Knight Of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Knight Of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Knight of Wands, Troubleshooting
Category: Minor Arcana: Wands
Direct position: Risk, impatience, extremes, enthusiasm
Reversed position: Obstacles, jealousy, suspicion

Knight of Wands: General Meaning

Direct position

In the event that the Knight of Wands fell out in a straight position, the card symbolizes a man - a wrestler. He is always ready to defend his interests, not being afraid of the accompanying problems and intrigues of competitors. At the same time, he is a romantic, he is interested in everything in life. Likes disputes and competitions. He does not think for a long time, but prefers to act actively and enthusiastically in order for his goals to be achieved. Not afraid to take risks.

The fortuneteller creates a fuss around him. He wants to see immediate results from his work. Expectations and reflections are not for him. Usually, these people like to do business, sports. Travel often. It is easy for those around them. Possessing a sense of humor and easily reacting to trouble, they are open to new ideas. They are generous, impulsive. There are many managers and trade union leaders among them. All of them are strong, reckless, active.

Reversed position

The Knight of Wands upside down warns of unnecessary risks. The card speaks of such character traits of a fortuneteller as: frivolity, recklessness, a penchant for dubious adventures, excessive haste, jealousy, suspicion.

The fact that there were failures is not accidental. Nobody is to blame for this. The man himself, with his thoughtless actions, provoked them. The card advises you to look at yourself from the outside and reconsider your life goals at the root, otherwise the troubles will only get worse. This person is prone to lying. It may happen that he is also deceived. You have to think about this.

Knight of Wands: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Knight Of Wands: Tarot Card

Direct position

If we consider love and relationships, the card denotes strong sexual energy, the pleasure of satisfying sexual fantasies, and emotionality. The Knight of Wands symbolizes a temperamental person who is waiting for a change in the love sphere.

Perhaps a new object for love will appear. We will have to choose between already established relationships and uncertain vague prospects. If you deceive your partner, it will not lead to anything good. You can’t sit on two chairs, as they say.

Reversed position

When an inverted card falls out, this may mean that a fortuneteller often falls in love. He tends to have affairs with the opposite sex. Often times, relationships are non-committal. The constant change of partners brings dissatisfaction and spiritual emptiness. Often this person thinks only of himself and his desires.

Alternatively, the Knight of Wands warns of a fading relationship with a partner who is currently nearby. Out of pity, you shouldn’t be around. If you leave, you can find happiness with a new chosen one. Another card speaks of a tendency to patronize your beloved (beloved) very much.

Knight of Wands: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

When the Knight of Wands appears in the situation, and the card is in a direct position, new opportunities open up in the career of this person. He can boldly show all his positive aspects by implementing creative ideas. Management will undoubtedly appreciate such an employee. His creative ideas may go further and he may want to change jobs.

Right now is the right time. Everything will turn out great. In the life of a fortuneteller, changes are coming. Possibility of moving to a new home. A new love affair and a new job are not excluded. Also, a person can be inspired and he wants to realize his ideas.

Business trips and trips to another country are also not excluded. Everything will turn out well. A new type of activity, or a trip, is favorable for a fortuneteller to be away from his problems and be able to think about life plans.

If you recently had a quarrel with someone, this is another reason for loneliness. If you have a vacation, the time spent on the sea coast will be fun and carefree. A meeting with a beautiful stranger (stranger) can radically change the fate of a fortuneteller. A casual acquaintance can develop into a strong marriage.

Reversed position

Fortune-telling, if the Knight of Wands fell out in an inverted position, trouble awaits. He is currently under stress. Troubles at work, in relationships with a partner, health problems - all this can unsettle anyone.

A person, worrying and worrying, can worsen the situation even more. We must try to control ourselves. As for love relationships, the coldness of a partner can evoke thoughts of breaking up a relationship. You should not get excited, because if you pay maximum attention to each other, go on vacation together - the ardor of the old feelings can be returned.

Don’t forget about the sexual sphere. The card warns against marriage. Discord is possible in the team due to the fact that each employee wants to seem irreplaceable. The fortuneteller does not have a sense of satisfaction from the performance of his professional duties. He seems to be out of place.

Knight of Wands: Card Meaning of the Day

It will not be easy for a fortuneteller on this day. Perhaps you have to show yourself to others not from the best side. It can be a quarrel, and trouble. On this day, you should not start new business and implement your plans. Other days are suitable for this.

If you keep your emotions under control, a fortuneteller can avoid many problems. Whatever happens today, you should remain calm.

Knight of Wands: Card Advice

A person will not be able to take risks on this day. The situation, as the fortuneteller wants, will not develop. You should not be upset about this, because difficulties on the path of life harden, enable a person to become stronger.

In a difficult case, you will have to show all your positive sides. The card advises not to tell anyone about plans for the future, so that everything planned will be successfully accomplished.

Knight of Wands: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
foolish impulse, hasty action
Ace of Wands
ignite; flare up; succumb to momentary desire
Ace of Cups
love adventure
Ace of swords
ardent desire to fulfill the plan
Ace of Pentacles
chasing a long ruble
raw idea
King of Wands
creative upsurge
King of Cups
seething emotions
King of swords
conflict with a government official
King of Pentacles
lust for financial power
an attempt to gain knowledge
Queen of Wands
be filled with creativity
Queen of Cups
queen of swords
Queen of Pentacles
chasing a rich lady
maternal instinct
Knight of Wands
Knight of Cups
start a romance
Knight of Swords
struggle; ardent desire to prove at any cost
Knight of Pentacles
business trip
enthusiasm for work
Page of Wands
temper the ardor, but add calculation
Page of Cups
warmly accept the offer
Page of swords
rush; unexpected showdown
Page of Pentacles
exciting adventure
desire to start a family
Two of Wands
inexperience; stop
Two of Cups
non-consecutive relationship
Two of Swords
striving for balance
Two of Pentacles
passion in a relationship
Three of Wands
quick but superficial results
Three of Cups
superficial relationship
Three of Swords
offend in the heat of the moment
Three of Pentacles
professional passion
Four of Wands
catch luck by the tail
Four of Cups
burnt interest
Four of Swords
subdue hot desires
Four of Pentacles
disputes over inheritance
a passionate desire to embark on a search for something new
Five of Wands
confusion; inconsistency
Five of Cups
loss due to impulsivity
Five of Swords
hot clash of characters
Five of Pentacles
desire to change your life
Six of Wands
inspirational idea leading to the goal
Six of Cups
unwillingness to return to the familiar or past
Six of Swords
impulsive desire to quit
Six of Pentacles
reward for courage
desire for change; desire to end the gray days
Seven of Wands
haste and indiscretion endanger the conquered
Seven of Cups
Seven of Swords
swift escape
Seven of Pentacles
unwillingness to listen to reasonable arguments
Eight of Wands
early departure; emergency circumstances; lightning events
Eight of Cups
Eight of Swords
Eight of Pentacles
go to work with enthusiasm
good intentions remain just intentions
Nine of Wands
descend from heaven to earth; cool the ardor
Nine of Cups
driven by one’s own desires
Nine of Swords
desperate impotence
Nine of Pentacles
strive for financial independence
Desire to change life
Ten of Wands
efforts to nowhere
Ten of Cups
attend a family reunion
Ten of Swords
the failure of the whole adventure
Ten of Pentacles
unexpected return home
find a reasonable grain, it would seem, in an unreasonable idea
Playing with fire
fiery idea crashing against cruel reality
boundless faith in your aspirations
unbridled desire to break out into people
get rid of the past life
take a rightful place