Nine of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Nine of Cups: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Nine of Cups, Wish Card
Category: Minor Arcana: Cups
Direct position: Prosperity, success, excesses, holiday, marriage
Reversed position: Deprivation, greed, failure, bad habits

Nine of Cups: General meaning

Nine of Cups: Tarot Card

Direct position

If this card falls out in the layout, then in the future material success awaits, good prosperity. There comes a bright streak, emotional pleasure, as well as intellectual. Health is not threatened by any problems. Any goals that are outlined can be realized.

In general, the upcoming period is very good for any undertakings, fulfillment of desires. A series of pleasant events awaits soon. The company with which friendly gatherings take place will be cheerful and carefree. With it you will remember the best years of your life. As for career, at work the team is very reliable, responsive.

In personal relationships, there will be complete harmony and mutual understanding with a partner, a long-awaited marriage or the birth of a desired child is possible. Be more indulgent with yourself, but beware of excesses. Spend time with people who have a great sense of humor. They will teach you how to enjoy life.

Reversed position

You should not abuse food or drinks (especially alcohol), such behavior will certainly lead to health problems. There comes a period of calm, when it is difficult to achieve the goal, the solution to the problem is already close, but something constantly prevents the process from being completed to the end. Be patient, fortune will certainly be favorable, but not now.

The card may indicate that soon the fortuneteller will lose something, he will face severe disappointment, leading to suffering and discouragement. A void is formed in the soul, which you want to fill with bad habits. Arkan warns against such behavior, you just need to survive this period of life, it is disrespectful to your body, which will lead to dangerous health problems.

Others may be repelled by the fact that the person making the alignment is overly focused on their problems and affairs. He does not have time for family and friends, he withdraws into himself. Nine of Cups in an inverted position is a sign of greed, cruelty, vanity.

Nine of Cups: Meaning in love and relationships

Direct position

Emotional stability of relations, complete harmony, warmth and comfort in the house. These are all characteristic features of the Nine of Cups upright. The card is also interpreted as a happy strong love, strong affection, which is not dependent on a person, but ensures fidelity between spouses.

In the intimate part of married life, there comes a moment of diversity. Partners fulfill each other’s wishes, even the most secret ones, which they thought about for a long time, but did not say out loud for various reasons. Sometimes the Nine of Cups falls when a joint vacation, honeymoon is expected.

Reversed position

In an inverted position, the card symbolizes boring pleasures and excesses in the senses. The fortuneteller strives for them with special vigor, but does not receive either moral or physical satisfaction at the end of the process. The Nine of Cups falls when a reprieve is approaching in the area of personal life.

During this period, there will be no good acquaintances, developing into pleasant relationships that have a future. This may be due to the fact that the person making the alignment attaches great importance to the opinions and words of others, but does not call his heart. Sometimes a card is a sign of excessive emotions that do not allow a sober assessment of a partner.

Nine of Cups: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

Dreams Come True! The coming days will pass under this slogan. In all matters, the fortuneteller will be incredibly lucky. Financial gain is coming. Perhaps they will give a bonus or appoint an increase in salary. The possibility is not ruled out when a distant relative dies, leaving a luxurious legacy. But do not indulge yourself in everything, it is unnecessary.

In some cases, the Nine of Cups is a sign of the completion of an important life stage, the transition to another level. Arrange a holiday for yourself on such an important occasion, share your joy with your loved ones.

Reversed position

Arkan warns: not everything will end favorably. Do not act at random, think carefully about any little things when you do something important. Sometimes the card is interpreted as serious health problems requiring costly therapy.

Diseases could arise due to self-indulgence in everything, especially if it concerns one’s own body. There is no one around to take care of. From this, bad emotions arise in the soul: jealousy, envy, greed. It is likely that a period of debt and financial problems will begin.

Nine of Cups: Meaning of the card of the day

Finish hard work, it’s time for a holiday and entertainment. However, do not get carried away with banquets: this leads to gluttony and alcohol abuse, which guarantees problems with the digestive system.

If there are no serious reasons for celebration, just treat yourself to an extra day off, goof off, do what you have long wanted to do.

Spend time with your loved one, family, friends. If you share your wonderful mood with someone today, it will definitely come back to haunt you in the future, when help and support are needed at the right time.

Nine of Cups: Advice card

Luck smiles all the way to you. Be sure to take advantage of the current situation, fortune is not often merciful to mere mortals.

However, be careful: as abruptly as luck burst into life, just as quickly it can disappear from it. If you rely only on the success that fate itself will send, there is a chance to be left with nothing.

Nine of Cups: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
make the trip you dreamed of; squander a dream
Ace of Wands
happy opportunity
Ace of Cups
enjoy love
Ace of swords
happy venture
Ace of Pentacles
your dream began to take concrete shape
King of Wands
implementation of the planned
King of Cups
happy husband
King of swords
King of Pentacles
good deal
prophetic dream or waking dream
Queen of Wands
creative enjoyment
Queen of Cups
satisfied woman
queen of swords
Queen of Pentacles
hospitable hostess
achievement of a cherished dream
Knight of Wands
revaluation; satiation; excessive vanity
Knight of Cups
full consent
Knight of Swords
Knight of Pentacles
consistent improvement
dream of getting married or having a career
Page of Wands
enjoyment of learning; happy news
Page of Cups
happy offer
Page of swords
Page of Pentacles
great financial news
finding a loving family
Two of Wands
contemplation: to be content with what has been achieved or to move on
Two of Cups
mutual satisfaction.
Two of Swords
Two of Pentacles
sometimes thick, sometimes empty; varying success
get what you want in a relationship
Three of Wands
dream becomes reality
Three of Cups
joyful holiday
Three of Swords
happy venture
Three of Pentacles
realization of a cherished desire
dream to fight for
Four of Wands
wedding, celebration; house - full bowl
Four of Cups
spoiled mood
Four of Swords
Four of Pentacles
acquisition of the desired
overcome your shortcomings
Five of Wands
complacency; abuse
Five of Cups
ruined idyll
Five of Swords
Five of Pentacles
emotional hardships
drink alone
Six of Wands
success; a dream come true; wedding
Six of Cups
yesterday’s well-being
Six of Swords
Six of Pentacles
financial support
Happiness is not far away
Seven of Wands
efforts to keep a warm place; don’t let yourself be knocked out of the saddle
Seven of Cups
illusory happiness; narcotic pleasure
Seven of Swords
false prosperity
Seven of Pentacles
delayed fulfillment of the desired
triumph of justice
Eight of Wands
wedding invitation, celebration
Eight of Cups
rejection of a good life
Eight of Swords
trapped in comfort
Eight of Pentacles
mastery achieved
sacrifice your happiness
Nine of Wands
serenity, inciting to make mistakes
Nine of Cups
Nine of Swords
serious trouble
Nine of Pentacles
financial and emotional well-being
bygone happiness
Ten of Wands
severe disappointment; collapse due to alcohol abuse
Ten of Cups
complete happiness
Ten of Swords
the end of the sweet life
Ten of Pentacles
marriage; family well-being
share what fills you
binge eating; excesses; Bacchanalia
ruined well-being
hope that happiness is already somewhere near
false prosperity