Page of Swords: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Page of Swords: Tarot Card Meaning and Description

Arcana name: Page of Swords, Wits
Category: Minor Arcana: Swords
Direct position: Chance, opportunity, beginning of the end, honesty, determination
Reversed position: Insult, deceit, suspicion, espionage

Page of Swords: General Meaning

Page of Swords: Tarot Card

Direct position

The map is characterized by an unambiguous indication of renewal, a remarkable provocation. The card has a different meaning, but there is something that unites everyone.

When this Arcana falls out, one can judge an extraordinary personality with significant potential. We can talk about a person with a difficult character, and this, of course, distinguishes him from other people. And the card can also carry a more negative character, where a person is already in a difficult situation, trying to complicate and aggravate everything.

In more serious circumstances, he turns on his childishness, instead of serious actions. The card characterizes a young man, mostly female, who has an analytical mind, is very quick-witted, energetic and emotional.

Reversed position

Under the influence of this card, a person quarrels almost from scratch, behaves absurdly and petty. Unpleasant news or events are expected that will not allow the plans already outlined to come true.

However, these troubles will be fleeting and insignificant, which means that no long-term serious problems are expected. He can be arrogant, quick-tempered depending on situations.

It is very important that a person be careful in his statements, especially if they concern influential people, leadership. Some employees may have too “big ears”, and your own language has brought you a lot of trouble and problems.

An inverted card speaks of cunning tricks, obstacles in business. A person can lose his vigilance, misunderstand the spoken words. He is able to make fun of a person close to him and hurt him, despite the fact that no one loves him.

Page of Swords: Meaning in Love and Relationships

Page of Swords: Tarot Card

Direct position

There are disagreements and conflict situations with the Page of Swords card. All these conflicts can have a different character. If, for example, for someone this card will mean a difference of opinion, then for someone it will bring major quarrels and scandals.

Of course, there are no fatal consequences, just an ordinary dispute can turn into too big a scandal. And if this is an established family, then divorce is not excluded.

Perhaps the main reason will be old grievances that will unexpectedly pop up again. In addition, the cold in the relationship of one partner to another can, therefore, lead to separation. It should also be noted that a stubborn character can also become a reason for parting.

Reversed position

The card speaks of relationships in which sarcasm, deception, mutual misunderstanding are implied. The inverted Page of Swords for love indicates negative and unpleasant information. She talks about a situation that occurs in the family of a person in a neglected state.

If a family is expecting a divorce, then the divorce process will certainly not do without litigation, insults and reproaches. Even if two spouses sort things out between themselves, then here one cannot do without noise, and, of course, one should not expect any favorable results either.

Page of Swords: Meaning in Situation and Question

Direct position

There are problems in relationships with colleagues at work, superiors. True, the interpretation is ambiguous, much depends on the essence of the matter. This can be expressed in disobedience to superiors, a quarrel in the team, and possibly in the form of a struggle for a position. Only all this is not good, since you can earn a reprimand from the management, and as a rule, this will be an undeserved reprimand.

A person may be anxious about his new projects. But do not forget about the creative side of the Page of Swords, because even in a problematic situation, you can disrupt the normal course of things and bring something good into things, raising them to a new qualitative level.

Reversed position

The card speaks of dirty methods in work. A person assumes obligations and responsibilities, but does not fulfill the order, weaves intrigues. The lasso indicates that a person should be more attentive to the documentation before signing something.

Don’t trust everything they promise. The map is characterized by complex relationships with business people, and new methods of work are completely untimely.

A person with this card can be described as an eternal student. In fact, he is a slacker, what else to look for, he has no purpose in life. He is also called a spy and intriguer, who hides under the mask of a benevolent and amiable person.

Page of Swords: Meaning of the card of the day

The card of the day indicates that a person will hear criticism addressed to him, his proposals are likely to be rejected. You just need to prepare yourself for this initially, so that later you don’t get upset and don’t get up in a counterattack. By the way, criticism can be very useful, because it carries something valuable.

If a person listens to the words spoken, then much will become clear in his life. In a person’s life, the moment will surely come when he will be able to reveal his potential, because he has everything for this: sociability, ingenuity, quick wit, contact.

Page of Swords: Board of the Card

A person has such a strong energy under the influence of the Page of Swords that it is not so easy for people around him to find a common language with him, and in general to have some kind of common business. But, by the way, there is absolutely no need to hide your emotions.

If a person experiences irritation for any reason, then he should behave naturally. He does not need to hide his displeasure behind masks. Only in the case when the problem is not fundamentally important, it is worth keeping silent and not wasting your energy on it.

Page of Swords: Combination with other cards

Major Arcana Wands cups swords Pentacles
childishness; immaturity; remark without malicious intent
Ace of Wands
add fuel to the fire
innovative approach
King of Wands
conflict with a man
arrogance; reject knowledge
Queen of Wands
conflict with a woman
reject experience or results
Knight of Wands
criticize the government
Page of Wands
reject dogmas
Two of Wands
a fresh look at familiar things
quarrel in a relationship
Three of Wands
complex partnership
get your way by fomenting conflicts
Four of Wands
conflict in the house; provocation at work
succumb to anger
Five of Wands
scandal; provocation
quarrels leading to loneliness
Six of Wands
bad news; intelligence service
seize on elusive opportunities
Seven of Wands
rudeness; cavalierity
reject reasonable arguments; misdemeanor
Eight of Wands
tease; get
senseless “sword waving”
Nine of Wands
suspicious type; hardened slicker
mental renewal.
Ten of Wands
calm anger, quarrel or criticism
dirty gossip; spy, werewolf
mental disorder; insanity
hope that the idea will be developed
paranoia; strange visions; twilight state of mind
a bold idea, will receive recognition
he who sows the wind may reap the whirlwind
information technologies that have received recognition; controversial idea that resonates