Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meanings


The Queen of Swords is ecstatic, passionate, and enthusiastic. When this card shows up in a Tarot reading, you will plan for the future. Generally, light bulbs will overthrow your mind with new possibilities and ventures that you have craved for a long duration. The Queen of Swords often pops up amid a beginning or opportunity when there is trial and redemption at its best. Curiosity comes with a lack of distinction. For your questions to obtain answers, vocal communication will be a vital tool that the card highly suggests to represent your ideas best.

The Queen of Swords is a tarot card for the naive, representing childhood innocence and sincere integrity that is kind by the heart. As young royalty, she executes her ideas into desirable execution that is well appreciated by all. Self-interests of ego often compromise many good works; however, her godly work will always benefit society. This tarot card primarily speaks of anatomy and physiology and asks for immediate change that can directly make a positive impact. She always brings diversity and innovative out-of-the-box ideas that often define the power of our world. Even though she is the talk of the time, a perfect human can exist with proper understanding and emotional maturity. When this card, in particular, comes to play, tense situations become lighter, and there is assurance that it will make peace. However, only with informed decisions and perseverance will things go back to your desired normality, and the Queen will ask for your efforts.


New love will come your way, setting afire to possible sparks and exciting spiritual connections. The Queen of Swords in reading will dictate that you will be courageous enough to take matters into your hand and lead a joyful path for you and a newcomer. This beautiful transparency is a sign to echo true passion, whether it is songs, poems, or dancing but, in the end, taking equal control. Domination ceases to exist between two lovers, and the Queen is evident to the very fact which will surprise both and throw in a spiral of twists and romance.


Just as being shy and pure, the tarot card will ask for bold and audacious thinking that needs to be implemented now as an occupational hazard. Survival is imperative, and taking responsibility and credit for your divine contribution is a must, for only then can you dream bigger. However, one must not neglect the stipulated fact that a team consists of other quintessential players who require equal attention and cooperation. Communication is a must and the true spirit that resounds teamwork as it can help judgment and enhance new skills matched with emotional stability.

Usually, we all look towards a better future work environment and prospect-oriented opportunity equivalent to the time and energy we spent in a life long. However, time is never a factor for determining fate as you get to decide fate here. Being an opportunist or the best performer is not precisely the firm idea of a future leader but one who seeks knowledge in others with intuition in self.


The Queen of Swords stands for virtue and stability that ensures sanctity on the Virgo side of Mercury. The tarot card embraces the importance of our sincerity and physiological makeup to ignite self-esteem and, more importantly, self-love. It is aware of how our bare skin has been scared of self-inflicted abrasions; however, it asks to seek forgiveness. Conclusively, Queen of Swords wants an alignment of the soul with the logic of the brain and a sense of respect within you to truly accomplish your long-term objectives while maintaining the trinity of your body.

Hormonal composition and millions of chemical reactions require different sets and permutations of resources that either we consume or our body provides itself. However, these reactions are a testament to our behavior and actual movement; hence, seeking the best archetype of living and metabolism is vital for survival. While you chase your big dreams and print your name in bold letters, remember to respect your body’s limits and ensure the best and long-serving reign of this holy temple. A healthy heart can provide long life, but a healthy mentality can promote strength and safety to break the bound clamps of negativity.


Seek extreme caution when the Queen of Swords reverses as it depicts that you are childish in the decisions that have put you in peril. Choices must be made but only with the added burden of responsibility and safety to secure them into the right decision. We constantly build a life with different dreams and wishes that often transform from wants to needs. Being conscious of this state can sometimes poison the will to strive and do more. Practicality is the law of rationale. Therefore, you must treat life with respect, for it takes into account reality, and sometimes fairytales must meet justice that can be rather ugly but truthful.


In the past, we have made multiple mistakes which have now been made sure not to repeat. The card symbolizes recognizing and appreciating role models and lessons of value that dignify our actions into glory by god. Learning from the past and making not lesser but better mistakes is a foothold to a prosperous future.

For the present, it asks of being in a state of awareness and attentiveness where it is not just physically but also being open-minded towards new possibilities. New individuals and encounters will be established in our lives as they will teach something valuable and tempting that you can carry throughout your life. New beginnings can be challenging to handle with freedom, but reciprocating serenity is what the Queen dictates.

The future is said to be bright with a new plan that will make lives better. However, the Queen is here to help you grow but not to promise you anything, for she is not god but a wise advisor that wishes to only transform your life into what you deserve. When you encounter her power, do not frighten her monotonous teaching but wait to see yourself divulge into a state of happiness and love.