Five of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Five of Cups is, as it were, a burdensome card, conveying negative feelings, partition, absence of absolution, blame, and judgment, just as every one of those dull emotions that toss us into the opening of self-doubting or self-disdain. It is an enthusiastic stage that comes after incredible dissatisfaction when we are confronted with the duty we have towards our heart to hear it out instead of tuning in to any other person. The deficiency of contact with others is normal here. The progression of inward sentiments should be recovered to mend as opposed to depending on any external figures or passionate trades for self-improvement. This card expects us to experience childhood as it were. See that our solitary genuine association is a lot more extensive and more significant than that with any explicit individual, and its effect is rarely simple. It sends our direction to beat snags and updates, and we need to discover absolution and love for our internal identity to recuperate.

The Five of Cups shows a man in a long dark shroud peering down on three cups that have been pushed over – emblematic of his mistake and disappointments. Behind him stand two cups addressing new freedoms and potential, but since he is so fixed on his misfortunes (the overturned cups), he passes upon the chances accessible to him.

Behind the scenes, an extension crosses an enormous, streaming waterway. It prompts the security of the palace or home on the contrary side of the riverbank – if no one but he can proceed onward from the overturned cups. The scaffold is a message to ‘construct an extension and get over it!’


The sentiment isn’t encouraging with the Five of Cups in its manner, for this card addresses blame, detachment, and improperly decided obligations between two individuals. In addition to the fact that it requires isolation, yet it additionally shows that what was done left results that should be acknowledged similarly as they are, bringing up to the significance of the real world and individual limits of the two individuals included. Even though it practically rules out confident experiences and euphoric energies, this card advises us that we should live at the time and make strides vital for our satisfaction, regardless of whether this implies abandoning significant passionate contacts with others.


Openings don’t come by and largely come thumping with cups unfilled and our way muddled. Five of Cups can be steady professional movers that are unbending, apathetic, and excessively severe for one’s heart and show our absence of inspiration or interest in the work that is required to complete. This card can drive us into vocation adventures that cause us to feel forlorn when we would genuinely want to be a piece of a group or close the entryways we thought were open directly before our face so we can see the real benefit of living at the time and following up without much forethought. Its job isn’t to cause us to feel regretful or judge our expert ways; however, to show us how significant the inventive cycle in our life is for both our bliss and the course of our vocation as a genuine calling.


Five of Cups is frequently viewed as an awful sign regarding well-being-related issues; however, it is our chance to recuperate the center of feeling that prompted any dysfunctions and issues in our physiology. It might likewise show that we have been in the mindset of misery or contrary feelings for a long time. The weight of shaking an excessive number of critical perspectives may leave its imprint if we don’t change the point of view to see what is required for individual development. This card addresses psychosomatic issues and misery, lack of sleep, and a profound requirement for rest to enjoy the request to recuperate.


Five of Cups in its switched position addresses our failure to utilize our negative feelings for development except if on the off chance that we go to the Divine. It helps us remember the significance of confidence in our missions and every desire we ought to focus on. This position reveals that the time has come to leave the past previously and proceed onward, rather than remaining in a dim perspective or heart for a long time. It is a suggestion to wake up from feelings that we convey, see the master plan, and see what we have paid off as opposed to feeling remorseful. Requiring isolation goes us to the wellspring of information and comprehension of even the hardest of conditions we’ve experienced.


Past - Time for lamenting and lament is by all accounts behind us with the Five of Cups from before. It might address an establishment that isn’t sound yet also a circle of time where we may feel like we have been turning around and around for some time and have finally figured out how to get out. At the point when we had almost no and unearthed disillusionment, the principal question is – how we have managed misfortune and injury, and are we still tied by feelings that haven’t been utilized even though our “dull ages” are currently gone.

Present - This card will show in the present to bring up the significance of proceeding onward from the stale feelings we have been in for some time. The state it brings isn’t simple; however, it will free on the off chance that we assemble sufficient adaptability to accept our shadows and dim sides to our character. It focuses on the time we are, in, to mental obstructions for a steady passionate stream and our protection from conditions that we have experienced recently.

Future - This isn’t an objective many will get a kick out of the chance to see for the future perusing, for the Five of Cups declares the result of wrong activities made today. It is the hour of thought after moves that scarred others and ourselves and reminded us to check twice to pick our present setting great. It is an unmistakable admonition sign that we should recognize, understanding that even though we should hit a few lows to rise, we don’t need to do it deliberately when we can essentially set aside the effort to rest and smoothly evaluate our choices.