Justice: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Justice: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Justice
Category: Major Arcana
Direct position: Karma, balance, responsibility, honesty
Reversed position: Conflicts, laziness, extremes, loss

Justice: General

Justice: Tarot Card

Direct position

Justice says that a person must take responsibility for all his actions, for all his ideas, for thoughts. Payback is coming, sobering is coming. Order must be restored. In general, Justice speaks of the work of a person associated with jurisprudence, such as a judge. Or you have to take part in any court session. If you have been unfairly accused, then expect this person to apologize soon.

If you make an association with a proverb, then this one is best suited: “As it comes around, it will respond.” Justice tells you that you will face the consequences of all your actions, so be prepared. But on the other hand, perhaps balance or harmony will finally come in your life, and you will get what you deserve.

You must weigh everything carefully before making any decision. Think it over more. If the conversation turns to court cases, they will be considered impartially.

Reversed position

If Justice fell to you in an inverted position, then you will lose something, you will have problems or difficulties with the law, you can also be falsely accused. It can even come to any abuse, conflict, concealment of any serious crime.

You will clearly feel unfair and prejudiced treatment. You are not interested enough or very self-confident, this is not in your favor. Looking for an apology from someone? Don’t wait, it won’t. Are you afraid to upset someone? Don’t be afraid, it’s useless. The exam will not be passed, the trial will be unfair, or will be postponed.

Arkan denotes bureaucrats, corrupt officials, as well as a person who wants to arrange lynching. The accusation against you was presented in vain. You most likely will not pass the interview, you may need to prepare better.

Justice: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Justice: Tarot Card

Direct position

Arkan says that a person is ready to marry or to maintain a stable and long relationship. But this is not passion, this is calculation. If they ask about friendships, then friendship will be honest and decent, each of the partners will try to help each other as much as possible, share their ideas, money, and so on.

Treat your partner sincerely, try to respect all his passions and interests, make any concessions, try to settle things peacefully.

Reversed position

Justice says: partners will be dishonest, all obligations will be violated, some problems will arise with a lover or partner. Perhaps they will try to involve you in illegal adventures. The case can be complicated, the marriage will end in a lawsuit, such as divorce.

If a person asks how his friend or partner treats him, and an inverted Justice falls out, then this means aggression, criticism and very negative attitudes. Such relationships have no future, therefore, most likely, the business union will be destroyed, the couple will part.

Do not trust too much your love partner, try not to become a victim, and when meeting, it is best to avoid deception. One of the partners is deceiving the other, it is quite possible that with good intentions, but it is best to reveal the bitter truth. Most likely, your partner wants to break up with you.

Justice: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

The card says that the situation will certainly clear up if it was confusing and incomprehensible. There will be some facts, or someone will provide information, or there will be a witness. Justice will certainly be restored.

The merits will be surely recognized, the person will receive a reward, even more than he imagined. The decision will be fair, you will be repaid the debt, will be provided with a full report or all the necessary documentation and information.

Reversed position

The problem will not be resolved very soon, it is possible that it will not be resolved at all. The situation will become even more confused, there can be no talk of any justice, on the contrary, one must expect slander and meanness.

The management will treat you unfairly, you will be demoted, the expenses will be unreasonable. In the end, the secret will still be revealed. It is necessary to reconsider relations, and to postpone new acquaintances. If you ask about any values, they may be lost.

The opinion will be biased, the facts are unverified. It will be impossible to get to the truth. Persecution, unrighteous attitude. Incompetence, violation of the law.

If it comes to work or partnership, then the inverted Justice says that a person is very dependent on some other person’s opinion. He tries, plows like a slave on a plantation, but the boss or the team does not appreciate all the efforts. Or perhaps the person himself is terribly irresponsible about his work or some business.

Justice: Card Meaning of the Day

Arkan says that it is necessary to think very well and soberly over current affairs. If any conflict is resolved, any decisions are made, carefully and meticulously calculate all the consequences of your actions. Review the terms of the contract, do not miss the little things.

Justice: Advice card

Justice claims that a person can lose something, an insult can be suffered undeservedly, and money is simply thrown into the wind. Your partner or friend hangs noodles on your ears. Or even worse - he says one thing to the eye, and he himself is engaged in spreading rumors that discredit you or slander behind your back.

You can not be too emotional, deceived by mirages and build castles in the sand. Avoid excessive self-confidence, so as not to cry bitter tears later.

Justice: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
Failure to find the truth
Ace of Wands
Luck will be on your side
Ace of Cups
Justice, paying bills
Ace of swords
Punishment, paying bills
Ace of Pentacles
Support from loved ones, problem solving
Fraud, fraud, attempt to deceive the law
King of Wands
You have the opportunity to challenge the verdict
King of Cups
petty sin
King of swords
Next to you is a very angry person who cannot be trusted
King of Pentacles
Adult male holding a high position
Someone is trying to deceive you, there are ulterior motives
Queen of Wands
It’s time to take responsibility for your actions
Queen of Cups
Participation in the trial
queen of swords
Wrong problem solving
Queen of Pentacles
Contempt, neglect of one’s duties
There is an important decision to be made. Don’t make a mistake
Knight of Wands
Breaking news that will knock you off your feet
Knight of Cups
risky event
Knight of Swords
Carelessness, mistakes
Knight of Pentacles
Boredom, excessive responsibility
Problems to be resolved
Page of Wands
Rethink your attitude to the situation
Page of Cups
small victory
Page of swords
Escape from justice
Page of Pentacles
Having a student
relationship building
Two of Wands
Rate the possibilities
Two of Cups
Ruin, waste of money
Two of Swords
Divorce, division of property
Two of Pentacles
Receiving punishment, fair retribution
Weakness, fear, self-doubt, making mistakes
Three of Wands
Realization of truth
Three of Cups
An important witness of some incident
Three of Swords
Payment of taxes, problems
Three of Pentacles
Transfer of property to someone else
The signing of an important agreement is impossible due to disagreements
Four of Wands
wedding, arranged marriage
Four of Cups
Fortune is not on your side
Four of Swords
Caution, loneliness
Four of Pentacles
Giving a bribe to an official
Subordination, legislation
Five of Wands
Complaints, lawsuits
Five of Cups
Receipt of a large inheritance, probate
Five of Swords
damage, ill health
Five of Pentacles
Problems with law
Six of Wands
victory, success
Six of Cups
Impact on other people, meeting old acquaintances
Six of Swords
Abrupt changes in life
Six of Pentacles
Big health problems
Extremely unfortunate circumstance
Seven of Wands
A problem that will not be solved for a long time
Seven of Cups
Arrest, lawsuit
Seven of Swords
Making an important decision
Seven of Pentacles
Tensions with companions
Eight of Wands
The conclusion of an important contract
Eight of Cups
Receiving news about missing acquaintances
Eight of Swords
Severe illness of a relative
Eight of Pentacles
Fraud, not fair play
Nine of Wands
legal action
Nine of Cups
You need legal advice
Nine of Swords
Distrust, fraud
Nine of Pentacles
Failure to comply with orders
Execution of a severe sentence
Ten of Wands
You can defeat enemies
Ten of Cups
Receiving a profit
Ten of Swords
Insult, aggression
Ten of Pentacles
Shenanigans, there are a lot of corrupt people around
Independence, fanaticism
severe affliction
joy, success
speedy recovery