Five of wands tarot cards

Tarot Card: Five of Wands

Planet: Saturn

keywords: Conflict, Strengthening, Ego

Affirmation: I see the light in others.


When the Five of Wands emerges in a reading, it usually indicates that there are multiple sides to an issue that cannot be easily connected into one. While one may believe that there is always a middle ground, one may find it difficult to remain passive and maintain the healthy boundaries required to see the big picture. On the other hand, Hiding from conflict will not yield results; instead, one must maintain one’s natural position and place in the world, remembering that each person is responsible for their own life and destiny. No fiery card of wands tells us to be passive. Still, success with this card in the image requires much care, a solid plan and an examination of distance in personal contacts. Wills will clash and entwine, conflicts with authorities may arise as we fall and rise to become our authority over time and lessons in relating and healthy contact must be learned if we are to achieve our goal.

The Five of Wands depicts five men, each wielding a wand and brandishing it in the air. It is about some sort of disagreement that the queen is facing, as it is with most fives in the tarot. This disagreement can be interpreted as a sign of conflict between the men. On the other hand, it can be interpreted as a sign that they are all simply enjoying the adrenaline rush of the conflict and that the competition between them is of a friendly rivalry rather than anger. The calm manner in which they appear to be holding their wands gives the impression that this is more of a show than a battle.


This isn’t the happiest of cards for a love reading, but it could be a good point of spontaneous contact for a single person looking for a new adventure. It has much passion, but it also has much ego, and while love may be able to overcome many obstacles, we should spend enough time alone to see if our boundaries have been crossed. Like all things related to Saturn, this card could be about shifting blame in a long-term relationship that needs to be reexamined as each partner accepts their fair share of responsibility for everything that has happened in the past.


The Five of Wands is best for a career reading because it speaks of personal goals that we want to achieve and our willingness to do so. However, status should not be attained at the expense of others or by bruising others along the way, as our inner child longs to connect and belong far more than it longs to achieve grandiose goals on its own. Remember that things can be a lot lighter and carefree, but if someone tries to take what is yours or limit your movements to degrade you from the position you deserve, hold on firmly to your grounding and personal space.


When the Five of Wands appear healthy, it can speak vividly of our battle with the illness of some kind while also reminding us of the inner conflict that led to it. This card may inspire us to fight for ourselves, stand out from the crowd and construct a protective wall around ourselves to heal, but it could also be a sign that we need to rest because the struggle has become a habit when it shouldn’t be. Finally, it denotes the point at which we should take matters into our own hands, as we are the only ones who are genuinely responsible for our well-being.


In its reversed position, the Five of Wands represents the inner conflict that manifests in the outer world as insecurity and self-doubt, potentially leading to clashes with others that will serve no purpose other than to reveal our internal states. Admittedly, this is a challenging position to be in when the energy is pushing us outwards. Still, the problem is within and too much anger can lead to unproductive conversations, quarrels and conflicts, which may or may not be a problem with the person in front of us but with our reflection.

The reversed meaning of the Five of Wands could indicate that your natural way of dealing with disagreements is to avoid any conflict by fleeing as quickly as possible. This can be a good thing in some cases, but it can also lead to several issues within you that you will need to address soon. On the other hand, it could indicate that you’ve worked through your problems and don’t have any new ones to deal with.


Past: With the Five of Wands in our past, we can see the significance of battles we’ve fought along the way. They have thought of everything we need to know about the current situation. This card may indicate that we have built a part of our world on false premises or the misfortune of others. If, on the other hand, we have metabolized our responsibility and separated personal moral imperatives from the impulses of the outside world that used to bruise us until we defended our core, we now have a position of clear goals to follow today.

Present: In the present, conflicted wands allude to too many conflicted attitudes and the issue of prevailing willpower in one or more of our relationships. Going against the grain and being rebellious can be a good thing at times, but we must evaluate our strengths and determine if the final goal is our life’s mission and if it resonates with our hearts. Take a step back to look at the big picture and decide whether you want to continue fighting or if it seems like you’re putting your head through a wall for a minor prize.

Future: Your current course of action is bringing you closer to conflict. While one should not avoid conflict, the positive note should be maintained and we should try to show enough compassion to others today without depriving them of their dignity to fight their own battles without our help. This is a card that appears when teamwork goes sour and our relationships become egotistical rather than flowing on the foundations of clean emotional foundations and mutual respect.