Knight Of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Knight of Wands

Planet: Mars

keywords: Forceful, Impulsive, Aggressive

Affirmation: My energy is used for a good cause.


There may be an excessive amount of Fire within the Knight of Wands so as for our energies to stay balanced and for our hearts to be kept asleep. This can be a card of solid callings after we cannot see things clearly because of a powerful pull of character and can take over as our creative forces. Dominance isn’t the answer to any situation, and that we must ask ourselves if our sense of power takes away respect from others. See the sunshine in everyone so you’ll be able to inspire and build without bruising anyone along the way.

The sense of tranquility will only be achieved with our energy employed in balance with the outer world and shut contacts we wish to take care of. Frustration does no good with this card within the picture, for the knight might burn through walls and fences until the passionate pull of the instant is fulfilled, or their head lost to meaningless battles. This card could signal that we want to breathe and obtain in tune with our emotional world, to balance the fireplace that may eat us alive.


Filled with passion and initiative, the Knight of Wands is the card of respect, certainty, and pride. It speaks of relationships supported by a mix of strong sexual energies with intellectual and energetic healthy boundaries. Still, it would show the dearth of tenderness needed during a bond to feel cozy and safe. Romances that burn this strongly and this bright might last a touch shorter than one might anticipate, for they die fast if we aren’t realistic about the restrictions and imperfections of the person standing ahead folks, accepting them even as they’re faulty and human. It’s a reminder that we’d like to suspire and listen before acting out and running off into any situation in flames.


A career reading is usually enriched by the presence of this card, even once we are too pushy for the desire of those around us. Here, it’s important to consider gratitude and teamwork that brought us this far, however passionate we would be for the destination we try for. Our fires have to be calm, our nature soothed, and our hearts set in situ to carry on to the sense of balance. An excessive amount of stress could cause burnout and a situation where you’re feeling incapable of doing anything, irrespective of the deadlines awaiting. Therefore, we must always give ourselves enough time and compassion to use this powerful energetic impulse for giant achievements.


Fires of the Knight of Wands are generally a decent thing in a very healthy reading. They speak of the flexibility of our immunity to fight for our greatest possible condition. However, an excessive amount of aggression and open activities in life could lead us into autoimmune states and troubles with vital signs if we don’t tackle the responsibility for ourselves. This can be a card of strong and intense battles that will be won given that we are connected with our inner states, and therefore the level of emotion needed to form the sense of balance within.


With the Knight of Wands reversed, we can’t make certain about our moral imperatives. There are too many excellent ideas and possibilities ahead of people to carry on to modesty. We need to balance to not waste our opportunities by using an excessive amount of force. The challenge here is to concentrate on others, hear the stories of the elderly, and work on goals before us with our energy constant and high. This card doesn’t feel good when it’s turned upside-down because it shows the dearth of bravery that we try to disguise with our firm attitudes. It could also point to relationships that remove our passion and integrity or that we are being plagiarized in important circles.


Past - Such an environment within the past reminds us that it’s time today to cope with the implications of our deeds and our behavior, good or bad. What we might need did not materialize if we didn’t show our energies in pure daylight to people, with enough compassion for his or her current states. The primal family could pose a difficulty in life, and with our roots within the image, we would get some clarity about things that are already behind us and learn from them to affect our future.

Present - Striving passionately towards something new, you’re able to live your life and do something that resonates deeply together with your authentic needs. Ensure that your fights and challenges come right down to something constructive and true, and remember where you have got support in times once you least expected it. Be thankful for all times and for the way it’s been developing up to now rather than letting anger define your footsteps.

Future - The joyful but a small amount of tense approach to things is coming your way. Rather than considering the past, you must specialize in the plan for your future and locomote with the push of instinct. Inspired to maneuver, someone is to take care enough to create the simplest out of things, realizing that the sole correct thanks to using one’s energy are to form something out of it, for real. So hold on to your confidence and check out to remain calm within the time of crisis, motivated by what you have got and leaving what isn’t yours to rework into anything is a destiny to become.