King Of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

King Of Pentacles: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: King of Pentacles, Social Success
Category: Minor Arcana: Pentacles
Direct position: Instinct, intelligence, good flair, patience
Reversed position: Meanness, fanaticism, vice, anger

King of Pentacles: General Meaning

King Of Pentacles: Tarot Card

Direct position

In the character layout, the card is interpreted as a designation of a smart and friendly person. He took place in life, achieved a lot, he has rich life experience. Such a person is wise and brave, decisive even in the most difficult situations.

To achieve goals, you will have to be more practical and persistent, success will not come just like that. Success in business will be only on the condition that if you focus all your attention on this, personal worries will cease to be of interest.

Listen to your own subconscious, the card symbolizes excellent instinct and flair. Be patient, the problems you are currently trying to overcome will soon be over. There will be joy in life, share it with loved ones.

You will perfectly be able to work in the same team, where you will be respected, listen to the opinion, follow the recommendations. The fortuneteller will feel like a part of one well-coordinated mechanism, this will undoubtedly bring moral satisfaction.

Warmth and harmony will be felt in the soul, the friendly union will be strong, and the marital union will be fueled by true love, in addition, physical pleasure, passion. However, if there is no sense of security, you will experience jealousy.

Reversed position

In a character spread, the inverted King of Pentacles denotes a pragmatic, prudent, stubborn, self-confident and mercantile person. In addition, he is mean and insensitive.

Perhaps soon you will be overtaken by a feeling of anxiety, insecurity due to stupid superstition. You will be fully preoccupied with financial affairs, obsessed with work.

Do not commit dishonest acts, it will only harm you. The lasso may indicate that there are instigators in the environment. You have a bad financial reputation in society.

King of Pentacles: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Direct position

The card speaks of a reliable and permanent relationship in which there is sexual attraction between partners. The card recommends forgetting about frivolity, tune in to a serious course of affairs, learn to take responsibility for a loved one, for your own actions and words. It is these qualities that are required for the union to be strong and durable. The drop of a card indicates that you can fully cope with such a task.

Jealousy indicates the seriousness of intentions and initiative of the partner. This is not total control, but the situation can still be problematic.

Reversed position

The King of Pentacles says that these relationships have nothing in common, partners have different ideas about life, different interests, different sexual temperaments. Perhaps you have a feeling that your partner demands the impossible from you, finds fault with trifles.

Jealousy manifests itself in extreme forms: constant showdowns, quarrels, surveillance, chronic suspicion and distrust.

The one who is jealous is a dictator in a relationship, he may well limit the freedom of his beloved, taking him for his property. This is fundamentally wrong, it is important for a fortuneteller to understand that it is urgent to talk about this. If the dialogue does not bring the desired result, a compromise will not be found, it is better to break off the relationship.

King of Pentacles: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

Arkan says that if a fortuneteller has his own business, then he will flourish and bear good fruit. Stability is present at the moment, and will be in the future.

In everyday life, you will definitely get a promotion at work, an increase in salary. All matters will be resolved very soon. If you need financial advice, you will get it soon.

Reversed position

In the layout of the character of a certain person, such traits as rudeness, meanness, stinginess and lack of honor emerge. Success should not be measured in the amount of money, it cannot buy many important things: health, love, friendship.

To avoid major problems, cancel all cases that you wanted to resolve in an illegal way. Do not be straightforward, your words and criticism can greatly shock the people around you, such behavior is not at all good.

King of Pentacles: Card Meaning of the Day

Today seems to be created in order to sum up the results of your work. If the results are good, be happy for yourself. There may be a need to take on a new business, do not deny yourself this desire.

Keep what you have acquired, because it was achieved by overwork for a long time, and you can spend everything in a few minutes.

King of Pentacles: Board of the Card

Life is not a vicious circle of problems. Do not constantly create questions out of the blue, think about how to solve them. Allow yourself to rest from time to time so as not to harm your own health.

Devote more time to family and hobbies. Even passive pastime during the weekend is also a vacation, do not limit yourself to this.

King of Pentacles: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
“naked king”
Ace of Wands
interesting solid project; a major business proposal; project investment
solid start-ups
King of Wands
financial foresight
Queen of Wands
harmonious business conduct
solid investment solid profit
Knight of Wands
financial director
Page of Wands
bringing the project to perfection
donations to church
Two of Wands
consideration of the case from the point of view of financial solvency; financial forecast
serious choice
Three of Wands
encouraging financial performance
financial mess
Four of Wands
purchase of real estate; valuable gift; profitable project
curb temptation
Five of Wands
to be impoverished, to be ruined
Six of Wands
financial genius
roulette game
Seven of Wands
financial claims; an attempt to limit the sphere of influence; business acumen
defend one’s authority
Eight of Wands
investment; solid contract
financial losses; investment with no return
Nine of Wands
experienced businessman
the financial situation will change radically
Ten of Wands
expenses exceed income
on income and expenses
financial fraud; head of illegal business
ruin, bankruptcy; loss of health
hope to get rich, get promoted
dark deeds; fraudulent financial transactions
recognition of merit; prosperity; luminary of the economy
long-term financial projects bring profit
expanding the sphere of influence; financial project success