Nine of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

  • Tarot Card: Nine of Cups
  • Planet: Jupiter
  • Keywords: Blessings, Gratitude, Content
  • Affirmation: I am open to my internal enlightenment.


After our impediments have survived, we will confront the excellent progression of feeling with the Nine of Cups, the card of happiness and fulfillment. Its perusing situation informs us regarding what makes us cheerful and fulfilled and calls attention to how open we can be for development and internal dreams when we are excited. Grateful for what we have, we can construct much more from the establishment of positive feelings and happiness, and another stage in life is by all accounts ready for taking. It is a card with caring energy, one we as a whole wish to feel, and maybe characterized as a passionate triumph of beating our internal shadows and seeing the brilliant light of appreciation instead of concentrating on our weaknesses.

It reports joyous occasions, euphoric experiences, and our assumptions met as we discover happiness in the comfortable environment of our home or hurdles that make our hearts leap. Whatever our pure, trustworthy nature needs resembles to be there for the taking, and the feeling of security is present in all areas of life when this card is in an authoritative position.


With the Nine of Cups set in an affection perusing, a consistent shelter has been found, and the feelings that are streaming between two individuals are steady and happy right now. It is a strong card for any relationship and passionate trade, as it puts center around shared objectives and standards and shows that we have progressed admirably, and now we obtained the option to sit back, unwind, and make the most of our sentiments. Ingest and utilize what you have today, for this is the moment to flow with ease and drop down the stream, opening new entryways before you with efficiency and tenderness. Associations with others are smooth and fit to be bounced into.


Nine of Cups set in our vocation generally talk about headings we have taken and when prizes are coming in our direction. All that appears to become all-good and exists in our environmental factors for an explanation, and we are becoming mindful of how everything unites well. Changes can be made effortlessly, and advances to new phases of life will come simple, while old, comfortable regions appear to be something to be thankful for. This card shows that our cycle of learning and self-improvement needs to go inseparably. Our vocation gets an opportunity to think about our actual necessities instead of being a means for simple endurance.


With specific cravings satisfied and a positive view on life, all that appears to go up and towards improvement, regardless of whether somebody’s illnesses have been profoundly upsetting. Changes have been made, and battles are trailed by a period of harmony when we are to rest, getting a charge out of contact with Nature, voyaging, and making us inexpressibly pleased to mend. This card is perhaps the best partner we can have in wellbeing perusing, discussing assurance we provide for ourselves as we understand what we are contained within our lives.


Nine of Cups discovers its way into our lives in a switched position when our assumptions aren’t in line with the authenticity of the current moment. Something needs more artfulness and establishing, and there is a whole other world to learn before you leap to a higher advance on the stepping stool of individual development. The correct source of inspiration is yet to discover, and one must search it in one’s heart. Rather than going to levelheaded decisions, the individual with this position has an effort to carry reason into the condition and eventually - pick their sentiments over any encompassing or aggregate opinions and standards.


Past: Nine of Cups shows up in a perusing of our history when the hour of happiness drove us to the position we are in today. It can either address goals we sought after and should be helped to remember or discuss failures we surrendered to, losing confidence that we ought to recapture. This card constantly appears for an explanation and conveys the significance of the energy of our internal identity with everyone it had always wanted and longings. It advises us not to abandon our beliefs, regardless of whether they appear to be lost right now.

Present: When set in the present, this card reveals to us exactly how fulfilled we are with all that we figured out how to survive and manage at this point. It is a decent situation to be in, a position of passionate harmony that offers us every one of the essential responses for any decision we will undoubtedly make. It advises us that we are in a decent spot and entirely fit to rely exclusively upon our inward judgment for the positive state. We permit us to see things unmistakably and be significantly more magnificence in life as time passes by.

Future: The finish of any battle is drawing closer rapidly, and we can see the perfect end to current circumstances. Nine of Cups comes as a carrot to seek, something to look forward to, and reveals that we have done well in our battles and passionate fights after some time. The time has come to be idealistic and see that there is just a single result to our present circumstance – the one we expected. We are to value our prizes and discover joy soon enough.