The Hierophant Tarot Card Meaning

Meaning of the Hierophant Tarot Card

The Hierophant card is the bearer of cryptic knowledge and the secrets of the Universe, which guides one that receives it to choose paths that lead to faith through meditation, prayer, and other spiritual efforts. He is a synthesis of the past, present, and future. He represents the bittersweetness of the past gone by, infinite possibilities carried by the future, and the point of salvation in the present, which serves as a reservoir of precious values.

In some tarot decks, he is known as the Pope, and in others as the Teacher. While the names may differ from one tarot deck to another, the card ultimately represents the quest for unifying truth and higher knowledge that each of us strives to reach. No matter what the reading is about, he always stands for something profound yet to be revealed and beliefs that either need to be cherished or changed in every layout. He urges one to seek the secrets within, spend some quality time in silence and solitude, and the most important of all, he asks for unwavering faith and dedication in the choices made by the heart and in the healing rhythm of the Universe. The Hierophant has shown up to tell you to hold on to hope because the Universe has mysterious ways of making everything eventually work out. This is the card that serves as a bridge between you and your maker only if you do not lack vision, faith, and the width of the heart. If you do have a deficit of those, you might discard it as unrealistic. The choice to believe is up to you.


The Hierophant interprets love a bit differently than other members of the major arcana. He views love as the only true law that prevails on Earth, the ruler of all oppositions and the most significant light of guidance for all mortals. He believes wholeheartedly in love, its purpose, and the power of choice that all humans are blessed with, or rather cursed. One can create circumstances and shape their entire life with love or the lack of it. The one to evoke belief in love in a reading of romance and relationship, the Hierophant directs you to Divine forces that we are all meant to give in to. He represents the flow of positive feelings that should lead the way no matter the consequence of the bond you share with your partner. It serves as a reminder that every person you have loved played a part in your life for a reason and that you must not be quick to dismiss your most emotional side when making decisions in life.


When the Hierophant emerges in a career reading, it points out the need to learn beyond what you already know and connect more with others in order to share the knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated until now. The card can also hint at meeting a mentor you are meant to learn great lessons from on your career path. He shows the possibility of visions that could be materialized through efforts and understanding. He speaks of the involvement of many followers and helpers that you are bound to meet along the way while you engage in battles for the greater good and other crucial matters. His ideas will not be easy to achieve, but he will provide you with the strength at the right time to continue to march on, for Divine guidance is always present to support anyone willing to look for it. The Hierophant is a card of expansion, of a raise that can be achieved when you follow your true calling. All he asks for in return is to dive deep within and ask that ignored inner voice for its guidance.


As a savior and priest, the Hierophant carries good news. He shows faith, alternative healing techniques, and all other methods that require less overthinking and more emotion. He is the bearer of good news and blessings, which might have appeared to make you realize that your troubles are nothing but the psychological and emotional needs that lie repressed in your being. But, on the other hand, he is the connection between Jupiter and Taurus that symbolizes growth in the physical sense. This card will warn you about negative things that might grow with you until you learn what it wants to teach you. Further, it will encourage you to embrace all the non-verbal signals from our physiology as a natural process of development and faith.

The Hierophant Reversed

The reversed position of the Hierophant depicts the lack of faith and wisdom. It speaks of negative beliefs or wasted opportunities and perspectives that distort reality to be more unsatisfactory and saddening than it is, leaving one disheartened by life. The Hierophant Reversed will test your moral compass and desire to pursue what feels right instead of blindly following common goals and beliefs. Established perceptions will be turned upside down, opening the entrance for wrong information that might ultimately serve as a foundation for the purpose we wish to fulfill in life. Still, you can make the right choices by traveling within and asking your inner self what it wants because it can never be influenced by external forces of greed and other negative emotions. By looking deep within yourself instead of chasing directions that have been made out of dishonest foundations, you can take on any challenges head-on.

The Hierophant TimeLine

Past: When the Hierophant appears in a reading of the past, he represents the high hopes and faith you held about specific people or circumstances to be an ideal match for your soul. He talks about the importance of lessons you have learned by now, and in a way, advises you to implement and put to good use today the things you learned from the processes you had been through yesterday. Let’s take an example; this card might show one the college they graduated from, their prior education, or aspirations one strived for when they were younger. To sum it up, he asks you not to dismiss the ideals you had once dreamed of and try to make room for them along with the present-day responsibilities and duties you are obligated to carry out.

Present: The Hierophant symbolizes excellent aspirations and hopes that can be achieved at this moment in time. Although it is primarily a bearer of the most divine and positive beliefs, it might speak of your inability to face the world and view reality as it is now. When he appears in a reading of the present, you will be reminded of true purpose and meaning in all the things you wish to learn and pursue. He speaks of more skills and lessons that need to be acquired to materialize your goals for the future entirely. So, the Hierophant suggests travel to develop new perspectives and expand your horizons as much as possible. In a nutshell, he represents your talent to absorb knowledge, so he advises you to extend your boundaries and capabilities, which will help you and provide more clarity before taking the final step to create something real and tangible.

Future: This card, in a way, belongs to the future, which is the Hierophant’s natural habitat. As a carrier of pure faith and the ideals one strives to accomplish, he will show you the destination that you are capable of reaching to inspire you to keep moving forward. It is a wonderful card to get, especially in a reading of the future, because it assures you that you will be supported by God and the Universe endlessly no matter what you encounter along the way to achieve your dreams. With its blessing in your future path, this card will bring you the promise of spiritual evolution and fulfillment of heart even with hurdles that you might stumble upon along the way.

The History of the Hierophant

Regarded as the ruler of salvation for the human race, the Hierophant takes the position of the head in the religious hierarchy among people. It derives his name from ancient Greece as a representation of holiness. In Attica (ancient Greece), he served the title of chief priest who was the interpreter of sacred mysteries. The “hiera” directly translates to “the holy,” and “phanein” translates to “to show.” Throughout the ages of history, this card assumed the role of showing divinity to ordinary folks and encouraging them to question imposed morals as it is crucial to test and demystify them on one’s path of spiritual growth.