Four of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Four of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Four of Wands, Blooming Garden
Category: Minor Arcana: Wands
Direct position: Harmony, peace, prosperity, relocation
Reversed position: Criticism, unreliability, disappointment, haste

Four of Wands: General Meaning

Direct position

The Four of Wands is one of the most successful tarot cards. It denotes a happy period, joy, good luck, enjoyment of all the blessings of life. A fortuneteller is in harmony with the universe. He is happy, sociable, optimistic about events.

It is easy for others around him, as he will help and support in difficult times. Doesn’t lose his temper under any circumstances. People are drawn to such a person like a magnet, and there is an explanation for this. He can give practical advice, provide financial assistance, as he is generous and open-hearted.

Perhaps a fortuneteller became rich by winning the lottery, or by receiving an inheritance. Now he can help others himself. The card says that fate rewarded him according to his deserts.

Reversed position

It seems unusual that this card does not have a negative aspect when reversed. A person on the right path of life, he controls his words and deeds. In life, he is pragmatic, knows how to achieve his plans, but does everything slowly.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of a fortuneteller may be the desire to become wealthy without doing anything.

Four of Wands: Meaning in love and relationships

Four of Wands: Tarot Card

Direct position

This card symbolizes the warmth, love, tenderness of two loving people. In terms of relationships, now is a period of enjoyment from the time spent together, when the relationship is said to be on fire. Pleasant chores from communicating with friends are also possible. It can be a trip to the sea in a noisy company.

It is possible that the fortuneteller just got married. He may be waiting for a honeymoon with a loved one, in one of the eastern countries. Dizzying emotions, passion, romantic evenings, picturesque nature. What could be better? In a word, it is happiness.

In the near future, the card promises the acquisition of housing and the birth of a child. In a word, a successful period that is remembered for a lifetime.

Thus, the fortuneteller must tune in to receive pleasure to the fullest. Life really spoils him.

Reversed position

If the Four of Wands is rolled upside down, this is a signal that the person is hiding his true intentions. He does not want to voice them to his partner, postponing the adoption of important life decisions for an indefinite period. The reasons may be different: constraint, fear of change, indecision.

The fortuneteller must find the strength in himself to make an important decision and talk heart to heart with his partner. A confidential conversation will help stabilize the situation, and omissions can play a negative role in the life of a fortuneteller.

It is also possible that the person being divined does not want to return home every day. He feels bad there, and the home environment bothers him. The reasons may be different: there is no mutual understanding with loved ones, the absence of one’s own room (more concerning young people), dissatisfaction with one’s life.

Four of Wands: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

If we consider the situation, this card says that the happiest time has come for the fortuneteller. He may not worry about anything, because in his life everything is going well. It is possible that at work he was appointed to a leadership position.

In personal relationships, marriage is possible. There is a high chance of winning a solid amount in the lottery. Perhaps the debtor will return such a large amount of money that a fortuneteller can spend on buying a home.

Also, the card can mean a transition to a new job. The search for a vacant position will be crowned with success very quickly. Career growth will be fast, because the person who is guessing has every chance to realize his creative potential. The team will have friends and like-minded people who will help the newcomer.

If there is no change in the place of work, then the dismissal and reduction of the fortuneteller will not be affected. He may not worry about it.

Reversed position

The card indicates that the results of the work of the fortuneteller are not visible. Perhaps he simply does not try, or does everything halfway. We must try to work more efficiently, or change our profession (if it has ceased to bring satisfaction).

You can expect good news, but they will not come as soon as we would like. You will have to sacrifice something, or endure difficult trials. So, the feeling of triumph from the successful completion of the case will be overshadowed by an unpleasant event. The fact that now there are temporary difficulties must be taken steadfastly. Very soon the situation will change in a positive direction.

Four of Wands: Meaning of the Card of the Day

Today is the day when you can do whatever your soul asks. You can safely get acquainted with new people, because there is a chance that among them there may be those who will become true friends.

You can make a gift to your beloved (or beloved) or organize a real holiday. If there is a person with whom a fortuneteller is in a quarrel, this is the best day for reconciliation. Sad thoughts must be driven away from yourself on this day.

Four of Wands: Advice Card

Arkan recommends acting as the heart tells. In this case, the situation will turn out well. You can’t infringe on your desires on this day. If you want to relax, then you need to take a day off from work and spend time with rest.

If there is a desire to realize your creative ideas, you must boldly go to the boss and tell him about it. In general, you just need to trust your intuition.

Four of Wands: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
drop out of school; can’t wait for the holidays
Ace of Wands
start of studies; celebration of the start of a new project
Ace of Cups
birth of a child
Ace of swords
peace in the family
Ace of Pentacles
inheritance; valuable gift
become a specialist
King of Wands
major contract
King of Cups
King of swords
protection of material interests
King of Pentacles
rich house; practical host
Queen of Wands
successful project; become the mistress of the house
Queen of Cups
queen of swords
property division
Queen of Pentacles
joy on the occasion of replenishment in the house
celebration on the occasion of a birthday, graduation
Knight of Wands
a contract that lacks a serious basis
Knight of Cups
wedding; matchmaking
Knight of Swords
fight for real estate
Knight of Pentacles
positive resolution of the real estate issue
corporate party; holiday in the family
Page of Wands
brilliant education
Page of Cups
holiday invitation; a suggestion worth noting; joy of pregnancy
Page of swords
disputed property; cold welcome
Page of Pentacles
graduation celebration
restoration of unity
Two of Wands
finding yourself after graduation
Two of Cups
Two of Swords
peace in the house
Two of Pentacles
financial difficulties at home
enjoying relationships
Three of Wands
contract signing and first results
Three of Cups
a party; wedding
Three of Swords
property division
Three of Pentacles
real estate income
wash car purchase
Four of Wands
Four of Cups
sad mood
Four of Swords
idleness; postponing domestic problems
Four of Pentacles
attachment to home
Five of Wands
property disputes
Five of Cups
problems in the house
Five of Swords
spoiled holiday; strife in the house
Five of Pentacles
loss of real estate; homelessness; shelter
enjoyment of solitude
Six of Wands
passing the exam
Six of Cups
meeting with those who were connected with you in the past
Six of Swords
Six of Pentacles
loan to buy real estate
Seven of Wands
disputed property
Seven of Cups
alcohol or drug abuse
Seven of Swords
house theft
Seven of Pentacles
investment in real estate
mark the deal
Eight of Wands
news about a joyful event; holiday invitation
Eight of Cups
leaving home
Eight of Swords
leave home; cramped living conditions
Eight of Pentacles
household chores; repair
lose dignity
Nine of Wands
an arrangement or contract promising a bitter experience
Nine of Cups
a full bowl in the house; feast in a hospitable house
Nine of Swords
property problems
Nine of Pentacles
prosperity in the house
Ten of Wands
unbearable obligations
Ten of Cups
family holiday
Ten of Swords
property loss
Ten of Pentacles
prosperous family nest; family property
go on a diet; limit your gluttony
idleness; revelry; alcohol abuse; devil’s lair
holiday on the occasion of promotion
the illusion that all is well
take solar procedures; relax by the sea
decent reward
triumph; holiday