Knight Of Sword Tarot Card Meaning


Tarot Card: Knight of the Swords

Planet: Uranus

keywords: Sharp Mind, Speed, Innovative

Affirmation: I keep my word and finish what I start.


The Knight of Swords is fast, intense, eloquent, and ready to share ideas with the rest of the world as a fierce and active combination of masculine elements of Air and Fire. He doesn’t need much time to start new things, but he may leave too many things unfinished if his sense of self-responsibility is lacking. This card demonstrates our active and clear social skills and someone easy to talk to when working in a group. It is a field with much interest right now, but it doesn’t look promising in the long run. While our energy should not be stifled, it should be directed in a way that allows us to arrive at our destination. This card represents our ability to quickly digest and metabolize information, as well as our desire to learn new things. It’s pure intelligence and mental speed, as well as our ability to pick the right word at the right time to win an argument or share a laugh with others. Still, it isn’t very dependable. It usually refers to a short period during which a lot will be accomplished, perhaps more superficially than we would like or anticipate.


Knight of Swords has an easy time falling in love and prefers short-term relationships and flings that aren’t too serious or taxing on our inner world. However, it’s essential to know what to expect when this card appears in a love reading, so we don’t get carried away by an idea of forever when it’s not possible right now. Long-term relationships are possible if this card is only the beginning of a relationship or if someone has a best friend with whom they can share a lifetime of freedom of spirit, shared interests, career ventures, and a higher cause.

In a Tarot love reading, the Knight of Swords indicates some romance work that needs to be done. If you’re single, you may soon find yourself in a relationship with someone who embodies the qualities of the Knight of Swords, or you may be that person yourself. If you’re in a relationship, it could also mean that you’re dating or are dating someone who possesses the qualities of the Knight of Swords. It could also indicate that you and your partner need to put in some effort to get your relationship back on track.


When a card like the Knight of Swords appears in our career reading, we must go with the flow of our thoughts, allowing ideas to take over and manifest one by one. Our minds are in a mode of experimenting and new methods that could shake our entire world, so some tedious or boring projects are unlikely to be completed. It is a time for change, cooperation and rational decisions that will yield results if followed over time. To keep things alive and moving forward toward any goal we have imagined, we need patience and stick to a healthy routine. Anything could be accomplished at this time with the assistance of others, shared responsibilities, and delegated tedious tasks.


The Knight of Swords’ lack of stability could indicate various health issues involving immunity, short and acute states, fever, and flu. However, because of its intense cleansing energy, it allows us to move and get things out of our system, particularly those blocking the flow and making us feel weaker or less energized than we would like. He’ll bring new healing methods, such as acupuncture, and techniques that aren’t covered by “traditional” western approaches. With enough air and movement, any problem has a chance to be burned and healed.


When we are too fast for our own good, running and hiding from things we don’t want to face and when we aren’t supposed to speak about issues that don’t concern us openly, the Knight of Swords will be found in its reversed position. Because of our aggressive or superficial approach, it announces gossip and adverse outcomes. It’s a false sense of intellectual superiority that stems from our small egos and keeps us from interacting with others in strange ways. It may indicate that you let your heart rule your head and are afraid to express yourself. It could also suggest that you’re about to be presented with a significant opportunity, one that you’re not sure you’re ready for but should take anyway. It also means rudeness, cynicism and being a follower.


Past- With this card set in our collection, we should consider which of our previous endeavors and projects still need our attention and closure today. It’ll usually serve as a reminder of our busy lives, where we haven’t quite thought things through, and if others didn’t follow, we might have left some unfinished business to sort out. No phase of life can be rushed through, even if it appears to be possible, because all of our unprocessed experiences eventually catch up with us and are fully digested and learned from on deeper levels.

Present -We are energized and ready to move when our present includes the Knight of Swords. Things have held us back in the past, but nothing can stop us now. Still, this card necessitates a supportive social circle and a team to work on similar ideas and for the same cause for things to be done well and reach their full potential. It depicts a state of mind in which we can conduct extraordinary research and connect the dots, as well as a time when we would rather rush through things, excited and surprised, than take the time to face some of our most complex challenges.

Future - When we’re laying the groundwork for something incredible, a surprise for a loved one, or a new approach to research and science, this card colors the future. At this point, brainstorming will begin to produce results for us, which is usually conditioned by the card in our current position, representing our starting point towards the speed of mind and words seen here. When challenged not to, we should be careful not to speak harshly around those who cannot follow, and we should mind our own business.