Five of swords tarrot card

Tarot Card: Five of Swords

Planet: Mercury

keywords: Lost Arguments, Misunderstanding, Conflict

Affirmation: My words are a reflection of my powerful personality., empathic, and authentic personality.


The Five of Swords is a card that represents drained conflicts and lost battles. In this atmosphere, even victory does not appear to be a victory and it represents a time when we must reflect on everything that has occurred and begin to see things in a new light. The struggle has depleted our resources and arguments and there is little left to say until the core of the problem is discovered and we are blessed with proper heart understanding. 

This symbol has much toxicity because it represents a dissatisfied approach to conflict that isn’t very productive or effective in resolving anything we want to fix. It denotes a time when we must rely on other resources, such as our inner strength, motivation and hope, to understand the meaning of everything that has happened, connect with our Souls, accept and count our losses and determine what we can do differently next time. This card’s greatest challenge is guilt and judgment, whether directed at oneself or others, which keeps us stuck in unresolved patterns and saps our energy when we should be motivated to move forward and clear the air.


Five of Swords comes to show that our little ego got involved when we should have been listening, feeling, and protecting our emotional core instead of jumping into conflict, reminding us that there is no winner in a love story. It represents relationship wounds that will take time to cleanse and heal, as well as a reminder that with enough love comes more understanding than we received and gave to the partner in front of us. If you’re single, this card will remind you of your strength and the benefits of being alone at this time in your life because only by accepting your circumstances and finding your purpose can you move on to the next stage of your life.


In a career reading, this card is usually unfavorable for goals we’d like to achieve. It suggests that we may have taken the wrong path, one that isn’t in tune with our Soul and that because we haven’t been using our talents, we lack the strength and energy to realize the potential we know we possess for a more significant cause of personal happiness. Something isn’t quite right, and we’re supposed to look around and consider our options, not because we’re supposed to give up, but because we’re ready to listen to our inner voice and follow our true calling to wherever we want to go.


With the Five of Swords in our health reading, our physical state can appear to be a truly abandoned battlefield, especially if we’ve been through deep and severe illness and given up hope. This card’s greatest challenge is raising our heads and seeing that there is still something worth fighting for. When it manifests in our physiology, it’s a sign that some of our beliefs are false, affecting our hormonal balance and making us feel worse than we need to with our lessons learned. The set of personal responsibilities is called into question, and our daily routine, as well as our self-care, should reflect our desire to feel good as a top priority. Self-destructive choices must be stopped, and if we are unable to do so on our own, assistance is available.


When the Five of Swords is inverted, it is oddly rewarding, no matter how frustrating it might be, because it indicates that we have managed to turn our minds around in order to find solutions to our present situation. It demands bold but versatile shifts in perspective, as well as a healthy metabolism, but it also provides an opportunity to learn a great deal from any state of tension that we might have avoided up to this stage. Finally, it represents our curiosity and willingness to try spinning backward and handing ourselves over by the feet in order to see things in a more logical light.


Past - Lessons from the past have been learned with this card and they should not be forgotten today. It serves as a reminder of the failures and demonstrates how we were unconcerned about the stuff that would challenge us again. The beginning of a new cycle and the point at which everything must go upwards or life will cease to make sense. It represents the moment when we have abandoned rationality and chosen to obey our emotions, even if we have to do it alone and feel as if we don’t belong anywhere at all.

Present - The Five of Swords sheds light on our actual energetic state and potential. If one believes they can do it all, maybe now is the time to focus on one’s own talents, skills, and emotional needs rather than smashing our heads against a brick wall. When this card colors our present, our social networks need a change and a shift of sorts. We must broaden the circle of people we associate with regularly to discover the absolute truth rather than spinning in circles.

Future - The future, which is colored with such a powerful card of verbal challenge, teaches us to be careful with our language and prevent disputes that will lead nowhere. A war can not fix anything, and the only proper understanding comes from the emotional and personal touch of two Souls. Ego battles are declared, and we are warned that if we do not raise our walls and defend ourselves while holding on to knowledge of other people’s suffering and true shortcomings, we will be bruised.