King of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

King of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: King of Cups, Wisdom
Category: Minor Arcana: Cups
Direct position: Empathy, courtesy, imagination, elegance
Reversed position: Scandal, deceit, immaturity, indulgence

King of Cups: General Meaning

King of Cups: Tarot Card

Direct position

The King of Cups falls out as a sign of affection for one’s native places and one’s own cozy home. Crisis moments begin to end, obstacles pass you by, and ahead is only a wide bright streak and favorable resolutions of all difficulties. Relationships in marriage will become very strong, a strong emotional connection and trust will be established between the spouses.

The card symbolizes a successful responsible man, fair and mature. He is very reasonable and honest with everyone, making wise decisions. Thanks to his education and upbringing, he knows how to impress the lady of the heart.

The lasso does not represent a specific person who will definitely meet on the path of life. This is the very embodiment of power, honor, justice, reasonable and deliberate actions. Someone from the environment can help solve your problems completely disinterestedly, you just need to ask for help.

Reversed position

The King of Cups falls, as a rule, before the loss of something valuable in life. Also, the card testifies to dishonorable and insidious people who will meet on the fortuneteller’s life path.

Some person, in whose hands there is a huge power and influence, can spoil the plans, knock the intended goals off course. You don’t need to get close to such a person at all: neither try to make friends with him, nor start to conflict. Just step aside so as not to catch his eye.

Arkan warns the fortuneteller that there may be an insincere person who will act dishonestly towards him. Which side to expect betrayal and deceit will be prompted by the signs standing nearby.

Such a deceitful deceiver can become a serious obstacle in a career, a rival in a love relationship. Your reputation may also be at stake, perhaps you will be unfairly and undeservedly discredited, which will cause a huge scandal. In the end, the fortuneteller will not always be able to prove his integrity.

King of Cups: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Direct position

In a love relationship, such a card falls out when a period of idyll and romance begins in the union. The partner becomes more attentive, accommodating, caring and gentle. Between spouses, deep feelings can flare up with renewed vigor.

In general, Arkan symbolizes emotional openness among partners, the realization of sexuality. A card falls out during that period of a romantic relationship, when it is necessary to support a lover, give him self-confidence, relieve fears and doubts, accept him as he is.

Reversed position

If a layout is made for a new acquaintance, and at the same time an inverted card falls out, this is a symbol that the new acquaintance is not at all who he claims to be. The first impression is always deceiving. And if the acquaintance goes too smoothly, quickly and perfectly, does it look like the truth? Perhaps they are trying to cheat you, take advantage of you for personal purposes.

Sometimes they can resort to the sexual side of relationships in order to win over and knock out material wealth. Often the King of Cups is a warning that a fortuneteller has met a person with bad habits (an alcoholic, a drug addict) or a criminal (a thief, a swindler).

King of Cups: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

It is possible that soon a fortuneteller will meet a very sensitive and attentive interlocutor who will listen to the problem and give wise advice, will provide all possible assistance. Or maybe someone from a close circle will tell you how to solve the problem.

Most likely, it will be a father or another mature person who knows a lot from the height of his worldly experience.

Reversed position

If the fortuneteller turned or is just going to turn to a professional for help, the King of Cups indicates and warns that this will be a waste of time and money. Not a professional, but a real scammer.

There is a possibility that a person has appeared nearby who uses you to achieve his own goals. Take a closer look, if there is a very charming man nearby who is persistently and rapidly trying to establish contact with you, this is a deceiver.

And if it’s not clear where a tempting offer came from in every sense, refuse, you won’t get any benefit from this, but there will be plenty of trouble.

King of Cups: Card Meaning of the Day

The card falls out when you need to restrain your feelings a little, making decisions, first of all, coordinating them with the mind, and not the heart. However, do not skimp on emotions with a loved one or with someone who craves your care and attention.

Share what worries you, what hurts your soul. In response, you will receive only pleasant words of support, wise and effective advice. On this day, a fortuneteller may meet a handsome man who will play an important role in the near future.

King of Cups: Card Board

The card falls out to give the following advice: everything that you wanted to achieve is already close, there is a small step left. There will be no difficulties and barriers on the way, luck itself holds fists for you. Even if there are some doubts, fears, you can safely throw them out of your head.

Everything will go absolutely smoothly, without unnecessary nerves and precedents. Go only forward without turning around - this is exactly the gait of the winner.

For greater confidence, ask for help from an influential person whom you know personally or one of your relatives and friends knows. He will not refuse to help, and extra hands will never interfere, especially when they belong to a very executive and responsible owner.

King of Cups: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
heal the child, including the inner
Ace of Wands
creative spark
use your abilities
King of Wands
understanding; confidence; mutual interest; equality; happy cooperation
healer, magician, psychotherapist
Queen of Wands
loyalty; understanding; union
healing effect
Knight of Wands
inconsistency; ardor; stubbornness; escape from oneself
to start a family
Page of Wands
creative searches; student worthy of his teacher
inner enlightenment
Two of Wands
sphere of influence; a serious project that requires careful weighing
give love
Three of Wands
excellent business acumen
feelings that have yet to be finalized
Four of Wands
understanding and support at home
strength of mind
Five of Wands
internal contradictions; spiritual quest
pour wine into your troubles
Six of Wands
successful resolution of any situation; strong leader
start the recovery process
Seven of Wands
defending one’s ideals; confusion; slander
to see the main thing behind the small things
Eight of Wands
happy meeting
Nine of Wands
disapproval; stress
transformation of feelings
Ten of Wands
emotional depression; dead project
temper feelings
hope for emotional rebirth
get confused in your feelings
creative potential
retribution: how we treat others is how we will be treated
emotional renewal; taking the project to the next level