may still quit, especially if negative people surround us and all lose their sense of meaning. It’s time to achieve a few true answers in solitude or with those that have achieved more and learn from circumstances that are kind to those that seem to be out of our league, as they’re in our life for a reason – to indicate to us what’s truly possible.


In a love reading, the Five of Coins may be a bit petty, sometimes even vindictive, and counting flaws in the very personality of their partner once they should be celebrating differences. One in every five of the people involved cannot make the following step, which could become frustrating and take the color out of the link when it’s meant to rise to a replacement adventure. The core of the problem should be examined, as the matter isn’t the absence of affection but the shortage of support to believe our own emotions. For those that are single, this card may come to indicate that they’re on the verge of relinquishing love normally once they don’t see that this self-protection won’t make them happy over time. Resolutions are found in an exceedingly different place than we predict or consult with those that share our problems.


Each career reading with the Five of Coins to present our situation requires action in a very different direction while at the same time stating the requirement for rest. Things that are repetitive and unsolvable drained our energy away. One needs the energy boost coming from something entirely different, even as much as they have distance from the identical projects that kept them in an unsuccessful loop. This can be an instant to test our heart for honesty and see if we truly wish to figure on matters we chose to pursue, or are doors before people constantly closing because we would like something entirely different out of life and our profession.


Five of Coins involves announcing the stagnant and chronic conditions that won’t either grow or subside any time soon, more or less, it seems. It should give information about throat and neck problems. Our way of expressing our creative self isn’t in situ. Our body typically informs us of the incorrect direction chosen within the throat chakra area. The collective and social should now not be put above what’s personal, and our physiology gives things that we are obsessed with, or signals will become stronger and more painful than they’re today. It’s time to give some thought to the foremost naïve, tender, and inventive self.


The reversed setting of the Five of Coins indicates that our cup is filled with negativity and beliefs that are imposed and turned upside-down as if to oppose our desires. It announces the time of change once we dive into our soul and start to work out that we can choose different paths. It brings an end to financial problems and shows how close we are to decisions that are faithful to our core of authentic personality after we are alone and committed to our desires.


PAST - Past reading with this card involved shows some hardship when our brain got stuck in a very long loop and took away lots of our time trying to decipher things while looking within the wrong place. This is often a blunder that was meant to show us something and a reminder that we aren’t to feel guilty about dalliance but see what the important need of our soul has been within the process. What’s within the past should be left within the past.

PRESENT - If this is marked by the Five of Coins, our state of hope isn’t set in situ, and to expand our horizons, it’d be best to plan a visit to a faraway land or find the outer source of inspiration and motivation for our endeavors. Labor might give fewer results and merchandise than we’ve got anticipated; this only indicates that the trial before people should be dreamed of and enriched by new experiences and more creative professional (and other) choices. It’s up to us to not stay stuck in one place or depend upon relationships that hold us back to assist us out.

FUTURE - Reading for our future with this card within the layout isn’t exactly what we’d hope to work out, obviously to indicate that many of our present choices aren’t really in tune with the yearning of our hearts. This can be a sign that we are thinking too small and heading towards an unsatisfying fence after we are meant to spread our wings and fly, and that we should start looking around the direction we already chose, as we’d grind to a halt in an exceeding place that might are avoided if we were flexible enough.