The Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

The Hierophant: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Hierophant, High Priest
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Wisdom, traditions, spiritual leader, wedding readiness
Reversed position: Stubbornness, courage, vindictiveness, fanaticism

The Hierophant: General Meaning

The Hierophant: Tarot Card

Direct position

The Hierophant in a direct position says that a person has the qualities of a leader, or he has a very high degree of development, and he can give wise advice. This is someone who is ready to receive knowledge from higher powers, or to teach someone himself. This is a fair and strict person, a spiritual teacher, the leader of any group or organization, he firmly believes in traditions and morals, and follows all social rules.

Sometimes a card can indicate conscience, parents, a family as a whole, or it can show healers and psychologists, everything related to the law and the value system.

This is a person who seriously thinks about the intention to marry, or he takes part in any religious service. The Hierophant will talk about visiting a consultant, lawyer, doctor, educator. Someone will appear in your life who will give you the necessary advice or help.

The Hierophant predicts spiritual perfection or the fulfillment of some specific tasks, often says that a person has some kind of inner strength, and he is capable of much. This is a merciful and sincere person who is capable of a great feeling or friendship. These people make the best doctors.

Reversed position

An inverted card indicates that the problem in question cannot be solved by standard methods, and you will have to use something not very bold, original. On the other hand, the Priest means stubbornness, unwillingness to see beyond the boundaries of one’s understanding. The case may be spoiled by bad advice or vindictiveness.

Sometimes the card says that the person next to you is hiding under some kind of mask, pretending to be. If we talk about religion, then it can be fanaticism, when a hobby turns into an obsession. If they ask about a marriage union, then the time is far from the best for getting married or getting married.

The reversed Hierophant explains that the situation is out of your control and the best thing to do is to wait. It is possible that you treated another person with a kindness that was excessive, very stupid, and now you paid for it. Or you received information of dubious content that misled you. You will have to rethink everything in your life, change, otherwise there will be no way out of the situation.

If an inverted Hierophant is rolled, it means that there is no patron at the moment, or the person has an inert character, and he does not want to accept any other opinion than his own. Often means reticence, cancellation of any agreements. It also personifies lies and greed, flattery, hypocrisy.

The Hierophant: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Direct position

Let’s say that you are doing a layout for love, and the Hierophant fell out to you, then he indicates an increasing trust, an improvement in moral values, personal qualities. Partnerships will get better and better, you will have a strong desire to marry, strengthen your friendship with some person.

The card guarantees that the decision will be unchanged, that the wedding ceremony, if one was planned, will certainly take place.

It should be borne in mind that The Hierophant is a rigid system of hierarchy, if a person enters the system, then he risks staying in it forever.

Thus, if they ask about a spiritual union with God, they talk about a religious organization, then it is quite possible that we are talking about a sect, or strict adherence to hierarchical rules, for example, career advancement. If these are friendly or love relationships, then they will be smooth and stable.

Reversed position

Unfortunately, the inverted Hierophant says that the word given to a person will not be fulfilled. Or just before the wedding there will be a terrible quarrel, after which the relationship will be completely broken.

The card also tells that family members are in no hurry to comply with the duties assigned to them. Or someone in the family can behave completely indecently.

The Hierophant: Significance in Situation and Question

Direct position

The direct position speaks of the learning process or the wedding ceremony. Suppose a person asks if he needs to go to college, then The Hierophant unambiguously answers him that he must do it.

And the union can be not only marriage, but also spiritual, for example, a person is about to leave for a monastery or completely devotes himself to poetry.

Reversed position

An inverted card in a situation will indicate that some reasons do not allow a person to learn, and the union will be impossible. For example, there will be a problem with paying for tuition, breaking off the engagement, changing the decision.

The teacher will turn out to be very bad, the teaching will be false teaching, the opportunities and time for the marriage union will not coincide.

The Hierophant: Meaning of the card of the day

If you got the Hierophant, then this is getting sensible, reasonable advice, a hint about how to get out of the situation. Or a person himself can become a teacher for someone. But do not assert yourself at the expense of another.

The rules or rituals that were produced and helped before have already become meaningless, and empty chatter is not useful. You need to look inside the case, look for values there that are not visible at first glance. You may be drawn into some kind of conflict, but then it is best for you to try to either avoid it or resolve the issue without neglecting morality.

If a person decides to make a choice, then he must think it over properly in order to do everything right. Otherwise, he will have to regret it very much and for a long time.

The Hierophant: Card Advice

You undoubtedly know a lot, you have reached a certain position, but do not confuse pride and pride, do not stop there, get hung up, this can lead you to fanaticism.

You can not be 100% sure that you are right, because the issue can be solved in other ways. It is possible that you can suggest an answer to a person, but your action must be correct, not hasty, otherwise it can harm, not help.

The Hierophant warns you that you may not be taught what is right. Try to look at learning from different angles, do not get stuck in inertia, do not be afraid to look beyond the ordinary.

The Hierophant: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
Cancellation of the wedding is likely, a revolution in the value system
Ace of Wands
Creative success
Ace of Cups
Abundance, material and spiritual wealth in marriage
Ace of swords
Receiving a reward
Ace of Pentacles
Faith only in one’s own strength, the person is very gifted
King of Wands
Authoritarian personality, mentor
King of Cups
Business success, inspiration
King of swords
Intelligence can be a heavy burden too
King of Pentacles
business success
Sticking to the rules
Queen of Wands
Religious rank
Queen of Cups
The perfect companion next to you
queen of swords
Loneliness, betrayal
Queen of Pentacles
Marriage of convenience
The birth of a long-awaited child in marriage
Knight of Wands
Soul wanderings
Knight of Cups
Test of endurance
Knight of Swords
Hatred, aggression
Knight of Pentacles
big win
Blindly following the law
Page of Wands
News from relatives
Page of Cups
Page of swords
Page of Pentacles
rich fan
Two of Wands
Lack of peace
Two of Cups
Profitable cooperation
Two of Swords
Marriage of convenience
Two of Pentacles
Creating your own value system
Three of Wands
Make a decision beforehand weighing everything
Three of Cups
Reconciliation with the Beloved
Three of Swords
One of the partners may refuse the wedding
Three of Pentacles
Receiving a gift
Searching for the meaning of life
Four of Wands
Four of Cups
disappointment in love
Four of Swords
Death of a relative
Four of Pentacles
Big legacy
Obedience to established rules
Five of Wands
Quarrel with relatives
Five of Cups
good news
Five of Swords
You will be insulted by a person who is older than you
Five of Pentacles
The search for truth and truth
Six of Wands
Desire to find the truth
Six of Cups
Meeting with a former lover
Six of Swords
good trip
Six of Pentacles
Evaluate your partner, maybe he is not right for you
Something will make you drastically change your views
Seven of Wands
Seven of Cups
Seven of Swords
The appearance of a mistress
Seven of Pentacles
Do not trust business partners
The person next to you has high moral values
Eight of Wands
Marriage of convenience
Eight of Cups
Oversaturation of feelings
Eight of Swords
Eight of Pentacles
Young mistress
Rigid person, conservative, unable to change his views
Nine of Wands
Nine of Cups
Someone will try to undermine your authority
Nine of Swords
Nine of Pentacles
Close connection, help
Changed its principles
Ten of Wands
loss of faith
Ten of Cups
Ten of Swords
It’s time to mature
Ten of Pentacles
The birth of a boy
Cohabitation, an attempt to build relationships
Aggression, blindly following someone’s rules
Happiness in marriage
Energy storage
Creating a happy family