Queen of Coins Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Card: Queen of Coins

Planet: Moon

keywords: Motherly, Providing, Protected

Affirmation: I deserve pleasure.


Queen of Coins is a card used in Latin suited playing cards. It is the Queen from the suit of Coins. In Tarot, it is part of what tarot card readers call the “Minor Arcana.”

The card may be a good link between Water and Earth, some extent of Moon’s exaltation within the sign of Taurus, and its purest form – the essence of physical satisfaction. She connects our emotional world with reality, protective yet kind and compassionate for all our struggles. Her understanding of resources and, therefore, the way they ought to be shared and directed is uncanny, and there’s no other card better fitted to the role of a banker and investor. Unlike her coworkers and people focused on finances, she won’t exclude the emotional approach to the fabric world nor emotions in any form. She is the motherly creation, the loving contact with the kid that came out of our womb, seeing that the purest design comes through the sense of touch because of the only reality where we can fulfill our purpose in life. She teaches us that the key to the materialization of an idea is found within the feeling that we’re already there, already won, and already reached our goal. The Upright Queen of Pentacles signifies someone down-to-earth who takes responsibility for many roles in the care of her family. Representing a mature female or feminine presence, the receiver of the Upright Queen of Pentacles has a central focus on childcare and wellbeing. However, the Queen of Pentacles should not be mistaken as only a homebody and housewife. She has the ability to execute effective business strategies under tight time constraints. The Queen of Pentacles works her magic in the background as she remains quiet about her accomplishments. Lastly, she desires a simple and minimalist lifestyle-she loves to be calculated, careful, and vigilant.


Manifestation of physical love comes with the Queen of Coins. She or he is the symbol of touch, emotional contact that’s pure and connected with sexuality creatively and lovingly. It comes after we are to like our body and feel loved regardless of if there’s a partner in our life because the laws of attraction are on our side. She may represent a girl to function as a mediator for a pair or perhaps a matchmaking agency. Regardless of the case, she makes things happen and announces physical contact, kisses, dancing, and also the start of family life for people who are already involved. In some cases, it speaks of pregnancy and new life on the point of conception.


Caring and understanding for others, she sees teamwork as essential a part of professional progress. This card shows our knowledge of the flow of finances and our ability to assess our resources well and do the simplest thing to stay safe while enjoying what we’ve with gratitude and love. It’s the creative side of labor where we are inspired, working for a worthy cause, and in cozy relationships with those around us. It should speak of labor from home or a family company we are close to starting or joining.


All health-related issues get resolved with the motherly care of the Queen of Wands. Her deep understanding of how our emotions influence our reality always takes us in the right direction, into the correct hands, and where solutions to our problems are found. She might not be as passionate and quick as we might like her to be, but results are available at a slow and steady pace. Our routine poses the largest chunk of our ability to form a satisfying existence and keep our bodies safe. It’s time to attempt our wellbeing in very gentle, feminine ways, as pure pleasure and hedonism bring true benefits to our physiology straight away.


When the Queen of Coins is reversed, our desire for material gain usually drowns our emotional world, and one lacks gratitude for all those things they have already got. Joy is missing out of life, and love for self has to be reestablished to advance towards satisfying goals and opportunities. This is often a poor position for investments, whether or not they appear to be a decent bet within the long term, for we’d like to figure out our ability to be thankful before spending our resources on something that won’t make us happy. Creativity will give results, providing it comes from the guts and also the core of our talents.


Past -With this lady in our past, we will see our nurturing mother once we were children and every one of those situations after we felt supported and cared for. It’s the protection of our previous home and a memory we all wish to stay. Here, she sets a foundation for love or money we wish to form today, as we already understand what must be felt that the world can give us what we desire. She reminds us of data we already carry in our hearts.

Present - within the present, the Queen of Coins involves posing for our ability to create things colorful and enjoyable, but in an exceedingly mature and caring way. She shows our understanding of the physical world and reminds us that we aren’t lazy simply because we wish to enjoy life, but genuinely creative and in grips with our authentic nature. She is here to scatter away self-doubt because it is our priority to form ourselves happy and protect our world from the opinions, atmospheres, and beliefs, so we can leave an improved place for our youngsters to enjoy.

Future - She could be a lesson learned, one that keeps us founded and materially supported for the slightest bit of time. It’s the provider and a figure of support we’ll meet along the way, still as our ability to assess resources and approach them in a way for the greatest joy of life to be felt from anything we’ve got.