Nine of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Nine of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Nine of Wands, Reserve of Power
Category: Minor Arcana: Wands
Direct position: Stubbornness, calmness, readiness for protection, financial success
Reversed position: Failure, disaster, stubbornness, suspicion

Nine of Wands: General Meaning

Nine of Wands: Tarot Card

Direct position

The main interpretations of the card: a sense of danger, success in a difficult struggle, readiness to defend one’s interests, possible fears and fears of an unknown future, a sense of impending success.

The fortuneteller has recently experienced difficult times. He had to achieve his goals with hard hard work. Problems and difficulties arose abound, but he withstood them steadfastly. Life’s difficulties hardened him so much that now he is not afraid of anything. He loves mental and physical activity, is not afraid of hard work. This person is very curious, and travel plays an important role in his life.

Reversed position

The card indicates such character traits of the fortuneteller: suspicion, stubbornness, unfriendly attitude, lack of initiative, selfishness. This person very often misinterprets the statements of others, which causes quarrels and conflict situations. He can’t communicate, so he’s lonely.

Usually, the card falls to those people who are in the minority. They are disliked in society because of secrecy. An inferiority complex prevents them from achieving their goals.

Nine of Wands: Meaning in love and relationships

Direct position

If the card is upright, it predicts stability in relationships, harmony, warm contact. Disagreements are excluded. Loving people understand each other on a subconscious level. Everything goes on as usual. The fortuneteller is waiting for a joyful period. He will discover even more good qualities in his partner. In this regard, he will appreciate it even more.

The second interpretation: reassurance after betrayal and negative actions of a partner. A person who is being divined will find the strength to be distracted and forget about this stage of life. Old love wounds hurt badly. Great hopes were placed on this union.

His heart will soon open to new feelings. This relationship will change his views on the opposite sex. In other words, it is the return of love. Fate will give the fortuneteller great love.

Reversed position

If in this position the nine of wands fell out, it signals the complex nature of a person. It is very difficult for those around him. At this stage, the card warns: next to the fortuneteller is a partner whose reputation is rather dubious. He is prone to delinquency, abusing alcoholic beverages. Perhaps he hides more than one secret, prone to betrayal.

In any case, it is necessary to break off relations with a partner, otherwise negative consequences are inevitable. Collecting the necessary information will help the fortuneteller open his eyes to the person who is now going through life next to him. The sooner the break happens, the better.

Nine of Wands: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

The Nine of Wands predicts the opening of great opportunities. The fortuneteller will feel a great surge of strength, it will seem to him that he can embrace the immensity. A great mood and a surge of fresh energy - that’s what awaits the fortuneteller.

At this time, you can show yourself as a creative person. He is not afraid of any obstacles. Getting a lot of money is the result of incredible efforts. A well-deserved reward for work will bring income, but at the same time, emptiness. The person will collapse from exhaustion.

The health of a fortuneteller at the moment does not cause problems. You just need to try to rest more so that fatigue does not develop into chronic.

Relations with a partner will move to a new level. You may want to spend more time together, which has rarely been possible lately.

Reversed position

Communication with the outside world has been lost. A person lives in his own, invented world according to his own rules. That’s why everything is so complicated. Colleagues and acquaintances do not understand his actions. Often, behind his back, he is the object of discussion.

The alarming position of the card indicates that a lot of troubles fell on the fortuneteller’s shoulders. They touched all spheres of his life. It seems to him that a black streak has come in his life. Quarrels, conflicts at work, with a partner - all this could not but affect health.

Perhaps the person simply overestimated his capabilities and did not do the right thing. We need to look at ourselves from the outside, maybe the world is not so evil and unfair? The card calls for rest and calm down to stabilize the situation. In anxiety, the right decisions do not come to mind.

A person is not ready for innovative methods of work. He does not want (or does not like) change. Due to the fact that he loves himself too much and does not admit his mistakes, he is haunted by constant failures. If you do not start to change, first of all, yourself, there is nothing to say about the success of your plans.

Nine of Wands: Meaning of the Card of the Day

The Nine of Wands warns the fortuneteller: today no one should say anything about themselves and their plans. This is necessary so that no one can have a negative impact on a person. Better to be alone. It is especially necessary to beware of entering into a dialogue with those people with whom there has recently been a quarrel. Possible recurrence of the conflict.

If possible, take the day off from work and stay at home. You should listen to your inner voice when making decisions, so as not to step on the same rake again as last time.

Nine of Wands: Advice Card

The card advises: do not knock on closed doors. At the same time, acting too aloof is not the best option. The fortuneteller should not talk much about himself and his plans. Nearby is the one who gives wise advice, only the fortuneteller does not listen to them.

Nine of Wands: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
imprudence; connivance
Ace of Wands
despite difficulties, remain enthusiastic
Ace of Cups
skill in love
Ace of swords
uncertainty about the new way of thinking
Ace of Pentacles
analysis of new financial opportunities
keep the situation under control
King of Wands
King of Cups
King of swords
King of Pentacles
conservative business conduct
keep a secret
Queen of Wands
Queen of Cups
queen of swords
hard lessons
Queen of Pentacles
prudent housekeeping
fruits of enlightenment
Knight of Wands
loose the temper
Knight of Cups
careful reconciliation
Knight of Swords
careful and prudent organizer
Knight of Pentacles
protect the honor of the uniform
Page of Wands
Page of Cups
doubts about feelings
Page of swords
Page of Pentacles
inquisitive student
doubt the teacher
Two of Wands
assessment of opportunities; adjustment of plans
Two of Cups
distrust in relationships
Two of Swords
Two of Pentacles
distracted attention; anxiety
doubt the relationship suspect something is wrong; protect privacy
Three of Wands
careful guidance; sound the alarm
Three of Cups
dissatisfaction with friends
Three of Swords
painful experience; suspect of treason
Three of Pentacles
incredulous client; counseling
apply the experience
Four of Wands
pass a serious exam
Four of Cups
bitter experience
Four of Swords
lull vigilance
Four of Pentacles
concerns about financial stability; blind defense
weigh the forces
Five of Wands
mistrust leading to conflict
Five of Cups
loss experience
Five of Swords
fear betrayal; mistrust; open confrontation
Five of Pentacles
gaining life experience
No man is an island
Six of Wands
experienced leadership
Six of Cups
past experience
Six of Swords
analysis of new opportunities
Six of Pentacles
belated change
Seven of Wands
claims; mistrust; assessment of one’s position; be on the lookout
Seven of Cups
loss of vigilance; visions
Seven of Swords
hidden confrontation; suspect of dishonesty
Seven of Pentacles
effort analysis
waiting for a court decision; mistrust; judged; victim of justice
Eight of Wands
cautious advance
Eight of Cups
give up old beliefs
Eight of Swords
distrust dictated by past experience
Eight of Pentacles
analysis of the details of the question
Nine of Wands
Nine of Cups
a pleasant surprise
Nine of Swords
Nine of Pentacles
caution in financial matters
past experience
Ten of Wands
Ten of Cups
family life experience
Ten of Swords
reopen wounds
Ten of Pentacles
concerns about the financial situation of the family
obsessive suspicion
expecting the worst
expectation of the best; interest
doubt the obvious
learn from past mistakes
preserve peace and tranquility